Matching Skin Tone Is Key to Expert Permanent Makeup Application

The expert application and attractiveness of permanent makeup hinges on three things:\n

  1. The technical expertise of the permanent makeup artist to ensure flawless application.
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  3. The artistic talent of the permanent cosmetics technician to redraw features to emphasize your natural beauty and create a pleasing facial balance.
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  5. The artistic ability of the permanent cosmetics artist to perfectly match the unique color of your personal skin tone.
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\nWhitney Center technicians excel in technical and artistic expertise, generic sovaldi but it is our expert ability to precisely match our clients’ skin tones that has made us the top choice of Asian and African American women seeking permanent makeup.\n\nAs an aid to medical diagnosis, patient clinic Harvard Medical School dermatologist Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick developed a skin color classification scale in 1975. Called the Fitzpatrick Scale, it is used by dermatologists to evaluate potential reaction to facial treatments as well as potential skin cancer risk. The scale divides skin tone into five basic types from bisque white to rich mahogany. (Click here to take the skin tone quiz on and find out what skin type you have.)\n\nPermanent makeup artists use the Fitzpatrick Scale only as a starting point for matching skin tones as each basin skin type comprises a varied range of skin tones. It is our expertise in mixing pigments to create custom matches unique to each client that set the Whitney Center apart.\n\nVisit our website to find out why we are the Asian eye experts and African American eyebrow experts.