Makeup Tips for Multiracial Skin Tones

\n\nSpurred by demand from America’s growing multiethnic Latino population, troche cialis cosmetics manufacturers have begun introducing makeup lines marketed \”for every woman.\” Featuring expanded color palettes specifically designed to complement brown skin tones, sale multiracial cosmetics are gaining popularity with Latino women in South Florida.\n\nCosmetics companies are tapping Latino celebrities of multiracial heritage to showcase their products. Of Afro-Guyanese, Barbadian and Irish descent, Rihanna is promoting MAC cosmetics. L’Oreal chose Beyoncé, who is African-American, Native American and French, to be the face of its True Match foundation line.\n\nIt is refreshing to see the cosmetics industry addressing the needs of women with darker skin tones. As an accomplished fine artist, renowned South Florida permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney knows that background color can completely change the appearance of a painting. Similarly, a woman’s skin tone affects the appearance of her makeup. An expert at custom color mixing, Melany is highly skilled at matching multiethnic skin tones and customizing permanent makeup to enhance the unique skin tones of her clients.\n\nMelany offers these makeup tips for women with multiracial complexions:\n

  • For lips, choose richly saturated lip stains in deep shades of copper, plum or wine. Pale pastels can look washed out.
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  • Avoid shimmer and silvery hues which can give darker skin tones a grayish cast.
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  • Heavy-handed use of bronzer can muddy darker complexions. Use sparingly to contour cheeks.
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  • Banish dark circles with color corrector in a yellow or orange shade before applying concealer.
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