Testimonials on Permanent Makeup

The art of using permanent makeup has a long history going back thousands of years to the Egyptian culture and their use of pigment and tattoos to enhance the eyes. For both men and women, using pigment for beautification created dramatic effects.

At The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics, experienced technicians can do for you what the Egyptians did for themselves; create visually pleasing and permanent makeup. The difference is, the products used at our center produce artistry in makeup using a permanent process.

With permanent makeup, there’s no need for touch-ups or worrying about “putting on your face” before leaving home. Permanent makeup is also used when clients are experiencing hair loss or thinning of the eyebrows.

The Whitney Center uses the services of experts, only, in the application of permanent makeup and medical tattooing. Men and women interested in permanent makeup applications can be assured of receiving top-notch service from the creative hands of experienced technicians using quality products.

Clients having an application process completed at the Whitney Center have only positive things to say about the procedure with the overall rating being 5 out of 5 stars.

Positive testimonials over the past 7 years cover a wide range of services completed by Melany Whitney and her staff. In 2008, a client quoted, “I had been very sensitive of the sparsity of my brows prior to Melany’s ‘replacing’ them.”

Another satisfied client is quoted as saying, “My experience with the Whitney Center was exceptional. The artistry and professionalism were truly outstanding. I love my results!”

Yet another client was happy with the “elegant look” of her permanent lip color, eyeliner and eyebrows.

The overall feeling clients have expressed is the respect, professionalism, sensitivity, and subtle artistry and magic Melany and her expert technicians are able to achieve through permanent makeup application.

Permanent makeup is not limited to adding non-smudging color to the lips, upper and lower eyeliner, eyelashes, and reshaping and enhancing eyebrows. The procedure also works with paramedical and micropigmentation procedures to camouflage scaring on parts of the body such as the legs and scalp, burns, and even skin imperfections. Areola restoration and tattooing for clients who’ve gone through breast surgery is another specialty of the Whitney Center.

For information about permanent makeup or medical tattooing, or to make an appointment at our New York, New Jersey, or Florida locations, please contact us by calling or using our online form.

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Once Under the Skin Pigment is Permanent

The term “permanent makeup” means just that; it’s permanent. One of the beneficial characteristics of permanent makeup is there’s no smudging, or smearing the way traditional makeup can do.

The Whitney Center

At The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics, founder and certified professional Melany Whitney and her expert staff of technicians, fulfill the dreams of both men and women in their pursuit to look and feel good about themselves.

Types of Permanent Procedures

Permanent makeup isn’t just for adding color to the lips and eyebrows. The application of permanent makeup and medical tattooing is used to cover imperfections, camouflage scars, reshape eyebrows, and create and design the areola area after breast surgery.

Men also benefit from permanent makeup which is helpful in today’s competitive workplace. The Whitney Center technicians work their magic using the hair-stroke tattooing procedure for thinning scalps or creating a beard. Makeup and tattooing is used to cover hair transplant scars, enhance eyebrows, and give lips a fuller, youthful look.

Benefits of Permanent Coloring

Through the artistry the certified staff at the Whitney Center provide, clients are supportive and amazed at the creative genius of the technician’s work.

Providing the option for medical tattooing and permanent makeup covers a lot of territory. Whatever the reason for the procedure, the results support each client’s needs whether it’s to visually enhance the body, correct imperfections, or reestablish self-confidence.


From the many testimonials received by the Whitney Center, it’s apparent the clients are more than satisfied with the results of their specific procedure.

The center has consistently received 5-star ratings in the areas of:

  • responsiveness and sensitivity
  • communication and rapport
  • commitment to the individual
  • sensitivity of artistry and aesthetic style
  • expertise in the field of permanent cosmetic procedures

Just a few of the positive comments made by clients include the following:

  • From Damarys F., “Thank you Joan and Mandy for giving me my confidence and self-esteem back, you ladies are heaven sent!”
  • Vered S. states, “My eyebrows look amazing. She did an amazing job. I’m ecstatic.”
  • Lauren shared her experience with, “The swelling went down and today my lips look perfect!!”
  • Natalie S., a cancer survivor, says it all, “OMG, I am loving my eyebrows. I am anxious to show them off.”

