The best way to know if you messed up a bit somewhere along the way in your makeup routine is for someone to tell you so honestly. It’s even better if you hear this from a cosmetic professional, illness site since they’re so experienced with makeup that they can see mistakes more precisely than the average person. They can also guide you on how to approach makeup differently in great detail and without coming off rude, stuff since this is their career. Recently, treatment makeup artists have identified some common mistakes they see women make.\n\nOn the eyes\n\nEye makeup can bring out hidden beauty in your eyes, but being impatient with mascara can ruin its great effects. Some women don’t let mascara dry before cleaning the excess, even though this takes merely seconds, which results in a splotchy application. Overuse of eyebrow pencil has also been cited as a common mistake that women make.\n\nOn the whole face\n\nMisusing foundation can prove problematic. Whether it’s simply overusing foundation or matching foundation to your face rather than your neck, slip-ups are common, but easily preventable. The prevalence of makeup charts, which some say are detrimental, have led to more mistakes with foundation. And an increase in flat, lifeless lipstick is only highlighting these increasingly apparent foundation dilemmas.\n\nIn general\n\nMakeup overuse and blind adherence to makeup trends may be the most common error. An easy way to ensure that your makeup gives you a distinct, unique look while preventing overuse or misuse is to invest in permanent makeup, which is more natural and radiant than any topical. Your technician will work with you to customize your makeup, and will commit great time and detail to achieving the exact colors and shapes that best suit your face.\n\nAre you interested in permanent cosmetic tattooing? The Whitney Center’s many years of leadership in this field is of much longer lasting value and quality than any store brand topical. Contact us today to learn how we can bring out the most beautiful you.