Multiracial Population Growth Driving New Makeup Formulations

\n\nNo one skin color or skin type defines America. The American melting pot has always been an exciting blend of ethnicities, illness viagra but it has only been in the last five years that cosmetics companies have started targeting the growing multiracial Latino population by enlarging the color range of cosmetics created to complement brown skin tones.\n\nAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau, viagra sale the number of Americans who identify as multiracial increased by 32% between 2000 and 2010. Spurred in part by a growing influx of South American, Central American, Cuban and Caribbean immigrants over the past several decades, multiracial children, particularly multiethnic children of Latino descent, have become the fastest-growing segment of America’s youth population.\n\nSince teens spend more money on cosmetics than any other age group, the cosmetics industry has been motivated to tap this previously underserved market. Marketing their multiracial cosmetics as \”for every woman,\” cosmetics manufacturers are partnering with well-known Hollywood, television and music stars who have a multiethnic heritage to promote their new products. Promoted by Puerto Rican reality TV star La La Anthony, Motives Cosmetics’ La La Mineral Duo Foundation line comes in a range in shades from medium light to very dark.\n\nSouth Florida permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney is an expert at creating custom permanent makeup colors for the unique skin tones of multiethnic Latino women. Experience Melany’s superior artistry for yourself; schedule your permanent makeup consultation today.\n\nNext time: Makeup tips for multiethnic skin tones

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