Supermodel Iman Shares Her Beauty Tips

Supermodel and beauty icon Iman appeared on Good Morning America last week to share her favorite beauty tips (click the link to watch the segment). Now 57, cialis sale try the Somali native with the enviously flawless skin has become an unofficial spokeswoman for aging gracefully. The secret to her remarkably youthful complexion? Sunscreen and a wonderfully simple skin care routine that she has been following for decades.\n\n\”What you take care of in your 20s, store you are going to inherit in your 60s,\” Iman says. Since her teens, Iman has maintained her beautiful skin by cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating twice a day.\n\nA classic beauty, the model never leaves the house without applying SPF 50 sunscreen to protect her gorgeous chocolate-hued skin. \”The sun does not discriminate,\” she told the audience. Women of all ethnic skin types and skin tones are at equal risk of skin damage from the sun, Iman told the GMA audience.\n\nWearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 (SPF 30 if you plan to spend much time outdoors), is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation to protect your skin from both the UVB rays that cause sunburn and the UVA rays responsible for the deep tissue damage associated with aging, wrinkles and skin cancer.\n\nIman’s skin care tips are good advice for women of all ethnic skin types who wear permanent makeup. Our technicians are expert in matching complex African American skin tones and creating the perfect permanent eyebrows for women of all ethnicities.