New Study: Plastic Surgery Doesn’t Keep Promise of Youth and Beauty

Plastic surgery promises to make you look more beautiful and years younger, physician no rx but a surprising new study found that patients are getting less than they are promised. According to the New York Times, ambulance rather than the \”10 years younger\” often promised in advertisements, most cosmetic surgery patients only shave an average three years off their age and the majority achieve no real measurable gain in attractiveness.\n\nPublished on the professional plastic surgery journal website JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery Network, the study by practicing plastic surgeons was the first to attempt to quantify attractiveness. In the study, independent viewers used before-and-after photos to grade the age and attractiveness of plastic surgery patients.\n

¬†\”It’s a big deal that a study is presenting a negative finding,\” Dr. Eric Swanson, a Kansas plastic surgeon, told the New York Times. \”They are saying that patients didn’t have a change in attractiveness.\”

\nStudy leader Dr. A. Joshua Zimm, a Manhattan facial plastic surgeon, admitted his surprise at the study results and the \”insignificant finding for attractiveness.\” On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most beautiful, Zimm told the Times that 60% of study participants gave plastic surgery patients a rating of only 4 to 6.\n\nRather than paying high fees for plastic surgery that achieves questionable results, women should consider Permanent Cosmetics NJ.¬†Permanent cosmetics improve attractiveness by enhancing your natural features and camouflaging small flaws that detract from your appearance. The results are a more beautiful you!

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