How Permanent Is Semi-Permanent Make-up?

There are rumors and claims of “semi-permanent” cosmetics and permanent make-up being offered to customers.  Some artists claim that their semi-permanent applications last only six months, viagra canada help while others say that they last for years.  Permanent makeup specialists in NYC know first-hand that these claims are false.\n\nHere are the plain and simple facts…\n\nOnce you place any permanent cosmetic pigments under the skin, it is there for the duration.  permanent cosmetic pigments are permanent, unless you undergo a procedure to have the pigment removed. Some people who sell the semi-permanent service may tell you that the pigment will fade over time.  When the pigment is initially placed under the skin, there is some fading during the healing process, but the pigment will not fade additionally over time.  There are no magical semi-permanent cosmetic pigments that disappear or fade as time goes on.\n\nSome people say that that the permanent cosmetic pigment will eventually wash away.  Not true!  Once the pigment is under your skin, it is there to stay because the pigment is implanted into the second layer of your skin.\n\nPermanent makeup specialists in NYC at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics will be able to properly apply your true permanent makeup with the skill that only years of training and expertise can lend.  Don’t be fooled by others selling “semi-permanent” make-up.  There is no such thing, unless you want someone to draw with a marker!