Scar Camouflage Five Things to Know Before Making Your Appointment

Having permanent makeup applied is a technique both men and women take advantage of for several reasons. Some use it strictly for cosmetic reasons such as permanent tattooing of eyebrows and lips, beards and bald spots, or to add permanent eyeliner. Others use the technique to address medical related issues such as alopecia, areola restoration after breast surgery, and to camouflage scars.

If you are considering having unsightly scars left by a surgical procedure, an injury, burns, or a natural occurrence such as acne addressed, there are several things you need to know before scheduling an appointment.

  • Choose only a paramedical tattoo professional with certification from the American Academy of Micropigmentation Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals to do the work.
  • Select a certified professional with the proper training and experience especially if your skin has been subjected to radiation or laser treatments or burns. Skin affected by these issues are handled with special techniques not necessary for unaffected or normal skin.
  • Use the services of a professional who has significant experience working with the procedure you require.
  • The technician should have an easily accessible portfolio outlining their experience with pictures before and after the procedure.
  • Listen carefully to what the technician has to say about the procedure. Realistic results about what you should and shouldn’t expect should be clearly explained before having the procedure implemented.

Contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics to schedule an appointment or for answers to any questions you may have about the permanent makeup. Visit our Facebook page for additional information and comments. The center specializes in medical and cosmetic tattooing with offices in New York, New Jersey and Florida.

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3-D Tattoos Create the Illusion of Protrusion

In the carefree, bra-burning 1960s, many young women taped Band-Aids over their nipples. Going braless was a bold strike for feminism but showing your nipples was, surprising, considered inappropriately sexual!

Since the ‘60s, society has become more comfortable with women’s sexuality. Today, people are not shocked by a glimpse of nipple straining against the fabric of a woman’s t-shirt. Women are no longer defined by their breasts, although our “girls” are a most obvious expression of our femininity. And the nipples that rise from the rosy centers of our areolas are the perky reminders of our female sensuality.

Breast Reconstruction Without Femininity

Given the emotional connection between our breasts and our femininity, it is not surprising that women who lose a breast to cancer are so often disappointed with the results of their breast reconstruction surgery. A doughy mound of skin is a poor substitute for a natural breast with a perky nipple protruding from an attractive areola.

Creating Beautiful Breasts

Patient complaints have led surgeons to seek out experienced medical tattoo artists to place the finishing touches on breast reconstruction. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a recent survey called the three-dimensional nipple/areola complex created by professional medical tattoo experts “aesthetically superior.”

At the Whitney Center we have developed a medical tattooing technique that creates the appearance of a three-dimensional nipple; what we call the “illusion of protrusion.” Click here to watch a video the procedure.

Whitney Center medical tattoo artists are recognized experts in permanent areola repigmentation and the creation of natural-looking three-dimensional nipples. For beautiful breasts, come to the Whitney Center of Permanent Cosmetics in New York and New Jersey.

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All About Alopecia and How to Camouflage It

Alopecia, commonly referred as baldness, comes in a variety of forms. It is often unpredictable – hair may never return, may grow back only to fall out once again, or grow back and remain indefinitely. Sadly, it can have significant psychological effects.


  • Alopecia areata
    An autoimmune disease attacking the hair follicles, resulting in the loss of hair clumps the size and shape of a quarter.
  • Alopecia areata totalis
    Loss of all of the hair on the head.

Am I at risk?
Anyone can develop alopecia areata, though your chances are slightly greater if you have a relative with this disease or a history of diabetes, lupus, or thyroid disease. Stress is also known to effect alopecia, though not scientifically proven.

Treatment options:
Alopecia cannot be cured, but may be treated with corticosteroids, Rogaine, and other topical contact allergens or sensitizers. Wigs, hats, and makeup are commonly used to hides its effects.

Camouflaging hair loss and thinning with permanent makeup
Permanent makeup and scalp re-pigmentation can help you hide the effects of alopecia permanently. Similar to a tattoo, scalp re-pigmentation utilizes special needles and ink, with results tailored to your individual ethnic background, balding pattern, and age. The procedure has virtually no down-time, typically healing in 5 days and offering a natural appearance following the exfoliation of the top layer of implant color.

Don’t suffer through alopecia. Contact the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics today. With convenient locations in Florida, New York and New Jersey, the Whitney Center has the skills and expertise to help your alopecia disappear.

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Permanent Eyeliner: A Different Kind of Tattooing Technique

The eyes bring drama to the face. A sweep of colored shadow may enhance the drama, but it is the subtle application of eyeliner that provides dramatic focus and first draws attention to your eyes. That thin line of color that snugs the lashes frames your eyes, giving them depth and definition.

Since the ancient Egyptians lined their eyes with kohl, women have been using eyeliner to heighten the dramatic impact of their eyes. Today eyeliners are available in a colorful array of pencils, gel pens, crayons and liquid wands; but permanent eyeliner applied by an experienced permanent makeup artist with expertise in medical tattooing offers the ultimate in dramatically lined eyes.

Who Would You Trust Near Your Eyes?

There is an advantage to having your permanent eyeliner applied by a permanent makeup technician expert in the more advanced techniques of medical tattooing. Our eyes are precious. Many clients are understandably nervous about a possible accident that might damage their sight when micropigmentation is performed in the eye area. The Whitney Center’s medical tattoo experts regularly work in close proximity to our clients’ eyes. Not only do our experts have the advanced training and technical skills required for successful medical tattooing, but they have the years of experience working in the eye area to ensure the safety of our clients.

Whitney Center Difference

When applying permanent eyeliner, our seasoned medical tattoo experts hold the eyelids, which provide natural protection to the eye, firmly but gently closed. This both protects the eye and provides the necessary stretch in the skin of the lid for optimal pigment retention. Unlike other permanent makeup artists who are not well versed in the physiology of the eye area, Whitney Center experts apply color to the tarsal ridge at the margin of the lid where the skin is thicker. While this is more difficult, it is safer for our clients and creates a more pleasing appearance.

Applying pigment to the tarsal ridge also allows us to add color in between the client’s eyelashes. This creates the appearance of a fuller, thicker natural lash base which results in a brighter, more dramatic, open-eyed look. Click here to learn more of our expert tricks for creating perfect permanent eyeliner.

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