My Sister’s Keeper

The new summer movie, thumb sale \”My Sister’s Keeper, tadalafil try \” puts out there on the big screen what people look like when they undergo chemotherapy.  In the film, the older of two girls in a family has leukemia and the younger sues to stop having to donate her body parts to keep her sister alive. The sister with the illness is realistically shown with no hair, eyelashes or eyebrows.\n\nAs often supportive friends and family do, the mother in the movie, played by Cameron Diaz, shaves her own hair so she will be bald like her cancer-stricken daughter. But she still is Cameron Diaz and still looks beautiful. She still has her striking eyebrows and eyelashes. People undergoing chemotherapy don’t. And it can make the ordeal even more devastating. Especially for women who in our culture continue to have a premium placed on their looks.\n\nPermanent makeup can help give anyone facing chemotherapy – a child, man or woman – the chance to feel better about themselves when they look in the mirror. And they deserve every bit of feeling better that they can get. Applied by a professional, permanent makeup can give them eyebrows and eyes that help them look like their former selves.\n\nIt may be better for someone who has cancer to have permanent makeup applied before chemotherapy or in the early stages of treatment to reduce stress and promote healing. A doctor’s release should be provided. Alternatively, with approval of the physician, permanent makeup can be applied in the midst of a course of chemotherapy during an off-week when no chemo drugs are administered. Advance approval of the doctor is recommended for all attendees before enrolling in the clinic.

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  1. Sometimes a person will lose all their eyebrow hair during their chemo treatments and after a time some of it comes back. Having permanent makeup applied is very helpful even if/when the hair grows back because they will still be the right shape and color. Whether the hair comes back or not, they will still have great brows with no hassle of daily application of conventional makeup.

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