Lipstick Used to Be a Sign of Wealth for Men and Women in Ages Past

Lipstick Was A Sign Of Wealth?

Lipstick Was A Sign Of Wealth?

Today lipstick is a versatile cosmetic used by females of many different ages and complexions. It can accent a well-shaped mouth or provide assistance where nature needs a little help. A look back at lipstick history shows that at one time it was an accessory that highlighted class distinctions just as much as it did physical features.

In the days of the Roman Empire, lip paint was used by both men and women. One of the ingredients was mercury, which we now know can be highly toxic when absorbed through the skin. Its inclusion meant that only the wealthy upper classes could afford to use it. Lip paint came in shades of merlot and purple, a color that has traditionally been associated with royalty.

Men, including first American president George Washington, continued to wear lip color for hundreds of years. The French Revolution put an end to that custom when lipstick became regarded as a sign of allegiance with the aristocracy.

While lipstick provides beautiful results, it’s easy to smudge and frequently wears off, requiring constant reapplication. With permanent lipstick you’re assured of a flattering look at all times and you still have the option of using regular lipstick to enhance or change your appearance.

Our trained and experienced permanent makeup artists can give your lips a fuller appearance and improve the shape of the “cupid bows” at the top of your upper lip. Permanent lip color provides a more natural look because it eliminates the bleeding where color creeps into the minute lines around the mouth.

Make your own lipstick history a thing of the past. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits of permanent lipstick.

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Whitney Tip: Big and Softly Colored – the Top 2015 Look for Eyebrows

Big Eyebrows For 2015

Big Eyebrows For 2015

What’s the latest in 2015 eyebrow trends?

Thin is not in.
Already out for several seasons, thin, thready eyebrows have been replaced by wider, thicker brows. Happily, those thicker brows require little effort to maintain.

The bigger the better.
2015 eyebrow trends consider wide, softly accentuated brows a sign of good taste in makeup application. Properly done, giving those brows freedom can give you a look that is both feminine and elegant.

Free, but not wild.
As always, prevention of the uni-brow is recommended, with a focus on subtle shaping. An expressive look can be accomplished by bending the “tail” of brows, and unruly strands can be tamed with the help of a little colored or clear gel.

Not too dark.
Highlighting eyebrows with color should be done with a pencil or eyeshadow of a similar shade to your hair, no more than a shade darker. No traces of touch-ups should be visible for the most natural look.

Using more natural-looking nude shades of makeup with minimal application further emphasizes wider brows. Want to take it a step further? Opt for more natural, careless waves in hair as well.

The wide, accentuated brows of 2015 eyebrow trends stand out in conjunction with natural makeup, drawing attention to eyes and making facial features more pronounced. For a show-stopping evening look, simply add a few golden sparkles.

Eyebrows looking a little thin?
Give them the subtle support they need with the help of the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics. Our professionals will get you noticed naturally, adding definition and accentuating your eyebrow look to brighten your eyes as well as frame and enhance the shape of your face. Look fabulous 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call today.

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Whitney Tip: Pantone’s 2015 Color Marsala, Makes Its Way Into Makeup Products by Sephora

Marcala The Color Of 2015

Marsala The Color Of 2015

Permanent makeup technicians at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics know their color palette when it comes to blending skin tone with the most complimentary cosmetic colors.

Whether you’re interested in highlighting your lips, eyes, or cheeks, there is a rainbow of color choices at your fingertips to enhance natural beauty through the process of permanent makeup application.

One color that is currently abuzz in the cosmetic field is Pantone’s “Marsala.” The stunning terracotta red is officially the winner of the 2015 Makeup Color Trends. Its earth tone richness blended with the warmth of red wine ignites with sizzling color that make a sophisticated statement.

Pantone states, “it’s strong enough to stand on its own.” A splash of Marsala sparks attention when combined with additional colors, or it can be used to add a subtle hint of color. Imagine having your favorite colors applied as permanent makeup. There’s no need to “touch it up,” reapply, and you always look fresh.

The 2015 Makeup Color Trends is available through Sephora cosmetic products and include multi-finish eye palette, matte lip creme, layering lip collection, and shimmering cheek trio. Take a look and see if Marsala fits your lifestyle and personal statement then give us a call.

The experienced staff at The Whitney Center have years of experience and the credentials to back them up. Those two things combined with an artistic sense of style and color mean beautiful results. The nice thing about permanent makeup is it can be applied using the “Whitney Method” of color-customization to enhance all skin tones.

If you need more information about permanent cosmetics, contact us by phone, email, or our online contact form. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation.

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Whitney Tips: Spring 2015 Makeup Trends from the Runway in Paris to You

Movie Stars

From The Runway To You

It is as important to keep up on the current makeup styles and trends as it is to maintain your wardrobe for the coming fashion season. The right look can enhance any ensemble, while also providing a sense of confidence and potentially a renewed self-esteem. If you have questions regarding available options and procedures, consider talking with a makeup professional to find the most flattering looks that keep you in style this season.

Some common questions regarding the season’s makeup trends include:

What are the 2015 makeup trends?

The smoky eye and lower eye liner are just a couple of the current makeup trends seen on the runways and in the fashion magazines. It is becoming more common to establish this look through application of permanent makeup, or medical tattooing, which is offered in many metropolitan areas.

What is permanent makeup?

The history of permanent makeup goes back to ancient times in Egypt, when it was considered stylish to enhance the eyes and lips with through tattooing. This practice is popular for those that want to adopt a specific look without the need to apply or touch up the makeup, as well as by those individuals that don’t have hair to enhance with conventional products.

How does it work?

There are different types of permanent makeup procedures, but some of the most popular include eye lining, lip lining, and eyebrow enhancement. This is also a common approach to consider when looking at camouflaging birthmarks or scars.

If permanent makeup seems like a practical approach for you, consider consulting with our team of expert makeup professionals. We can explain your options and costs to go with permanent makeup procedures that best suit your needs and desired results.

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