How to Create Your Own Signature Look with Permanent Makeup

Since Cleopatra outlined her eyes with kohl centuries ago, case view women have recognized the power of having a signature look. An instantly¬†recognizable but highly individual combination of makeup, shop sick hair and fashion choices, patient a signature look defines your personal sense of beauty and style. While fashion, hair and makeup are the cornerstones of a signature look, artistically applied permanent makeup can be the foundation.\n\nTo create your own signature look, you want to focus attention on the two most prominent facial features: your lips and your eyes including the brows. To get an idea of how effectively brows, eyes and lips work together to create a beautiful whole, click here to see Elle’s Ultimate Celebrity Makeup Looks of 2012.\n\nIdentifying celebrity makeup looks that you admire is a good starting¬†point for creating your own signature look, but for your look to appear beautifully natural, you must stay true to your unique facial contours and skin coloring. The Whitney Center’s permanent makeup artists are expert at matching skin tones for all ethnicities. Too thin, misshapen or barely there brows can be filled, recontoured and darkened to beautifully¬†complement your facial shape and skin tone. Uneven, thin or fading lips can be made full and symmetrical and be given the healthy blush of youth.\n\nOur permanent makeup experts can work with you to create a signature look that expertly enhances your natural beauty and ensures that the world always sees you as you wish to be seen.