Permanent Makeup Adds Missing Beauty Quotient to Plastic Surgery

\n\nDespite promises that a face lift will make you look 10 years younger, sale troche a plastic surgery study found that the truth is closer to three years. And while plastic surgery can remove physical signs of aging from your face — smooth wrinkles, medicine plump lines and remove excess skin — it does almost nothing to increase attractiveness.¬†Florida permanent makeup adds that missing beauty quotient so that you look both younger and more attractive.\n\nApplied by Boca Raton permanent makeup artist Melany Whitney, malady permanent makeup can make you look not only younger but prettier by helping minimize signs of aging while enhancing your natural beauty.\n

  • Permanent lip color deeps natural lip color, giving your lips the rosy glow of youth. Melany can also redefine your lip line, adding youthful fullness and correcting any irregularities. The result is lush, full, beautiful lips without lipstick.
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  • Permanent eyebrows Properly shaped eyebrows frame and open the eyes, giving your face a youthful lift. Melany can also deepen the color of fading brows and bring youthful fullness to thinning brows.
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  • Permanent eyeliner defines your eyes; giving them the big, bright look of youth and making your lashes appear youthfully thick and full.
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\nFor a more youthful appearance, let your plastic surgeon take care of the physical nips and tucks; but count on Melany’s artistic application of permanent makeup to add the finishing touches and¬†ensure that you look not only younger but also more beautiful.