Permanent Cosmetics Beats L’Oreal’s Infallible 24-Hour Makeup

L’Oreal and Maybelline have both introduced what is being called \”tattoo\” eye makeup. Advertised as lasting all day without a touch up, physician sales L’Oreal’s 24-hour Infallible gel lacquer liner and cream eye shadows may not last 24 hours, and but they do hold up well through an 8-hour day without fading or creasing. Comfortable and light-weight, cialis the shadow feels silky on your lids and is available in 6 rich new high-sheen colors.\n\nMaybelline¬†EyeStudio color tattoo 24-hour cream gel shadow has the same high-sheen as¬†L’Oreal’s Infallible product but is available in a broader color range with more neutrals among the 9 choices. Also advertised as a 24-hour product, Maybelline’s \”tattoo\” shadow stays put without creasing or fading for an 8-hour day. However, results with both products are mixed for true 24-hour overnight wear. (Click here to watch Maybelline’s makeup artist use tattoo shadows to create a dramatic evening eye.)\n\nWe all look better with makeup, but even the longest wearing eye makeup is a poor substitute for the true 24-hour coverage offered by permanent makeup. If you want your eyes to look dramatic, gorgeous and flawlessly made up all day and all night, skip the imitations and have your signature shadow and eye liner tattooed on naturally and expertly by our professional permanent makeup artists. Professionally applied permanent makeup ensures that you are always seen with your signature makeup perfectly in place whether you’re rushing to the office or dancing the night away or waking up for that first morning kiss!