A recent New York Post article features the work of The Whitney Center. The piece, prescription ampoule in its exploration of permanent cosmetics, uses our lip enhancement prowess as an example. Here, we offer more details about how we go about permanently coloring and defining lips.\n\n\n\nPainless pleasure\n\nWe use a medical grade topical, so our clients experience little to no pain or discomfort. This is thanks to our use of a traditional coil machine, which uses only one needle. The process is relatively quick too, lasting just an hour and a half, although the follow-up can take another hour.\n\nA follow-up?\n\nUsually, clients are invited back for a follow-up a month after the initial procedure. Furthermore, although full lip color will last many years, even the best-done procedures might need a touch up or refresher five to seven years afterwards. Clients are made aware of this before agreeing to the procedure.\n\nClient openness\n\nWe make sure to tell our clients exactly what to expect when they sign up for the procedure.  Everything from aftercare, both immediately following the procedure and in the long term, is discussed from the start. Being upfront with our clients assures their comfort, an underrated factor in a positive permanent cosmetics experience.\n\nLooking to bring out the most vivid color in your lips, each and every day of your life? Our services may be the right long-term investment for you. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.