Toss Those Germy Cosmetics; Switch to Permanent Makeup

Does your purse come with a haz-mat warning? Maybe it should because lurking in the depths of the cosmetics bag you tucked inside your purse this morning are apt to be pots and tubes of hazardous chemicals. Disguised as ordinary makeup, tadalafil viagra those tubes of mascara, order clinic pots of lip gloss and bottles of foundation that have been rolling around the bottom of your purse for ages are most likely packed with nasty colonies of vile bacteria.\n\nOut-of-date or improperly stored makeup can go bad just like a bottle of milk left on a sunny kitchen counter. If you’re like most women, you probably have shelves full of makeup you haven’t used in months, maybe years. To be totally honest, most of us still have a few holdovers from our high school or college days! But hanging onto those youthful memories simply isn’t healthy. Over time, makeup can become infested with bacteria and natural ingredients can break down and spoil.\n\nIt’s the double-dip principle in action. Every time you touch your makeup with your fingers to apply it, you transport bacteria from your fingers and skin to the bottle. Stuffed in the hot, dark confines of your purse or left on the counter in your warm, moist bathroom, those bacteria start to grow and multiply. The next time you apply mascara or foundation, you transfer those bacteria to your face or eyes.\n\nThe best solution is to wear permanent makeup which carries no bacterial risk because it never has to be reapplied!\n\nNext time: When to throw out makeup