Afraid of Botox? Here’s How to Prevent Wrinkles

The idea of taking a needle to your skin tends to be pretty unsettling. When combined with the various rumors about Botox that have floated around the medical and cosmetic communities for ages, store this wrinkle prevention method can sound pretty unappealing. No need to inject anything: fighting wrinkles is as easy as a trip to the makeup aisle.\n\nIs \”preventative Botox\” the solution?\n\nNo.  Preventative Botox is simply a term for getting the injection earlier in your life to avoid wrinkles emerging later. It’s no different than injecting it later in life, ask when wrinkles have naturally formed.  Sometimes, this even has the negative effect of making you look like an artificial, robotic version of yourself.\n\nHow do I do it myself?\n\nIt’s all about understanding what Botox is: a muscle paralyzer, rather than a chemical that interacts directly with skin. This is where moisturizer comes in. \”Preventative moisturizing\” is becoming increasingly more popular among Botox candidates, since all it requires is applying serum, oil, or moisturizer — whichever you’re using at the time — to any lines you notice forming.\n\nIt gets even more natural\n\nMoisturizers tend to be rife with natural ingredients since they sit directly on the skin. It’s important to remember that things as simple as maintaining a vitamin- and mineral-rich diet and lifestyle can counteract wrinkles far in advance. In particular, sun exposure can provide you vital vitamins for skin care — just don’t forget your sunblock!\n\nWhat better way to complement great skin than with a great makeup routine? The Whitney Center‘s permanent cosmetic solutions ensure your makeup will consistently look amazing without constant application. Contact us today to learn how we can take your skin from a 9 to a 10.

Using Your Makeup Closet to Undo Your Halloween Costume

If you want your Halloween costume to look as unforgettable as possible, discount chances are that you’re incorporating a good amount of cosmetic products in there. So what happens when you get home from an exhausting night of Halloween fun and have to remove it all? It turns out lots of your daily cosmetic supplies can come in handy here.\n\nTo get rid of face and body paint\n\nStart by wiping with an oil-based cleanser, pilule using a hot shower to remove any excess paint. If you’re willing to bend the rules a little bit, men’s shaving cream also does a great job at getting the paint off. Side fact: shaving cream can even remove foundation stains from fabric!\n\nTo get rid of glitter\n\nOil-based cleansers are a great starting step to remove glitter from your skin as well. The next step is to loop tape around your fingers, so that the sticky side faces outward, and dab it over any glitter spots to remove it. A lint roller is equally effective for larger areas.\n\nTo get rid of temporary hair color\n\nThis is an easy one for darker-colored hair when brighter colors — blue, green — are in the mix. But for naturally lighter hair, washing your hair with dish soap rather than shampoo should do the trick. Fair warning: since this soap will dry your hair out, it’s best to condition it immediately after.\n\nMake your Halloween costume pop every year with vivid permanent makeup. The Whitney Center leads the permanent cosmetics field, and has for nearly 15 years now. Contact us today so all your future costumes shine brightly.

Paramedical Tattoos For Drug Delivery

By now, cialis sales the benefits of permanent cosmetic tattooing to camouflage scars, recipe reconstruct areolas post-mastectomy, and disguise hair loss are well-documented. A newer intersection of technology, medicine, and tattooing is emerging now as well. Scientists have developed temporary tattoos that can deliver drugs, a revolutionary new approach.\n\nWhy? \n\nWith so many drug delivery methods already invented and widely practiced, why is a new one necessary? The advantage of tattoo delivery is that, by lying on the skin, the tattoo is naturally able to expose the body to the drug for a longer period. This solution is particularly effective for fighting chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease or multiple sclerosis.\n\nHow?\n\nIncluded in the pigment of these temporary tattoos are nanoparticles. Smaller than even the tiniest of particles that comprise most beauty products, these nanoparticles are able to far more selectively battle disease- and disorder-causing agents. This, in turn, prevents the immune system from attacking the patient, as can happen with chronic diseases.\n\nIs this really temporary?\n\nYes and no. Although the tattoo itself fades, a mark is left where the drugs are placed. However, the field of permanent cosmetic tattooing and pigment implantation is so diverse that there are easy solutions to this problem.\n\nPermanent cosmetics can combat problems both beauty-related and medical. The Whitney Center has expertly led the field of permanent cosmetics and its paramedical applications for over a decade. Contact us today to learn how we can revolutionize your look and, more importantly, your life.

