Recent research unveiled a surprising truth about the basis of low self esteem. Studies discovered that self esteem problems can stem from a very specific kind of incessant praise. Specifically, constant compliments for being a certain way rather than working hard to become that way can cause insecurities to grow.

Being beautiful vs. crafting your own beauty

Where this comes into play with beauty is in your natural look versus your achieved look. Constantly being told that you’re beautiful may lead you to feel a pressure to always look so great, according to this recent wave of studies. However, a compliment along the lines of, “I love the result of how much effort you put into your hair today!” directly reward your hard work.

Is there really a difference?

Yes. Everyone wants to be beautiful, but no one wants to believe that they have no control over their appearance. When your friends call you beautiful, you may begin to feel pressure to maintain this reputation. However, when your friends tell you they’re impressed with how well you’ve applied your makeup, done your hair, etc., you feel proud that you can control the way you look.

How can I best control my look?

A stable makeup routine is a decent way to take full control of your appearance. However, working with a beauty professional to achieve a long-lasting look you love will draw praise from all around you for the effort you’ve taken. Planning out your new face with a permanent cosmetic technician can boost your self esteem beyond what you previously thought possible.

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You might not realize it yet, but any good beauty routine involves a healthy amount of sleep. If you’re constantly tired and irritable, how can you look your best? Researchers have noticed trends in the pre-sleep behavior of women who get the best night’s rest.

Put your brain to work

This doesn’t mean stress yourself out with tons of challenges. Rather, as you prepare to end your night, reflect on the peaks and valleys of your day, read a book, think about what tomorrow might bring, or make a task list for yourself. If anything, use your brain to disconnect yourself from work entirely.

Put effort towards relaxing

Again, don’t stress yourself out so intensely that you can’t relax. Instead, spend time with family, end your day in a positive mindset, and slowly approach a scheduled bedtime. You’ll find your sleep habits and overall mood improving rapidly if you follow these steps.

Shorten your daily routine

The final step in optimizing your pre-sleep time is eliminating any unnecessarily long routines. In particular, the burden of removing makeup only to add it back to your face the next morning eats away at your time like no other. Permanent cosmetic tattooing offers a viable solution to this problem, allowing you to take ultimate control of your sleep schedule.

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Eyebrows can be one of the most stunning parts of your face. However, if done improperly, they can also be one of the more unappealing parts of your face. A thin line exists between fantastic brows and tacky brows, but a few helpful tips can help you achieve great brows.

Shop well

Some eyebrow products are simply better than others. Knowing what works best for you requires a bit of trial and error, or you can read product reviews on the internet before spending on makeup you might not like. In particular, newer mousses and waxes tend to have more longevity and flexibility.

Choose the right tone

How you color your eyebrows depends on your hair color and your eyebrow thickness. If you’re looking to thicken your thin eyebrows, you should find a product that matches your hair color well. On the other hand, bold, dark eyebrows call for a lighter shade than your hair to thicken them well. It seems contradictory, but this knowledge is tried and true.

Know your limits

Try not to get too crazy shaping your brows. Don’t try to make your eyebrows bigger than they can be naturally; if the urge overwhelms you, just remember that bigger eyes and lips mean you can go for bigger brows. Don’t forget to begin in the middle of your brows when filling them in.

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The best way to know if you messed up a bit somewhere along the way in your makeup routine is for someone to tell you so honestly. It’s even better if you hear this from a cosmetic professional, since they’re so experienced with makeup that they can see mistakes more precisely than the average person. They can also guide you on how to approach makeup differently in great detail and without coming off rude, since this is their career. Recently, makeup artists have identified some common mistakes they see women make.

On the eyes

Eye makeup can bring out hidden beauty in your eyes, but being impatient with mascara can ruin its great effects. Some women don’t let mascara dry before cleaning the excess, even though this takes merely seconds, which results in a splotchy application. Overuse of eyebrow pencil has also been cited as a common mistake that women make.

On the whole face

Misusing foundation can prove problematic. Whether it’s simply overusing foundation or matching foundation to your face rather than your neck, slip-ups are common, but easily preventable. The prevalence of makeup charts, which some say are detrimental, have led to more mistakes with foundation. And an increase in flat, lifeless lipstick is only highlighting these increasingly apparent foundation dilemmas.

In general

Makeup overuse and blind adherence to makeup trends may be the most common error. An easy way to ensure that your makeup gives you a distinct, unique look while preventing overuse or misuse is to invest in permanent makeup, which is more natural and radiant than any topical. Your technician will work with you to customize your makeup, and will commit great time and detail to achieving the exact colors and shapes that best suit your face.

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When it comes time to apply makeup for an all-day event, some extra thinking might be involved. How can I make my makeup last all day when I won’t have any time to break away from this event to touch up?, you might ask yourself. Whether via traditional makeup or permanent cosmetic tattooing, there are solutions to this dilemma. Some methods are clearly better than others, though.

How to make traditional makeup last

Higher-end makeup products are formulated to last longer. Spending more money on products widely respected in the beauty industry, such as Urban Decay, MAC, or Beautyblender products, ensures that your makeup will last longer before needing a touch-up. In the event you do need a touch-up, keep a cheap, elementary version of your product – for example, some simple lip gloss can restore a faded lip color – with you for a quick and easy solution.

How to look this good every day

If this level of high-end beauty appeals to you for an everyday look, consider investing in more expensive beauty products regularly. This can be a viable solution if money isn’t a problem. However, if finances are a concern, there are ways to invest once and look good forever.

Permanent cosmetics ensure constant beauty

While constantly spending money on beauty products that only offer temporary glamour and quickly run out may seem smart in the short run, over time, the price tag of permanent cosmetics saves you money.  A one-time investment lets you wake up in the morning looking as beautiful as you were the entire day before, and prevents you from panicking to figure out how to look your best for upscale events. Permanent cosmetic tattooing is even more customizable than traditional makeup, since your technician can blend many pigments into a color you like, and can take her time developing the shape you want.

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For as long as you can remember, you’ve probably noticed that lush, full lips are a sign of deep, complex beauty. You’re also probably familiar with the effort it takes to achieve the lips you want. The difficulty in getting the lips you desire has resulted in a rising trend of lip-plumping gloss, which may offer temporary and subtle fullness.

How does it work?

Lip-plumping glosses work in an irritating way – literally. Their ingredients tend to include irritants such as pepper, cinnamon, and sea sponge. These are included so that your lips will irritate, and therefore naturally swell to the larger size you desire and redden to the lip shade you want. Unfortunately, this comes with some pain and itchiness, but there are ways to enhance your lips without all the nuisance.

How can I get better lips without pain?

Lips can have permanent color, size, and shape without the pain of lip-plumping gloss. Surgery or fillers can be equally as painful, so these are certainly not realistic options either. But permanent cosmetic tattooing can offer pain-free, long-lasting lips that will increase your confidence and make you stand out from the crowd.

But how can a tattoo be pain-free?

A full lip procedure can take as much as 90 minutes to complete, but a doctor administers a dental block beforehand to prevent pain. The lips may be larger and redder in the three to four days after the procedure, but this does not come with pain or itchiness. After this redness period, the lips become a natural and beautiful pink shade, and the coloring gives the lips a healthfully full look. The price tag for a lip procedure is worth it to avoid the constant pain of lip-plumping glosses, fillers, or surgery.

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