Paramedical Services Restore Natural Beauty to Reconstructed Breasts

Breast cancer survivors who underwent a mastectomy used to have few options. You could wear a padded bra or struggle to with foam breast forms. Neither was very appealing or attractive. Women complained of foam \”drift\” which could result in some embarrassing moments as women furtively tried to bring the girls into alignment. We laugh now; but back then breast cancer was still a closet \”women’s problem\” that was simply not discussed.\n\nThank heavens times have changed. Today breast cancer awareness is openly discussed and its risks and treatments are widely known by both women and men. Events like National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, illness seek  Race for the Cure and a host of other educational, prostate awareness and fund raising activities keep the information flowing. Breast cancer and mastectomy are no longer embarrassing subjects. Breast cancer patients benefit from a wealth of new treatment protocols, and advances in breast reconstruction can now restore the shape of the female breast after mastectomy.\n\nBut despite all the progress we’ve made in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, the loss of a breast to cancer is still a traumatic emotional experience for most women. A reconstructed breast may have the correct shape, but it lacks the natural appearance of a woman’s original breast. Using a paramedical application of permanent makeup techniques, the Whitney Center’s experts can create a natural-looking rosy areola and the appearance of a three-dimensional nipple on reconstructed breasts. We find great pleasure in our patients’ delight at the natural and beautiful appearance of their new breasts.