Contact us for information about the procedure that works best for you. Schedule an appointment at one of our offices in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

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The Power of 3D Restores the Nipple Complex After Breast Cancer

Medical Tattooing

Medical Tattooing

Through the innovative work of a skilled and experienced professional, women who’ve had breast surgery have options. One of these options is 3-D areola restoration and repigmentation to restore breasts to a natural look available from the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.

Cosmetic Tattooing

The art of tattooing is an ancient process dating back more than 5,000 years. Tattoos denoted different things from being a status symbol to personal embellishments. Ancient tattoos were primarily dark or black. Today, tattooing involves an array of colors especially for use as permanent make-up and creative body art.

Medical tattooing is not for visual purposes, per se, but for restoring an area to a more natural look in both color and dimension.

Process of 3D Restorative Repigmentation

One of the major benefits of cosmetic tattooing is the psychological effect on women who’ve gone through the procedure. Another benefit is this type of restoration in covered by insurance. With permanent coloring from the Whitney Center, the areola area, including the nipples, is restored giving the-D illusion of a natural look in color and in depth perception.

Using permanent color and the artistic talents of experienced and skilled technicians, permanent color that compliments skin tone is inserted to design and create the most natural look possible. The 3-D design is so intricate and detailed, it creates the “illusion of protrusion,” a phrase coined by the Whitney technicians.

Watch and hear from founder and skilled artist Melany Whitney as she explains the why and how of the cosmetic repigmentation procedure. The process is available for women who’ve gone through breast surgery as well as women experiencing fading or irregular shapes of the areolas.

Technicians provide the 3-D work on new clients seeking alternatives after surgery. Clients may also need repair restoration work done by others who lacked the talent necessary for such detailed work.

Benefits of 3-D Restoration and Repigmentation

The Whitney Center receives referrals from some of the top doctors and largest hospitals in the world. The center is know for its expertise, artistic ability, and ability to provide women with a positive outlook following surgery.

There is no down time involved once the process is completed and no pain. The colors are permanent and do not fade. While the tattooing takes place, clients are able to provide input to the technician.

Contact us with any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure.

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Does Scar Camouflaging Really Work?

Don't Cover Up Scars! Camouflage Them.

Don’t Cover Up Scars! Camouflage Them.

A scar is a permanent mark on your skin. It may fade in time but will not go away. However, scars can be camouflaged using a medical tattoo procedure called micropigmentation. An expert technician can hide a scar so skillfully that it will be practically invisible to the eye. The trick is choosing the right technician.

Camouflage Candidates 

Not all scars are good candidates for camouflage. Scars that are flat and lighter than the surrounding skin are excellent candidates for successful scar camouflage. Scars that are still red must finish healing before they can be treated. Dark scars or scars with dark edges cannot be effectively blended into the surrounding skin.

Raised or “bubbled” scars are also poor candidates for scar camouflage. While the tattooing process can help improve scar texture, it cannot “flatten” raised scars. You can trust Whitney Center medical tattoo experts to give you an honest assessment of your scar and the results you can expect.

Advanced Skills Required

Many tattoo artists, permanent makeup techs and spas advertise scar camouflage services, but few deliver expected results. Medical tattooing is an advanced skill that requires specialized education and training. Medical tattoo experts must have a paramedical understanding of skin composition and its underlying bone structure and musculature.

Years of experience are needed to achieve the level of skill necessary to master the precise techniques used in paramedical tattooing. Whitney Center technicians are nationally recognized for our medical tattooing expertise.

An Artist’s Eye

Successful scar camouflage is more than expert technique. Blending scar tissue seamlessly into the surrounding skin requires true artistry. An artist’s eye for color is needed to precisely match the color of tattoo pigments to each client’s unique skin tone.

Whitney Center medical tattoo experts custom mix tattoo pigments to match the complex nuances in skin tone of each client. Without an artist’s eye for shadow and light and correct placement, even custom matched pigments can fail to hide a scar. Whitney Center medical tattoo artists take into account the “landscape” of the client’s skin, using the lights and shadows of underlying facial structure to effectively blend scars into the surrounding skin.

The Whitney Center’s scar camouflage services are not just about hiding flaws. Our experts strive to enhance each client’s natural beauty. If you are considering scar camouflage, choose wisely. Schedule your consultation at the Whitney Center today.

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