New York to Map Breast Cancer Incidence

With Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signature to a new law, cure viagra sale ┬áthe State of New York has taken a bold new step in the war against breast cancer. The law authorizes New York’s Breast Cancer Research and Education Fund to expand its focus beyond its original mission to fund breast cancer education and prevention research. The Fund has been given the authority to solicit and begin funding proposals to map breast cancer incidence throughout the state. Pinpointing geographic concentrations and anomalies in breast cancer occurrence may help researchers better identify specific risk factors and environmental contributors┬áto the disease.\n\nAt The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics, sale we applaud New York’s decision to expand the state’s commitment to breast cancer research, help prevention, screening and treatment. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among Hispanic women and the second leading cause of cancer death, after lung cancer, among women of all other ethnicities, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.\n\nOne in every eight U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer, but there is hope. Breast cancer survival rates have been slowly rising since 1990. However, survival often results in the loss of one or both breasts which can be a devastating to a woman’s sense of femininity.\n\nWhitney Center founder Melany Whitney has been working with New Jersey breast cancer survivors and some of the nation’s top plastic surgeons for years, using specialized paramedical tattoo techniques to create the appearance of a natural areola and three-dimensional nipple on reconstructed breasts.