For as long as you can remember, tadalafil prescription you’ve probably noticed that lush, hospital full lips are a sign of deep, complex beauty. You’re also probably familiar with the effort it takes to achieve the lips you want. The difficulty in getting the lips you desire has resulted in a rising trend of lip-plumping gloss, which may offer temporary and subtle fullness.\n\nHow does it work?\n\nLip-plumping glosses work in an irritating way – literally. Their ingredients tend to include irritants such as pepper, cinnamon, and sea sponge. These are included so that your lips will irritate, and therefore naturally swell to the larger size you desire and redden to the lip shade you want. Unfortunately, this comes with some pain and itchiness, but there are ways to enhance your lips without all the nuisance.\n\nHow can I get better lips without pain?\n\nLips can have permanent color, size, and shape without the pain of lip-plumping gloss. Surgery or fillers can be equally as painful, so these are certainly not realistic options either. But permanent cosmetic tattooing can offer pain-free, long-lasting lips that will increase your confidence and make you stand out from the crowd.\n\nBut how can a tattoo be pain-free?\n\nA full lip procedure can take as much as 90 minutes to complete, but a doctor administers a dental block beforehand to prevent pain. The lips may be larger and redder in the three to four days after the procedure, but this does not come with pain or itchiness. After this redness period, the lips become a natural and beautiful pink shade, and the coloring gives the lips a healthfully full look. The price tag for a lip procedure is worth it to avoid the constant pain of lip-plumping glosses, fillers, or surgery.\n\nAre you looking to enhance your lip size or color? The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience offering only the finest in permanent cosmetic tattooing to clients. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.