Whitney Tip: Permanent Makeup as Your “Fashion Base”

Thanks to makeup, you can create a different look for every occasion or season. Bronzer creates a healthy, sun-kissed glow for summertime while glitter adds a sparkly sheen for an elegant cocktail party or festive New Year’s Eve celebration.

However, makeup is not meant to be a mask. Think of it as an accessory to highlight your own beautiful foundation. Permanent makeup is an ideal way to enhance your natural features or provide a helping hand for areas that can use a little boost.

Permanent Eyebrows

Few women are fortunate enough to be blessed with perfect eyebrows, and it’s difficult to invest the time needed to obtain the most flattering look. Our experienced artists use their skill and training to create the perfect shape and color with natural-looking hair stroke simulation.

Permanent Eye Makeup

Eyes are often the most attention-grabbing feature. Do you want to add some depth and drama to your look? Permanent eyeliner opens your eyes, making them appear more youthful. One of our specialties is a smudged look for a naturally smoky eye.

Your eyelashes tend to get sparser with age. Permanent eyelash enhancement gives them a lush, full appearance without the use of mascara.

Lip Color and Enhancement

If you feel your lips are too thin or too pale, we can give them that attractive dew-kissed look. Permanent lip color eliminates the muss and fuss of constantly applying lipstick.

You’ll be amazed at the results you get after just a couple of sessions with our Whitney Center permanent makeup artists. Contact us to schedule your consultation today.

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Whitney Tip: Red Is the Number One Color for Lips

Sexier than pale lips, red lips are the number one color of choice for your smoochers – and its not just a seasonal trend. Red is here to stay. Why?

Red is the color of passion.
Hot, flushed cheeks. The fire of attraction. A slinky red dress. Red lingerie. Science agrees – it just doesn’t get any sexier than red. In fact, studies show both sexes perceive women who wear red as more sexually open.

Red makes things happen.
Consciously and subconsciously, the color red effects our love and sex lives, giving off a vibe of confidence and availability. It turns on primal instincts in men, generating more interest. Red even draws women to it when they’re ovulating.

The feng shui of red
In feng shui, red is a powerful color. It represents the element of fire – a transformational element. It is an excellent color to enhance love and relationships, abundance and prosperity, and notoriety. Red is associated with passion, activity, and excitement. It is the most dominant and dynamic color, stimulating the senses… Hearing. Sight. Touch. Taste. Smell.

Fire engine red?
Well, not necessarily. Your lips don’t have to scream, “look at me” 24/7. Simply a soft shade of red enhancing your lips thanks to the help of permanent makeup offers a soft, natural, kissable color that won’t come off on your partner. Want that fire engine red? Easily ramp it up with a light coat of lipstick.

Ready to add a little red?
Ditch the lipstick! Get the perfect pucker and feel confident all the time with the help of permanent makeup. Contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics today. You’ll quickly discover why we’re a trusted source for permanent makeup and scar procedures nationwide.

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Why Is Membership in the Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals So Important?

If you’re considering cosmetic or medical tattooing, like any field, you want a professional at your side that has the appropriate training, certifications, license, and experience. In other words, they need credentials.

Individuals, both men and women, turn to cosmetic tattooing for a variety of reasons. For some, a tattoo covers surgical scars, enhances looks and self-confidence for someone dealing with alopecia areata, camouflages acne, hair transplant,and  face lift scars, and after breast reconstructive surgery.

For others, permanent tattoos run the gamut from adding complete permanent face make-up including eyeliner, eyebrows, blush and lip color.

At the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics, highly skilled artists/technicians turn dreams into permanent reality through their specialized tattooing techniques. Professional Technicians Mandy Sauler and Melany Whitney have an impressive list of credentials that guarantee they knows their business.

Melany is a Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist and Instructor. She is also a member and trainer of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals of which she is a lifetime member. She is also a Certified Advanced Paramedical Professional Health Care Provider and Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.

Melany brought her Bachelors of Art in Fine Art to the forefront as a professional cosmetic artist after graduating as an honors graduate from Cornell University’s School of Art and Architecture. Mandy Sauler is an experienced tattoo artist that has learned from Melany and other leaders in her industry.

If you’re ready to take the next step to permanent tattooing, contact the office nearest you for more information. For your convenience, you can call, send us an email, or fill out the online contact form for assistance.

When scheduling a session at the center, be assured you’re dealing with only experienced professionals at the highest level.

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MRIs and Medical Tattoos – Can I Have One?

Medical tattooing has continued to gain popularity especially with patients dealing with scarring due to surgery.

The question asked, in many situations, is medical tattooing allowed for anyone who  is anticipating having an MRI procedure?

The answer is yes, according to experts in the field. While the pigments used in tattooing contain iron oxide metals, the amount is relatively small to cause any significant problems.

Most individuals with tattoos or permanent makeup will not have any reaction while the MRI is underway. A small portion of patients may experience swelling or skin irritation at the tattooed area while the MRI procedure is in process.

The size of the tattoo and the number of tattoos a person already has may cause a slight discomfort such as a burning sensation or a mild pulling or tugging feeling of the tattooed area but the instances are minimal.

It is recommended when having an MRI, to inform the radiologist and the technicians monitoring the procedure of the location of any tattoos. This is because the pigments within the tattoo may cause the imaging machine, which uses electromagnetic fields and radio waves, to create what is known as an artifact, or artificial image, when scanned.

At The Whitney Center, paramedical tattooing is their specialty. With years of experience, the licensed and certified staff at the center bring precision and artistry to their work.

Get a sense of what you can expect and experience by seeing our customer ratings and reading what some have to say about their experience with paramedical tattooing.

To learn more about medical tattooing at The Whitney Center, please use the convenient contact form for more information.

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