Eye shadow is great, but have you ever felt that maybe you’d like there to be more colors of it? Fret no more. Although there have been plenty of ways to make eye shadow color work in your favor, Urban Decay is changing the game entirely.

Make-up applying. Eye shadow brush
Make-up applying. Eye shadow brush

Twenty colors in one

This article’s headline isn’t lying. One of their newest products, the Vice4 eyeshadow palette, offers you twenty vivid colors that vary from dark, traditional hues to newer novelties. The two-sided brush that accompanies it gives you many ways to mix and match for the look you best desire.

The inspiration

A new product like this one often comes from a place of extreme creativity. It turns out that this palette is based on the 20 colors that comprise an oil slick. It’s a clear case of nature inspiring beauty.

Things may vary

One thing about having all these eye shadow options available to you is that mixing and matching isn’t always a recipe. Some days, you might put more of one shade than another; in other words, it can be difficult to perfect. For anyone looking to settle for the long term on how eye shadow enhances the face, permanent cosmetics may prove a better, more stable investment.

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It’s tempting to see yourself as an infallible makeup expert. You might look in the mirror after putting on your makeup and be thrilled with the job you’ve done, but what if all your friends think you’ve done yourself a disservice? Take one man’s story as an example: ABC News’ David Muir’s bad makeup may be decreasing the network’s ratings.

The backstory

Apparently, old habits die hard: in Muir’s previous gig before hosting ABC’s World News Tonight, he applied his own makeup without the help of any experts. It doesn’t seem to have held him back previously, since ABC took him on to host their show; however, now it seems to be costing viewers. Inside sources at the channel blame the loss of ratings to NBC’s news show at the same time on Muir’s bad makeup.

What’s so bad?

Muir has been accused of improper foundation use, resulting in an overly bronze look year round. Even after two different makeup artists were assigned to him upon starting at ABC, Muir has supposedly continually attempted to improve on their work. Viewers seem to think he is quite badly ruining their art, though, as the network has seen a significant dip in ratings.

Isn’t this a stretch?

Sure it is. Most sources reporting on this news admit that it seems ridiculous that one person’s makeup could so drastically influence something so huge. Regardless, this case serves as an excellent reminder that expertise in beauty comes with time, practice, and patience, so consulting with a professional is always in your best interest.

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You never want to undergo a beauty procedure that’s unsafe. This is common sense. Yet, despite the abundance of information out there advising against Botox injections, they’re still quite common. This is in part because many of these advisories against Botox are geared towards cheap, low-grade versions of it that actually are harmful; high-quality Botox can be a viable (but incredibly expensive) solution. With cost in the picture, permanent cosmetics is almost certainly safer than botox.

Make your money worth it

Studies in 2011 showed the average cost of a Botox injection to be $600. This is a decently large investment for something with a relatively short lifespan. Permanent cosmetics may cost appreciably more money, but its effects far outlast those of Botox. It’s very clearly a better investment over time.

Don’t take the cheap way out

A massive discount on a Botox injection immediately indicates that something is wrong. Botox brought directly from the manufacturer costs $525, yet Botox injections can be found for much less than this. Chances are that these cheap injections are diluted, rendering them ineffective and even harmful.

Customize it

One of Botox’s major disadvantages is that it doesn’t vary by customer. In contrast, permanent cosmetic technicians combine a variety  of pigments to best compliment the client’s skin, and make sure not to use any ingredients you might be allergic to. Technicians will meet with you many times beforehand to plan out the exact procedure that is right for you.

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Beautiful skin.
Beautiful skin

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: great skin is the foundation to an excellent beauty routine. Even the best makeup isn’t fully effective unless it’s on or near the best skin you can possibly present. If you’re struggling to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, there may be things you can do to help without the aid of any makeup or skin products. Specifically, you are what you eat, and so is your skin.

Sugary skin

It sounds like a good thing, right? Not quite. Extra sugar – and this can be sugar from ice cream or things seemingly more innocuous, like simple carbs in the average slice of bread – stiffens skin in a way that leads to wrinkles. If you do need a good dosage of sugar, try fruit, since the sugars are more complex and often accompany skin-healthy antioxidants.

Sea skin

Fish live in water, so it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that eating them can keep your skin moist. The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish are responsible for this, and they also work against the breakdown of skin cells. If fish aren’t quite your thing, try walnuts as a nuttier alternative.

Mediterranean skin

If you’re thinking of gorgeous, tan skin right now, your mind is in the right place, but no one is suggesting that you move to Europe and lie on the beach all day long. In fact, this tip is actually directly tied in to the previous fish fact; the Mediterranean diet leans away from simple carbs, dairy products, and meats in favor of fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, fiber-heavy foods, and especially olive oil. The Mediterranean diet preserves the part of your chromosomes that age your skin, so adhering to it will prevent this nicely.

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A while ago, The Beauty Brains ( gave a thorough rundown of how many of your favorite beauty products work. In the years since these reports were published, they’ve gone overlooked and unnoticed, yet the information they contain is supremely helpful to any good makeup routine. The Beauty Brains’ overview of skin lotion is rife with fascinating and important tips.

What it’s made of

Although lotion is very oily, it is water-based. That’s not say it doesn’t contain oils; rather, it contains ingredients that blend the oils together so that they can dissolve in the water. Other chemicals in lotion keep it thick so that it can be easily spread over the skin, and an entirely different group of materials prevents microorganisms from growing in the lotion.

Why it’s necessary

One of skin’s more overlooked functions is its regulation of your body’s water content. Aside from drinking lots of water, the other major factor in how hydrated you are is your skin’s ability to properly maintain your water levels. Irritated, itchy skin often results when dry, cold winter air draws your body water to the surface of your skin. This water evaporates, resulting in the cracked skin that lotion exists to remedy.

How it works

Lotion forms a moisture-trapping layer on top of the skin, preventing it from cracking and drying. But it gets better: the same moisture-trapping layer attracts water from the air, moisturizing your skin at the same time as it prevents your skin from drying in the first place. Of course, like any skin product, it needs to be reapplied after a while – as skin cells die and flake off, the lotion goes with them.

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A while ago, The Beauty Brains ( gave a thorough rundown of how many of your favorite beauty products work. In the years since these reports were published, they’ve gone overlooked and unnoticed, yet the information they contain is supremely helpful to any good makeup routine. The Beauty Brains’ overview of lip gloss is rife with fascinating and important tips.

Keep it simple

Unlike eye products, lip glosses don’t mix oil and water, so making them is much easier. They’re mostly oil based, since oils produce a much stronger shine. Often enough, mineral or vegetable oil forms the base of a good lip gloss.

Keep it in place

But don’t oils just drip and spread everywhere? Not when you add thickener to a lip gloss. Waxes and clays are mixed in with the oil to make it thick enough to stay on your lips without hardening it too much to be easily spread over your lips.

Keep it vivid

Minerals often find themselves in lip gloss to give a bit of color. Interestingly, you might also find artificial sweeteners in your lip gloss – since this is a makeup product that goes near your mouth, it makes sense to flavor it! If you find a really good lip gloss, you might also discover some sunscreen mixed in.

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