Brides Opting for Breast Implants and Other Plastic Surgery before their Big Day

Gone are the days in which women can only tone up a bit, unhealthy nurse get a fresh haircut, cialis sales viagra and buy new makeup before their wedding day in order to look their best.  Now women have many more options to help them look amazing on their big day.\n\nBreast lifts, unhealthy liposuction, and other forms of breast and plastic surgery are becoming regular parts of pre-wedding day routines for many women as Good Morning America recently reported.  Now, scar camouflage and nipple areola replacement even provide options that can help a bride to be sure the evidence of her procedures won’t become the focus on her special day.\n\nChances are you may have caught an episode or two of the new series Bridalplasty which brings the new pre-wedding plastic surgery trend to light.  On Bridalplasty brides compete in a series of challenges to win the procedures they would like to undergo before their wedding day.  It’s no surprise brides are willing to compete as plastic surgery procedures certainly do not come inexpensively.  Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tenley told Good Morning America she treats as many as five brides-to-be each month and that several of them spend up to $15,000 on procedures.\n\n \n\nAlthough the pre-wedding plastic surgery trend may disturb some, others feel that brides have a right to improve their own self esteem, comfort, and enjoyment of life as well as their enjoyment of their own wedding ceremony.