Are Medical Tattoos Really Permanent?

Medical or paramedical tattooing is the permanent placement of a tattoo for medical and cosmetic purposes.

This is a form of permanent cosmetics used to color and enhance the skin. The paramedical tattooing process is used extensively to color hypopigmentation, the whitened areas of the skin. The process is used on people of all skin types and colors to even out the skin tones or to cover scars or other imperfections.

Some times certain types of hypopigmentation may be treated such as when a mole is removed leaving a white spot or a person suffers scarring for any reason.  The tattoo technicians match the skin tones by applying the flesh pigmentation to the designated white areas. If the color fades over time, the client can return for a refresh application.

Paramedical tattooing is often used in breast reconstruction surgery restoring the areola around the nipple to its natural appearance. The experienced medical tattoo artist works with the patient and surgeon to find the right skin colors and size for this part of breast reconstruction.

Permanent tattoos are also used for enhanced cosmetic appearance. This includes eyebrows for people with very light hair in their eyebrow area. A permanent tattoo of eyeliner eliminates the need for applying eyeliner everyday. Many people in the entertainment business and modeling come to us at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics for this procedure. We can also apply permanent lip color. Complete permanent face make-up is also available using the tattoo process.

Men use our services for scar and hair transplant harvesting site coverage. Men also request permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing.

The experienced professional tattoo artists at the Whitney Center work privately with clients in our centers in New York, New Jersey and Florida. Call us today for your consultation.

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Will I Be Allergic to the Pigments Used in Paramedical Tattooing?

Due to the success and popularity of paramedical tattooing procedures, you may be considering receiving a paramedical tattoo yourself for a variety of reasons, from areola restoration to hair loss – or simply scar camouflage. Rest assured, paramedical tattooing is a very safe procedure, even for sensitive skin.

Paramedical tattoo pigment allergies are rare.
Though an individual could develop an allergy to anything at any time, FDA reports of allergic reactions to tattoo pigments have been rare.

What happens if I have a reaction?
If you’re concerned you’re showing signs of a reaction (redness, swelling, rash, flaky/scaly skin, or nodules around the tattoo) contact your doctor or dermatologist for a diagnosis and treatment, such as topical or injectable steroids for inflammation and antibiotics for infection.

How can I be sure I won’t have a reaction?
Check with your paramedical tattoo technician and verify they are using pigments formulated from powders on the FDA’s Food Drug and Cosmetic (FD&C) listings. The FDA does not approve or disapprove of tattoo pigments at this time, however the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP) considers those on the list as being of the safest origin for permanent makeup formulations, and SPCP pigment suppliers are required to list the ingredients on their pigment labels. If you still have concerns about an allergic reaction to paramedical tattooing inks, you may wish to discuss performing a patch test with your technician. However, we only use cosmetic grade permanent inks.

Ready to book your paramedical tattooing treatment with the best? Hear what our clients have to say about The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics today.

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Mandy Sauler in the News on Medical Tattooing

Micropigmentation, also known as paramedical tattooing, is in the news with medical tattooing artist, Mandy Sauler, explaining the benefits of the procedure for women who are undergoing breast reconstruction surgery.

The article is in perfect timing with National Breast Cancer Awareness Month just having finished and pink everywhere from lapel ribbons to pink towels on the NFL football field still being present.

Mandy’s years of experience providing the reconstructive procedure opens up the door to the many reasons women choose, or not choose, to have the procedure.

  • Breast tattooing is takes less healing time, is quicker, and less painful than other procedures.
  • The procedure takes approximately an hour with a local anesthetic used to numb the area.
  • Multiple colors are used to define the color closest to your natural color.
  • Some patients choose to have their surgeon or nurse do the nipple reconstruction. In this situation, the result can be less than satisfactory compared to paramedical tattooing.
  • Women experience a positive surge to their self image and self confidence.

The aftermath of surgery with visible scars being a continual reminder can be emotionally as well as physically devastating. With that in mind, an important factor to be considered before having any medical tattooing procedure is choosing the services of a practiced technician.

With medical tattooing available by licensed and experienced artists at The Whitney Center, you can rebuild your confidence and have peace of mind with a more natural look.

If you are considering having the procedure or want more information about what’s involved, contact our office by phone or send an email.

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Top Selected Paramedical Tattooing Procedures by Men

You can’t tell a book by its cover; but if the cover isn’t attractive, you won’t pick up the book. That’s the challenge American men are facing both in the workplace and on the social scene. Keeping an attractive outside “cover” gives you a competitive edge. To achieve the attractive appearance they need to succeed professionally and socially, more males are turning to paramedical tattooing.

New Challenges

Today’s man faces new challenges that have focused greater attention on appearance:

  • With men living longer and retiring later, skill is not enough to survive competition from younger rivals. Corporations want leaders that exude both mature experience and youthful vigor.
  • Guys are also dating later in life. Career focused young adults are marrying later, and divorce is pushing middle-aged men back onto the dating scene.

Look the Part

Both in the workplace and socially, if you want something, you have to look the part. Paramedical tattooing is a specialized form of cosmetic tattooing that can noticeably improve appearance. The most popular paramedical tattoo procedures for men are:

  • Scar camouflage. Using paramedical tattoo techniques, scar tissue can be expertly blended into surrounding tissue, causing it to “disappear.” The procedure can camouflage unsightly scars from accidents or surgery (including hair transplant and face lift scars) and hide natural skin imperfections.

The Whitney Center’s nationally recognized paramedical tattoo experts in New York City and New Jersey can boost your competitive edge. Contact us today to schedule your private consultation.

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