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Permanent Areola Repigmentation And Nipple Restoration

Get Your Confidence Back! We Have Special Paramedical Solutions For Breast Surgery Recovery

For women who have undergone mastectomies, other breast surgery, or who may have irregular or fading areolas, these permanent paramedical breast restoration procedures are nothing short of a medical miracle. Our permanent areola repigmentation and nipple restoration techniques employs cosmetically tattooed micropigmentation as a way to restore the natural beauty of your breasts so you can regain confidence in your own femininity.

Members of the National Areola and Nipple Tattoo RegistryThe Whitney Center is the pioneer in the field of medical tattooing. We started our medical tattooing service working alongside reconstructive surgeons.

The Whitney Center has been recognized as a leader in the field of medical tattooing, working in prominent medical offices and maintaining high standards in every aspect of our work.

Our practice focus is on advanced medical and cosmetic tattooing only. We practice these skills every day. Permanent areola restoration is one of our true specialty. There is something to be said about years of experience and recognition as an unsurpassed leader.

The Whitney Center coined the term 3-D tattooing with the "illusion of protrusion" others may use these terms, but don't be fooled. We have previously seen our own pictures on other websites as representative of their own work. Unfortunately this falsely represents other technician's capabilities.

Our business is based on referrals from prominent physicians at the New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical College, New York City and the Dubin Breast Center at the Tisch Cancer Institute at Sinai Hospital, New York City, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Breast Cancer Center, NYU Langone Breast Center, as well as from prominent plastic surgeons nationally. The reconstructive surgeons at these hospitals only refer to us for our unique artistry which is unmatched in the field of medical tattooing.

Just take a look at the life changing photos below and read our testimonials to understand that the Whitney Center is the leader in areola restoration.

Please note the images are graphic in nature but will assist you in understanding the wonderful results that can be life enhancing from these procedures. We invite you to watch a video on this topic discussing procedures and options.

Please note: Your procedure may qualify to be covered by your health insurance. Find out more information about your rights for coverage and to select your tattooing provider under the Federal Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998. Read an article by Elyn Jacobs on a personal journey to recovery from breast cancer. Elyn Jacobs is the Executive Director and the Director of Grants for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation, a certified cancer coach and a breast cancer survivor.

Before: It is obviously harder to match what is natural (as in a unilateral mastectomy) than to create two areola complexes that match exactly... but with her superior artistic ability, Melany can "replicate" what the client has on the healthy breast even down to the montgomery glands (those small white areas that protrude) for unbelievable, natural-looking results.

One Month After: Superior artistry is what makes the results the Whitney Center provides exceptional.

Before: This client had surgery on a single breast.

Immediately After: The color will soften to a natural shade in about one week.

Before: This client had just recovered from single breast surgery.

Immediately After: A marvelous execution of the "illusion of protrusion".

One Month Later: Healed procedure. You have to look closely to see the real nipple from the tattooed one.

Before: This client had a double breast mastectomy.

Immediately After: The medical tattooing is completed. The areola will soften in color in about one week with the 3-D illusion remaining.

Before: This client had just recovered from a double breast surgery.

One Month After: The new breast areolas are healed beautifully with a wonderful3-D protrusion effect. The scars from surgery are less visible with the areola complex created by the expert cosmetic artists at the Whitney Center.

Before: This client has recently under gone tram flap breast reconstruction surgery.

Immediately After the First Pigment Implantation: The Whitney Center's special technique with the "illusion of protrusion" has been completed.

Healed One Month After the First Pigment Implantation: The new areola complex has softened in color.

Before: This client was unhappy with the results provided by another technician and needed the Whitney Center's specialized help to improve the appearance of her tattooed areolas.

Healed One Month After the First Pigment Implantation: The areola complex was reshaped for the optimal symmetry for this client's breast size. Shadowing created depth with reinforced protrusion as the client desired. The outcome is more natural and life-like.

Before: After breast reconstruction surgery.

After: New aero la complex using 3-D protrusion artistry.

Before: This was a beautiful breast reconstruction by a skilled plastic surgeon. The surgeon then referred his client to Melany for the perfect completion of the process which provides the right shape and areola size for her breasts with a three dimensional look.

After: This photo was taken right after first procedure. 3-D areola nipple tattooing was performed which will heal about 30% lighter in just a week or two.

