Permanent Makeup Eases Morning Rush for Working Moms

\n\nWhen school supplies go on sale the countdown begins. In just a few weeks children will be back in the classroom which means it’s back to work for the many moms that take the summer off with their kids. The switch from lazy summer mornings to the typical school day dash requires some adjustment by the whole family; but as the family organizer moms seem to shoulder the bulk of the burden.\n\nBetween rousting the kids from bed, view see approving wardrobes, discount viagra packing lunches, fixing breakfasts, making sure teeth are brushed and making sure the kids are out the door in time to catch the bus working moms have precious little time to devote to their own morning ablations. Many working moms either arrive at work only half done or try to finish up en route, applying mascara and lipstick in the car at traffic lights. Not a particularly safe solution.\n\nFlorida permanent cosmetics offers working moms a safe, attractive, care-free solution guaranteed to ease the morning rush and allow you to arrive at the office beautiful, relaxed and perfectly made up. Permanent eyebrows, permanent eye liner and permanent lips artistically applied by Melany Whitney, Florida’s premier permanent makeup expert, give you the confidence of knowing you look your best every minute of the day — even after a hectic morning rushing the family out the door.\n\nIf you want to ease your morning rush, contact our Boca Raton office and make an appointment for your permanent makeup session with Melany today!

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