Hot New Looks for Eyeliner for 2015

Eyeliner Trends
Eyeliner Trends

Want the most beautiful eyes on the block this summer? Bone-up on the latest NYC makeup trends and grab some attention with those peepers!

What’s in for 2015?

  • Go bright.
    Bright underliner is in. You decide the intensity. For a bold look, employ a thick slash of bright color at the inner or outer corner. For subtle flash, opt for a bright tint only at the waterline.
  • Go ombré.
    Ombré, graduating in tone from one shade to another, isn’t just in for hair this season – it’s one of the latest NYC makeup trends in eyeliner as well. Specifically the waterline of your eye. Draw white pencil from the inner corner of your eye towards the center. From the opposite, bring in electric blue, letting them mingle in the middle.
  • Go faux.
    Paint on doll-like lashes radiating from your eyeliner. Rim the eyes in black cream liner, then draw in thick lashes, radiating each lash out in a starburst pattern, pointing up and out.
  • Go smoky.
    Accentuate your eyes with a liner-only smoky eye look by running brown-black pencil along the top of lashes, halfway up the lid (like shadow), and along the lower lash line, buffing it out with your finger.
  • Go dirty.
    Sooty to be exact. Create a smudged-on look with layers, tracing a black pencil from the middle of the upper lash to the outer corner, following with a black cream liner, then a black liquid liner. Use a chunky wedge and cream liner to smudge the look out at the outer corner.

Tired of painting on those eyes every day? Trim-down your eye routine with the help of the Whitney Center.

Five Tips to Protect Your Skin from Winter Weather

Bone Structure
Protect Your Skin From The Climate

Harsh winter weather can do a lot of damage to your skin. The cold air outside means you have to turn on the heat inside, leading to dry skin. Cold winds can also irritate exposed skin, especially on your face. Follow these NYC skincare tips to keep your skin in good condition.

Use Moisturizer

One of the best defenses against dry, damaged skin is moisturizer, which helps your skin stay hydrated. Apply an oil-based moisturizer to your skin during winter to reduce the risk of dryness.

Take Warm Showers and Baths

Hot showers and baths can make your skin even more dry. Take lukewarm showers and baths instead, and consider using body wash that contains oatmeal if you have dry, itchy skin.

Pamper Your Feet

Your feet can become dry and cracked during winter, making it painful to walk. Apply generous amounts of moisturizing body lotion to them daily, and use an exfoliant to get rid of dead skin.

Cut Back on Facial Peels

Facial peels can make your skin dry because they remove oils that keep it hydrated. Choose mild facial peels and masks only, and limit how often you use them. Don’t use facial peels that contain ingredients that are harsh on your skin, such as alcohol.

Protect Your Hands

Wearing gloves outdoors in winter can help your hands stay moist and prevent dryness and cracking. If your gloves get wet, take them off. Wet gloves can irritate your skin.

For additional NYC skincare tips and help keeping your skin looking its best, please contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics. At the Whitney Center, our services include permanent makeup and medical tattooing.

Popular Anti-Aging Treatments from the Past Decade

The Gift of Anti Aging Treatments
The Gift of Anti Aging Treatments

Cosmetic procedures to help women look younger have been around for a long time. In the past decade alone, there have been several advancements that have made it easier to reduce lines and wrinkles and regain a youthful appearance. Some of the most common NYC anti-aging treatments used during this time include the following.

Tissue Fillers

Tissue fillers are designed to replace volume that’s lost due to the aging process. These injectable fillers reduce lines and can make women look more than ten years younger.

Photo Rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation uses intense pulsed light to relieve redness, correct pigmentation problems, reduce pore size, treat acne and reverse sun damage, resulting in younger looking skin.

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup can help correct previous makeup errors that can make women look older. It can also provide women with a younger appearance through carefully applied styles to reduce signs of aging and enhance natural beauty.

Radiofrequency Thermage (Thermitight RF)

Thermitight RF helps tighten skin that has started to sag with age. This procedure is typically used on the face and neck, although it can also be done on other parts of the body.

CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing

This form of anti-aging treatment involves using a laser to reduce lines and wrinkles and can be used on all types of skin to make it look younger.

Botox and Dysport

These types of treatment help targeted groups of facial muscles relax in order to provide women with a younger, fresher look.

For information on NYC permanent makeup, please contact the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics. PCNY offers a wide range of permanent makeup procedures, to help you look and feel more youthful.

