How Can I Cover Hair Transplant Scars?

If you’ve had a hair transplant, you’ve probably discovered that it’s something of a good news/bad news situation. While you appreciate the improved appearance of regained hair, you’re self-conscious about some of the visible scars that are left behind.

There is a solution to remove the reminders of the hair transplant process. Medical tattooing camouflages scars and imperfections left behind by surgeries, burns and other injuries. The results are so natural that you’ll forget the scarring was ever there.

How is cosmetic tattooing able to achieve such remarkable results? The process uses micropigmentation that actually breaks up the scar tissue. It can then receive color that closely matches your natural skin tone. You’ll be amazed at how seamlessly the formerly scarred area blends in with the rest of your skin.

Most scar removal requires only two sessions. You’ll see a profound difference after your first visit when the tattooing procedure is performed. During the second session, our professionally trained artists will use their skill and experience to refine the color blending for superior results.

The Whitney Center has a stellar reputation in the medical community. We routinely receive referrals from top plastic surgeons and physicians at facilities like the Dublin Breast Center at the Tisch Cancer Institute in NYC’s Sinai Hospital. Our services are beneficial for both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

You don’t have to live with scars and skin imperfections that sap your self-confidence. Our safe and effective medical tattooing will restore the natural look you’re seeking. Visit our website to learn more about our comprehensive services.

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How Can I Regain the Look of Eyebrows When I Have Alopecia?

If you have been diagnosed with alopecia, you’re suffering from hair loss but the condition really doesn’t have anything to do with the hair itself. Alopecia is actually a disease of the immune system which causes it to attack parts of its own body. In this case it attacks the hair follicles on your scalp and other areas.

While alopecia is most common in people under the age of 20, individuals in any age group can be affected, male or female. The hair usually grows back, but for about 10 percent of alopecia sufferers the loss is permanent. This is more likely if you have a family history of the condition or you’ve had it for more than one year.

Has alopecia resulted in the loss of your eyebrows, leaving you feeling self-conscious? Our skilled staff at the Whitney Center can restore your eyebrows to a naturally beautiful appearance with the use of medical tattooing.

On your first visit, your permanent eyebrows will take shape with hair stroke simulation as opposed to other treatments where the brow is simply colored in. Instead of creating a generic arc, our technician will study the shape of your face to determine the most flattering shape. During the second visit, another layer of color is added to increase the natural appearance.

Our Whitney Center technicians are more than simply make-up artists. They’re experienced in the use of medical tattooing to create natural, long-lasting solutions for hair loss and other cosmetic applications. Contact us for information about scheduling an appointment at one of our offices in New York, New Jersey or Florida.

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Don’t Let Breast Cancer Ruin Your Self-Image

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you tell yourself, “It’s just a breast. It’s not ME. I will be the same, even if I lose a breast.”

But if you do lose a breast, you discover the white lie behind those strong, brave words. There is a greater connection between your breasts and your self-image as a woman than you thought.

Devastating Loss

We women refuse to be defined by our breasts. Yet when faced with losing the part of our anatomy that most obviously reveals us to be female, the feeling of lost femininity can be devastating.

Many women have trouble maintaining their pre-cancer self-image when faced with the sight of ugly scar tissue where a soft, sensuous breast used to be. All too often, breast reconstruction surgery fails to restore a cancer survivor’s self-confidence in her femininity.

A mound of flesh is not a breast. Realizing that a poorly reconstructed breast can deliver a lifelong blow to a woman’s self-image, top plastic surgeons have begun sending their mastectomy patients to medical tattoo experts for aesthetic completion of breast reconstruction.

Amazing Recovery

At The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics in New York City and New Jersey, our medical tattoo experts have worked with top New York and nationally-known plastic surgeons for years to aid breast cancer survivors and help them feel confident about their appearance after mastectomy.

Our medical tattoo artists have the long-term experience, technical expertise and exceptional artistry required to add the finishing touches to breast reconstruction — the natural-looking areola and three-dimensional nipple — that make a breast look real.

Click to find out more about paramedical solutions for breast surgery recovery.

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Male Breast Beauty is Possible with Medical Tattooing

There’s lots of promotional material out there about “saving the ta-tas” these days. But women aren’t the only ones that suffer from breast-related issues. Men get tumors and breast cancer too, as well as gynecomastia, the accumulation of excessive breast tissue resulting in a resemblance to female breasts. Unfortunately, the surgery necessary to treat these conditions can leave scars – both physical and emotional.

Men want beautiful breasts too!
Breast surgery involving reductions and mastectomy can result in areola removal, scarring, areola or breast depression, and changes in size, shape, or proportion. These changes in appearance can effect men psychologically just as they do women, resulting in self-consciousness, body image issues, shame, and embarrassment. It also often prevents them from experiencing life’s activities – from swimming to sex. Luckily, there is help.

Medical tattooing offers stunning results.
Medical tattooing solutions for men can greatly improve appearance and self-confidence, making a real difference in how you live your life. In conjunction with plastic surgery, permanent makeup experts can create a more symmetrical, attractive chest appearance, utilizing:

  • Scar camouflage
    Micropigmentation can reduce the appearance of scarring by softening, blending, or reducing scars with the help of corrective pigment camouflage techniques. These techniques not only offer great color-matching with your natural skin tone, but help break-up scar tissue as well.
  • Areola restoration
    Our areola and nipple restoration techniques are widely known for their 3-D effects and “the illusion of protrusion,” offering our clients artistry unparalleled in the field of medical tattooing.

Ready to regain your life and start looking and feeling your best? Contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics today!

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