A while ago, buy cialis sovaldi The Beauty Brains ( gave a thorough rundown of how many of your favorite beauty products work. In the years since these reports were published, sales site they’ve gone overlooked and unnoticed, yet the information they contain is supremely helpful to any good makeup routine. The Beauty Brains’ overview of mascara is rife with fascinating and important tips.\n\nWhere did mascara come from?\n\nEvidence of mascara’s existence dates all the way back to 4000 BC. Egyptians of the era mixed charcoal with other minerals to form pressed cakes that, when contacted with a wet brush, could be applied to the eyelashes. Eventually, this formula was changed to be a lotion that fits in a tube, and the signature grooved brush for best application entered the beauty market in the 1960s.\n\nHow is it made now?\n\nPigments – which, since they’re used near the eyes, must be natural and inorganic according to the FDA – are combined in an emulsion of oils, waxes, and water. The waxes are particularly important, since using the right waxes ensures that mascara, although waterproof, can still be easily washed off. To form a proper mascara, the waxes are separated from the more water-friendly ingredients, and each is melted separately. Mixing the melted products together and cooling them results in the common mascara.\n\nHow does it work?\n\nWell, this may seem like a stupid question. You might know the answer – you dip the brush in, you put it on your eyelashes, voila. But let’s look a little deeper into why mascara works so well. The first important thing to know is that mascara tubes are built so that excess mascara wipes off the brush as it exits the tube. The next thing to know is that the grooved brush is formulated to deliver exactly the right amount of mascara to each and every one of your hair fibers. The waterproof ingredients mentioned earlier keep mascara from smudging.\n\nAnother way to ensure your eye makeup never appears smudgy or badly applied is to invest in permanent cosmetics. The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience bringing eyes to life forever. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.