The Uber of Salons and Spas

Many of us have come to rely heavily on Uber’s convenience on late nights, shop for far travels, or airport rides. Its concept of direct user-to-driver interaction is extending into the beauty world via new app Belle. This app directly connects customers with beauty artists, yet lawmakers in Nashville, the one town it’s operating in, are already trying to shut it down.\n\nWhat problem is Belle solving?\n\nBelle is sort of like an OKCupid for those in need of beauty services and those who provide them. Just like Uber offers cheaper prices and more information on its drivers, Belle aims to be a more convenient, less expensive alternative that rates and details its service providers. It’s also revolutionary for older clients that have limited mobility, and can’t leave home to go to salons or spas as easily.\n\nWhat problem is Belle creating?\n\nSalons and spas are losing business in Nashville thanks to Belle’s clever innovations. The complaint that started the government’s inquiry into Belle described the app as creating \”highly disturbing\” competition. Businesses offer more tax benefits to the government, which is invested in protecting them against sharing apps like Belle, Uber, and even Airbnb.\n\nWhy should you use it?\n\nIf Belle seems like too much of a divergence from the standard salon or spa model, consider that Belle gives 85% of money earned through the app to beauty professionals, whereas the spas or salons that hire them can give as little as 15%. It’s the same model that’s allowed many Uber drivers to quit their other jobs and drive full-time.\n\nWhat if you could look and feel beautiful at all times, without consistent salon or spa visits? The Whitney Center offers permanent makeup solutions that remain as innovative now as they were over a decade ago when we essentially created the field. Contact us today to learn how we can make your beauty permanent.

Have You Been Applying Your Makeup Wrong This Whole Time?

It’s surprisingly easy to mess up a makeup routine, sildenafil even if the mistakes aren’t visible. Small things may seem just that — small — but can actually be quite significant, illness and it’s these parts that we often overlook. What might you be doing regularly that you should avoid?\n\nMinor eye mistakes\n\nDon’t buy in to common lore: applying concealer under your whole eye is a no-no. When you look in the mirror to apply, tilt your head down instead to see where shadows fall, and apply there instead. Then there’s eye shadow: not applying primer before putting on eye shadow dims the shadow and makes it fade more quickly.\n\nThe whole face\n\nNever use dry sponges, no matter what you hear! Stop sweeping your blush across your face and apply it in circles instead. Only apply bronzer at the periphery of your face, from the temples down to the jaw.\n\nMore obscure things\n\nConcealer should actually come after foundation rather than before it. Any SPF-containing makeup should be avoided like the plague when taking photos, since it can make you look pale in the reflected light. It’s amazing how many little things can make a huge difference!\n\nAlready stressing about all the tiny things that can mess up a makeup routine? Permanent cosmetics might be the solution for you. The Whitney Center is a leader and innovator in permanent eye and lip solutions. Never buy makeup again and shorten your daily routine! Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

How Quickly Should You Opt for Breast Reconstruction?

A mastectomy is about as massive a physical and emotional burden as it comes. Breast reconstruction has long been on the table to counter the negative impacts of a mastectomy, generic cialis but many women are often told to delay the procedure until well after cancer treatment is fully complete. However, new research shows that immediate reconstruction is safe.\n\n\n\nHow long should you wait?\n\nThe traditional answer is that a decent amount of time should pass between a mastectomy and reconstruction. A recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeon rejects this notion and insists that immediate reconstruction will not interfere with ongoing cancer treatments. The ASPS survey discovered that immediate procedures neither delay nor prolong treatments.\n\nWhich breast reconstructive surgery is better?\n\nTwo types of surgery exist, and although they don’t usually compete with each other, in this shortened timeline each has its benefits. Breast implant surgery, the first kind, can be negatively impacted by ongoing radiation treatments against cancer. However, tissue flap surgery is generally a more long-term procedure that can be tough to deal with alongside cancer treatments.\n\nWho can really help me make the decision?\n\nEach woman’s exact circumstances differ, so it’s best to speak with an ASPS-certified doctor before making any decisions. If the invasive nature of surgery is in itself a turn-off, alternatives exist. Paramedical cosmetic tattooing for areola restoration  is an entirely external process that is virtually painless and often significantly cheaper than surgery.\n\nThe Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics boasts years of experience leading the field of areola reconstruction via paramedical tattooing. Contact us today to learn more about how we can restore your breasts post-mastectomy without all the interference of painful surgical techniques.

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