Choice of Technician Key to Satisfaction with Permanent Makeup

\n\nWhen you wear permanent makeup you can roll out of bed looking like you just put on your makeup (see our previous post). That’s the whole point of permanent makeup, no rx sovaldi which is a specialized type of cosmetic tattooing; it’s always on. You look freshly made up and gorgeous 24/7/365!\n\nAs with anything we do to enhance our natural beauty, choosing the right permanent makeup technician is the key to satisfaction with your permanent makeup results. We’ve all read horror stories of Botox gone bad when performed by someone without the proper skill and training. There are millions of successful cosmetic procedures performed every year, but only the bad ones make the news. The same is true of permanent makeup.\n\nSatisfaction with your results depends on your choice of permanent makeup technician. Successful application of permanent makeup requires a combination of professional training, exacting technical expertise, clinical experience and, the quality many overlook, artistic expression. Professional makeup artists know that applying makeup requires the same intimate understanding of color, line, light and shadow that artists employ when painting a portrait. In permanent makeup, your face is the canvas; your technician, the artist.\n\nIn addition to experience and artistry, choose a permanent makeup artist like those at the Whitney Center with credentials issued by the American Academy of Micropigmentation and the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, the  internationally recognized professional organizations that set standards for the permanent makeup profession. Read our January newsletter to find out more about permanent makeup certification.