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Permanent Eyebrows for African American Women

Permanent Eyebrows - Just For Your Skin Tones

Not every permanent makeup professional understands African American skin types. At The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics, we are well-trained in recognizing and advantageously dealing with all skin tones, however, when it comes to Type V & VI on the Fitzpatrick Scale, it really takes an expert and an artist to understand and work with these subtleties.

Here's what Wikipedia says about the Fitzpatrick Scale:

"The Fitzpatrick Scale or Fitzpatrick Skin Typing Test or Fitzpatrick Phototyping Scale is a numerical classification schema for the color of skin. It was developed in 1975 by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, a Harvard dermatologist, as a way to classify the response of different types of skin to UV light. It remains a recognized tool for dermatologic research into the color of skin.
It measures several components: genetic disposition, reaction to sun exposure and tanning habits." Read the full information at Wikipedia. Types V and VI are Mediterranean skin colors and dark browns.

Our client’s satisfaction comes first. If we cannot provide an eyebrow or eyeliner that will "stand out" from a deep Fitzpatrick Scale VI then we will readily advise our client that the difference will be minimal and that a topical application of conventional makeup would give them the results they wish.

We also are experts in giving our deeper toned skin African American clients a natural brow. We never do blue/gray/green brows or eyeliner that we have seen created by other less qualified technicians.

In the photos below, see how The Whitney technique creates not only a beautiful frame around the eye, or liner to make the eye more important, but how our technicians take into consideration facial shape and bone structure.

Please be certain to enlarge the pictures to see the feathered hairline stroke brows. Just click on any image to see a large close-up image open in a popup window.


Before: This client need eyebrows to enhance her beautiful eyes.

After One Month: A beautiful new look.

After Permanent Eyebrow Procedure Perfecting Session: The procedure gave the client a sophisticated and younger looking appearance.

Before: This client need brow definition and shaping.

After Permanent Eyebrow Procedure Perfecting Session: These beautiful new brows will soften about 10% in color in seven days.

Before: This client had lost some of the fronts of her brows and the ends.

After Permanent Eyebrow Procedure: Beautiful complete and natural-looking eyebrows.

Before: This client wanted her brow reshaped and refined.

Immediately After: This client loved her new natural look that enhances her eyes beautifully.

Before: This client desired a new look for her eyebrows.

Immediately After: The new eyebrow shaped complements her glasses in a lovely new way.

Before: This client wanted a more beautiful brow.

Immediately After Second Perfecting Session: Soft and beautiful these new eyebrows complement her skin tone and hair color.

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