Before: Repigmentation for a client recovering from bilateral mastectomy reconstruction

After: Very real nipples and areolas were created using the Whitney Center's magical artistry with advanced permanent micropigmentation techniques.

Close Up The Whitney Center's very real and unique artistry


Before: Pre unilateral areola and nipple creation.

After: One year after unilateral areola and nipple creation. The Whitney Center's artistry was able to exactly match the other breast, with an illusion of a nipple protrusion where there is none.

Note For the Photos Below: The color of the actual results differ from these photos. The final result was a beautiful natural shade of brown.
Before: This client is recovering from a unilateral mastectomy and needed to have repigmentation to match the other breast.

After: One month later, fully healed results that appear natural and beautiful.


Stages of Breast Repigmentation:
Before: This client was recovering from a bilateral mastectomy and had significant scarring.

Fully Healed: One month post procedure, breasts are fully healed. With this client's final perfecting session, another layer of color is applied, achieving even more realistic definition.


Before: Bilateral mastectomy patient with original tattooed nipples and areola which had faded terribly and did not look natural.

After Implantation: The Whitney Center's unique artistry gives a 3-D dimensional look to the inverted nipple and very realistic looking areola and nipple. What a wonderful difference in color and improved natural-looking appearance for the client!

Before: This client sought the Whitney Center's unique artistry after her breast cancer surgery had been completed.

After: Breast is now "completed", but will heal 40% lighter before second implantation is provided for longevity.

Before: This client was very unhappy with results from her pigmentation done by her reconstruction doctor's nurse. The results shown are a few months post procedure.

After: Please note the nipples you see now in the image below are simply an optical illusion, there is no skin protrusion. For this client, the artists at the Whitney Center corrected color and provided natural dimension to the areola. The Client was thrilled.

Before: This client illustrates what reconstructive physicians can do to create an areola complex.

Immediately After the Procedure: This is the finished result for one client showing how the Whitney Center adds definition and dimension with delineation and shadowing of permanent cosmetic pigmentation for their final step in returning to a natural-looking breast. The color will heal 30% lighter.

Before: Follow the following images of one client from start to finish.

Immediately After the First Pigment Implantation Procedure: A great start but wait until you see the finished results.

Healed and Just Before the Follow-up Appointment: Additional pigment needs to be implanted.

Immediately After: The color looks strong but look at the next image of the results fully healed.

Finally Completed and Healed: A miraculous natural-looking result.

Non Cancer Breast Procedures
Before: This client had a breast enlargement. The areola complex was small for her new breast size.

Immediately after Procedure: The artists at the Whitney Center added a better shape.

Healed 9 Months Later: Just before second perfection session, the color retention just with one layer is very natural looking.

Remember, it is important to chose a permanent cosmetic professional with advanced training in medical tattooing for breast and nipple corrections. Make sure to look at their portfolio of many "before and afters" to ascertain ability and sensitivity to the areola complex dimension. A physician's nurse may do perform this procedure as an assist to her doctor but is not as skilled in performing these complex corrections as someone who is trained specifically in the field of paramedical tattooing and not doing it as an sideline to their regular daily duties. Nurses have medical skills, not artistic training. Creating a new areola isn't simply a matter of stamping a dot of color on the breast.

When the Whitney Center does the work, we takes into consideration areola position, breast contour, creates the illusion of nipple protrusion factoring in the diffusion of color and your own skin tone.

Read an article by Elyn Jacobs on a personal journey to recovery from breast cancer. Elyn Jacobs is the Executive Director and the Director of Grants for the Emerald Heart Cancer Foundation, a certified cancer coach and a breast cancer survivor.

Breast Surgery Scar Coverage Client Photos
Before: This client had cosmetic surgery on her breasts which had left unsightly scars.

Healed and Just Before the Second Implantation: A wonderful change for this client covering the imperfections. The color will soften in about one week.

Healed and Just Before the Final Perfecting Session: Already it is hard to tell where the scars existed.

Before: This client had a mastopexy (breast lift) and her nipple areolas had healed unevenly.

After: The Whitney Center was able to even the areola circumference, smooth the outer edges, and relax some of the scarring.

Before: Client wanted to align as closely as possible areola perimeters.

After: Artistic correction of the areola perimeter was done beautifully for this client.

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