Are Permanent Cosmetics Safe?

The lure of waking up looking beautiful and ready for the day is what draws many women to choose permanent makeup procedures in NYC, recipe cialis sale NY and NJ.  Perfectly colored lips, sick eyebrows delicately set in place, diagnosis eyeliner without a smudge, and a daily dose of a favorite eye color on the eyelids allows women to look fabulous twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.\n\nThe question on many women’s mind is whether or not having permanent makeup application is safe.  During the micropigmentation procedure, natural pigments are inserted with a needle into the dermis (the middle layer of skin).   When applied correctly, the permanent cosmetic makeup will enhance facial features.  Some women choose to permanently enhance their eyes, while others choose to enhance their lips, or eyebrows.\n\nUnskilled technicians may use poor quality material which could cause poor color transfer.  Contaminated instruments could transmit infection, and an untrained person could make a mistake, which in turn, would be permanent.\n\nPermanent cosmetic application should only be performed by a skilled artist that is a Board Certified expert like the ones that you will find at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.\n\nStop by our website to learn about our Board Certified experts and how permanent makeup in NYC, NY and NJ will enhance your life.