Cosmetic Tattooing Banishes Breast Surgery Scars

\n\nScars are an unavoidable part of the surgical process, site health but their presence after cosmetic breast surgery can detract from the pleasure you take in your new breasts. Breast augmentation, salve breast reduction and breast lifts are among the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for women, but the scarring that typically accompanies these procedures can make women feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed.\n\nBreast surgery scars may be visible when you wear a low-cut dress, halter top or bikini. Even if your scars don’t limit your clothing choices, knowing that they’re there can diminish your pleasure in the results of your breast surgery and make you feel self-conscious about showing off your new breasts. Some women have such a strong emotional reaction to scarring that even minor scarring can negatively impact their body image and sex life.\n\nThe extent of scarring varies with the cosmetic procedure performed, the skill of the surgeon and your body’s propensity to form scar tissue. Scars typically fade over time, going from angry red just after surgery to white; but they never go away. NJ paramedical cosmetic tattooing can camouflage breast surgery scars so they are no longer visible.\n\nExpert NJ and NYC permanent makeup artists use a specialized cosmetic tattooing technique called micropigmentation to expertly color and blend scar tissue into surrounding skin. Clients find the results nothing short of remarkable. Don’t suffer with scarred breasts. NYC and NJ cosmetic tattooing can hide unsightly scars and restore your pride in your new breasts. Make your appointment today!

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