Permanent Makeup Mommy Makeovers Give New Moms a Beauty Boost

Babies are cute and adorable and they also change your life forever. Having a child strips you of any \”me\” time you may have been able to eke out of your already hectic schedule. That half hour you used to spend putting on your makeup and styling your hair every morning vanishes with junior’s arrival. Beauty is suddenly forced to take a back seat to feedings and diaper changes. All those delicious little things you used to do that made you feel beautiful get lost in the avalanche of new responsibilities that come with having a baby.\n\nWhat you need is a Florida Permanent Makeup Mommy Makeover by South Florida permanent makeup expert Melany Whitney. You’ve probably heard of cosmetic surgery Mommy Makeovers that are designed to return a mother’s body to its sexy pre-baby shape. Well, sick sales Permanent Makeup Mommy Makeovers are designed to give mommies-to-be and new moms a much needed beauty boost.\n\nBeautiful brows, look a little eye liner and some lipstick can do wonders for your appearance — and your self-confidence. Expertly applied permanent eyebrows, permanent eye liner and permanent lip color equip new moms with the beauty basics 24/7. With permanent makeup new moms can look confident, attractive and beautifully put together even when they don’t have time to put on their face!