Roll Out of Bed Looking Beautiful with Permanent Makeup

\n\nTired of the morning makeup routine, buy viagra pharm Auri Reynoso of New Jersey came to permanent makeup expert Melany Whitney looking for a time-saving beauty solution. Three years after Melany applied permanent eyeliner and permanent eyebrows, sickness Auri still loves waking up \”looking beautiful.\”\n\n\”It’s amazing how you can wake up looking absolutely fabulous and get ready in five minutes,\” Auri told the New York Times. \”I just apply blush, lip gloss and mascara and I’m done.\”\n\nA specialized type of tattooing known as micropigmentation, permanent makeup is more than a cosmetic convenience for many wearers. For people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or severe vision problems that make the application of cosmetics difficult to impossible; permanent makeup offers the beauty-enhancing properties of makeup without application.\n\nParamedical uses of permanent makeup┬áhave been expanding since the 1980s. Nationally-recognized experts in the field of paramedical cosmetic tattooing, the Whitney Center team works with top plastic surgeons and cancer centers to restore the beauty and self-confidence of patients. When Dr. Oz chose a team of experts to help restore the appearance of a young women whose face had been severely damaged in an accident, he relied on the professional expertise of our founder, Melany Whitney, to camouflage the woman’s scars and restore her facial features using permanent makeup techniques. Visit our website to watch the dramatic video of the program on our website.

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