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Permanent Eyebrows & Eyeliner for Asian Eyes

Permanent Makeup for Beautiful Asian Eyes

As an Asian woman you have special needs when it comes to the application of permanent eyebrows and eyeliner. The staff at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics located in Boca Raton, Florida are experts in making your eyes beautiful.

We specialize in providing the warm brown colored eyebrows you desire and are experts in the application of eye enhancing permanent eyeliner to make your Asian eyes beautiful around the clock. We are experts in eyebrow shapes and natural hair line stroke warm pigmentation techniques which are suited to your skin tone.

You'll see no gray, black or flat-looking eyebrows in our client photo gallery, just beautiful natural looking eyebrows and eyeliner that add dimension and natural-looking enhancements to your face and eyes.

The Whitney Center For Permanent Cosmetics provides premium services for our clients. Superior work equals quality results.

With permanent eyebrows and permanent eyeliner, there is virtually no "down-time". The "after" photos have been taken right after the procedure has been completed. The implanted color will be slightly darker for the first two to three days until the top layer exfoliates resulting in a softer more natural appearance and warm natural color. Healing is usually completed in the first five days. You would never be able to imagine how a new brow or expertly applied eyeliner can make a complete difference in how you look... it's a prettier and more confident you.

Just click on any image to see a large close-up image open in a popup window.

Eyebrow Gallery for Beautiful Asian Eyes

Before: This client wanted to draw attention to her eyes.

After: This client opted for both new permanent eyebrows and permanent eyeliner. She looks more youthful and polished with her new completed look.

Before: This client was tired of powdering on eyebrows.

After: A wonderful new look. Color will soften in about one week's time.

Before: This image shows the client's drawn on eyebrows.

After: Beauty is translated into reality for this client with a eyebrow line that flatters her face and accentuates her eyes.

Before: The client has drawn on both eyebrows and eyeliner.

After: The client has selected both permanent eyebrows and permanent eyeliner. The color will soften to a warm brown in about five days.

Four Years Later: The client loved her look that she came back to have permanent eye shadow added.

After: Sorry we don't have a before picture for this client just an after procedure image. She now has beautiful warm brown brows that have a beautiful shape with hairline strokes.

Before: This client wanted a better eyebrow shape.

Immediately After: The Client desired a more defined and better arched brow and this was achieved beautifully.

Before: This client needed eyebrow definition.

Immediately After: What lovely results both in color and shape! The brow will heal to a nice warm brown in about one week.

Eyeliner Gallery for Beautiful Asian Eyes

Before: Eyes can be naturally defined... Asian eyes typically have lack of an epi-canthal fold, but with our staff's artistic eye, we create a natural definition that enhances the eye beautifully.

Healed: Eyeliner healed after one month. No more problems with eyeliner rubbing off!

Before: Client wanted permanent eyeliner as she could never get painted on eyeliner to stay put all day long.

Healed: The client loves the soft warm color definition of her new eyeliner.

Before: Client was unhappy with results of previous eyeliner tattoo from another technician.

Immediately After Procedure: Client was delighted with the new eyeliner definition that enhanced her eye shape. The skin will heal about 25% softer in just a few days. You'll see no heavy thick eyeliners done here. We focus on natural looks!

Healed: This image shows the eyeliner healed for a wonderful yet natural look.


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