Only Permanent Lip Color Has Actual 24-Hour Staying Power

\n\nCompetition in the makeup industry to produce a lipstick with long-lasting staying power has been intense. The industry has been racing to produce a lipcolor with 24-hour staying power that can stand up to breakfast on the run, buy cialis check stress-induced lip chewing, sildenafil sales mid-afternoon snacking, advice dinner out, and late-night smooching; not to mention the chafing and fading effects of the wind and sun.\n\nCosmetic manufacturers think they’ve succeeded. Revlon boasts that its Colorstay Ultimate liquid lipstick keeps its color through thick and thin for 24 hours. Maybelline makes similar claims about its Superstay 24HR Color liquid lip color. Some online reviewers have called these products the \”next best thing to tattooed lips\” but are they? Well, not quite.\n\nThe color does stay on, but it’s not as impervious as advertised. It’s critical to follow application directions precisely. These products aren’t swipe and go. You have to apply them carefully to your lips then wait a minute or so for them to dry correctly. Repeated applications of  moisturizing lip balm are also required to counteract their drying effect. If the product becomes too dry, it can peel off. It’s important to apply the moisturizer as instructed and allow it to dry completely; a process that takes about 5 minutes per application.\n\nBut the biggest drawback is that your lips don’t feel natural when wearing these products. It’s like having a barrier between your lips and the world. It’s a good effort, but only permanent lip color gives you naturally beautiful true 24-hour lip color!