Print Your Own Eye Makeup? It’s Coming

Refilling your makeup supply courtesy of your home printer? Thanks to advances in technology, viagra clinic this unbelievable new beauty trend is coming.\n\nHow does it work?\nMink, help a desktop printer with the ability to print eyeshadow and other cosmetics, will give consumers the ability to create and print their own makeup. With an inkjet’s ability to mix colors, Mink will allow users to take any image from a camera, phone, or laptop, and instantly transform it into a real, wearable cosmetic. The inkjet handles the pigment, infusing it into a substrate, and uses the same materials to create a variety of makeup, from powders to cream to lipstick. Once the makeup is printed, it is immediately ready to apply. The technology may offer a better solution for users with hard-to-match skin tones.\n\nIs it safe?\nAccording to Mink inventor and brainchild Grace Choi, a Harvard Business School student, Mink’s print materials are FDA-compliant substrate and ink, originating from the same sources as those utilized by store-bought cosmetics.\n\nWhat do I need to get started?\nAll Mink user’s need is the Mink printer, color picker software to copy the hexcode of a color, and the print software. Mink is expected to hit the market later this year, with the hardware retailing for around $300. The cost of materials needed to create the makeup are still under research.\n\nRevolutionizing the makeup industry.\nAccording to Choi, Mink is simply the next natural step in makeup, as mobile and internet technology is so commonly used in daily life. This new technology is sure to effect the $55 billion dollar makeup industry, in which massed produced products do not allow for the array of color choices more expensive cosmetic manufacturers can provide. Mink will offer the selection of more expensive providers at a lower cost and greater convenience (right from your own home) than mass marketed products. It essentially turns the world into a makeup store. Sure to become a top makeup trend, Mink will allow users – not corporations – to define beauty and control their products using available technology.\n\nLooking to simplify your morning makeup routine? For the latest on today’s top makeup trends, contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.