Men Turn to Permanent Makeup to Regain Competitive Edge in Workplace

\n\nIf you’ve reached middle age, advice check you know how much harder it is to keep your competitive edge in the work place. Workers in their 40s and 50s used to be considered at the top of their game and were in high demand for their knowledge and experience, store prostate but that changed with the Great Recession. “Older workers” – which (surprise!) are now defined as anyone age 40 and older — are struggling to compete against up-and-coming younger colleagues and keep their jobs. And if you’re past 40 and do get laid off, you will probably spend twice as long hunting for a new job as your younger 30-something colleagues.\n\nThere is Subtle Workplace Youth Bias\n\nThe workplace bias toward youth hardly seems fair, especially coming as it does at a time when the population is aging, life expectancies are increasing and more people would like to keep working longer. To maintain their competitive edge in the work place, men in their 40s and 50s are finding that maintaining a youthful appearance has become as critical a “job skill” as keeping up with new technology.\n\nStart Doing Image Management\n\nIt’s no coincidence that skin care and makeup products for men are big business today. The advantage of a youthful appearance hasn’t been lost on savvy businessmen. In pursuit of a fitter, more youthful image, more men are getting hair transplants, dying their hair, watching their weight, hitting the gym, and stopping by the plastic surgeon to banish wrinkles with Botox or slim down with liposuction. At the Whitney Center, we are also seeing more New York City and New Jersey men seeking cosmetic enhancements and medical tattooing to improve or rejuvenate their appearance.\n\nGet a Younger Looking You!\n\nSmall adjustments in appearance can often have a significant impact.\n\nHere are just a few of the services popular with our male clients:\n\n• Improve the appearance and shape of eyebrows, making them look fuller, darker and more youthful.\n\n• Rejuvenate lip appearance by giving lips the dark, full appearance of youth.\n\n• Camouflage hair transplant scars.\n\n• Fill in thinning scalps or improve beard appearance with our hair-stroke tattoo technique.\n\nWith some help from our Whitney Center experts, you can look younger. Visit our special site for men to find out how permanent makeup for men can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed!

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