Camouflage Hair Loss with Permanent Makeup

For men, ampoule decease the first sign of hair loss can be devastating. We equate a full head of hair with youth, viagra vigor and vitality. To discover that your hair is thinning along the scalp or at the temples or around the crown is like waving a flag that says \”I’m old!\” That’s never an easy thing to accept and is particularly hard if male pattern baldness begins early in life when you are young and vigorous. (A surprising 25% of men begin to bald in their 30s.)Today, with men working longer and living more active retirement lives, it can be a major blow to your self-confidence even when hair loss doesn’t begin until your 60s when approximately two-thirds of men begin to experience male pattern baldness.\n\nNo one enjoys getting older but aging is a fact of life. However, there’s nothing that says you have to look older. Permanent cosmetics for men can camouflage hair loss and balding areas caused by male pattern baldness. Using precise color matching and delicate hair stroke technique, our expert permanent makeup artists can create the illusion of natural hair, filling in exposed scalp to close the growing gap where you part your hair. Permanent makeup can camouflage a receding widow’s peak and hide that growing circle of scalp at your crown.\n\nLook as young as you feel. Visit our website for men to find out more about permanent cosmetics for men. (And gals, what works for men, works for women too!)