Whitney Tip: Finding the Best Eyebrow Shape for You

Beauty Boosting Tricks
The Best Eyebrows For You

Over the years eyebrows have taken on many shapes, so you may understandably be having a hard time deciding what profile to pluck when it comes to 2015 eyebrow trends. The truth of the matter is, eyebrows are not one-size-fits-all, and face shape matters.

Have you chosen the best eyebrow shape for your face?
Eyebrow shape and color can change the appearance of your face dramatically. To determine the best 2015 eyebrow trends for you, consider your face shape:

  • Square face
    Thicker, natural looking eyebrows soften and flatter square face shapes. A darker color can also balance the heavier jawline of this face shape, as can aligning the peak of the brow with the widest angle of the jawline.
  • Round face
    Arched eyebrows can help lengthen round faces. High arches also open the eye and elongate the face. Avoid rounded brow shapes which can make your face look moon-like.
  • Oval face
    Considered the ideal face shape, oval faces look great with an array of brow types, however a soft, angled eyebrow is considered ideal.
  • Long face
    Flat, straight eyebrows are ideal for those with long face shapes as they help the face appear shorter. Lower arches are also recommended to draw attention sideways.
  • Heart shaped face
    Heart shaped faces typically have a pointed chin, which can be balanced best with a rounded eyebrow arch. Lower arches for a more natural look, or raise them for a dramatic flair.

Are you flattering your face with the latest in 2015 eyebrow trends? Give yourself a healthy glow and stay in-the-know with the help of the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics. Contact us today.

Can You Massage Away Dark Circles – YouTube Says Yes

To Tell or Not To Tell
Can You Massage Them Away?

We want to present our best face at all times no matter our age but sometimes dark circles under the eyes undermine our best efforts. There are several reasons for puffy dark circles – sinus congestion, allergies, lack of sleep –  but the good news is a gentle massage can make a difference, in some situations.

Our eyes are the “windows to the world” and if dark circles and puffiness are something you deal with, consider these easy massage tips. With a few swipes of your fingertips, you’ll allow lymph drainage which reduces puffiness and discoloration.

  • Use a quality redefining anti-aging eye cream as your base. If you want, mix a tiny bit of coconut oil into the cream to enhance the gliding motion. Do not exert a lot of pressure or push and pull the skin.
  • Apply a dollop of cream in a circular motion starting with the eyebrow, down under, and back along the temple.
  • Massage the area between the eyebrows lightly pulling the skin upwards releasing lymph accumulation.
  • Next, concentrate on the tear duct area at the base of the eyebrow. Several pressure points reside along the length of the eyebrow. Use the same sweeping motion to loosen the area easing sinus pressure and congestion and helping to expel lymph build-up.
  • Apply more cream to fingertips and apply, gently, under each eye. Repeat sweeping motion from inner to outer area.
  • Massage the temples in a circular sweeping motion working cream into any wrinkles.
  • Run fingertips lightly under cheek bones in the same sweeping motion.

If you’ve ever considered permanent makeup tips as part of your beauty regimen, contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.

Hot Makeup Tips to Look Younger Than 40 Now

Pulling Off The Younger Look
Pulling Off The Younger Look

Mature women know 40 is the new 20, but looking a little closer to those younger years never hurts! Rely on these simple permanent makeup tips as your fountain of youth:

  • Be friendly with foundation.
    Apply a liquid hydrating foundation to keep skin moist. Just a little dab will do.
  • Get toned.
    Forego pink, opting for yellow undertones which warm up skin and add a youthful golden color. Save pink for blush.
  • Go for brows that wow.
    Turning your brow pencil sideways. Using light pressure and brief strokes, apply beginning at arch, then go to the front of the brow and brush up to create thicker, more youthful looking brows.
  • Brighten up blush.
    Place blush along the cheekbone, not the apple of the cheek, to sculpt and brighten. Don’t be afraid of brighter colors which lift and brighten your face.
  • Flaunt those cheekbones.
    Apply bronzer in an upward motion under cheekbones to enhance the face.
  • Add a little shine.
    Adding gloss to lipstick gives it a little lift and lips a moist, youthful appearance.
  • Don’t skimp on prep.
    As you age lids discolor and thin. Use primer to camouflage eyelids before eyeshadow application.
  • Help lashes take flight.
    Curl and lengthen lashes before applying mascara to lifts and separates lashes. Use a lightweight, lengthening, curling mascara. Heavy mascara drags lashes down.
  • Have a strategy.
    Apply finishing powder on the sides of the nose, center of the face, chin, and above lips – never on cheekbones. Letting this area to glow promotes a youthful appearance.

Want to trim down your beauty routine? We’ve got the permanent makeup tips to turn back time. Contact us today.

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