Boomer Men Are Using Brotox, Permanent Brows to Get Ahead at Work

They may be embarrassed about admitting it, cheap ampoule but baby boomer men are lining up for Botox and other cosmetic procedures that make them look younger. Botox has become so popular with men that it’s being marketed as \”Brotox\” to increase its masculine appeal. In just one year, see buy male demand for Botox and other dermal fillers has increased 6%; and cosmetic procedures for men have risen 22% over the past decade, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.\n\nEver since the metrosexual movement, men have been more attuned to their appearance. But experts say interest in age-erasing cosmetic procedures is driven by competition in the workplace. It takes people 55 and older nearly twice as long as younger workers to find employment, according to AARP.\n

\”Appearance matters in a job search,\” John Challenger of global outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas told

\nWith their careers on the line, boomer men are undergoing minimally invasive Botox and filler treatments to banish age-defining lines and wrinkles. What men may not realize is that Botox alone may not be enough to give them the youthful appearance they seek. Poorly defined eyebrows, brows that have become sparse with age and graying brows add years to a man’s face. Permanent eyebrows for men can redefine brows, giving them the thick, dark, lush, commanding look of youth and giving you a competitive edge in the work place.

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