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About Us – The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics\n\nThe Permanently Beautiful blog is written by the staff at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics with medical office locations in New York City, sildenafil check New Jersey, best viagra cialis and South Florida. We invite you to visit our website at www.PermanentMkUp.com and subscribe to our quarterly e-newsletter.\n\nDo You Have Questions Or Need To Find Out More Information?\n\nWe make it easy for you to find answers! If you have questions, viagra check out our Frequently Asked Question Page and our Site Map. If you don’t see the information that you need, visit our Contact Page for our phone number and email address or complete our online contact form for prompt attention.\n\nAre You Ready To Schedule Your Appointment?\n\nIt’s easy to get started and get your permanent makeup procedure appointment scheduled. For appointments in NYC, NY, & NJ you can either phone Joan Freedman, our Clinical Director at (551) 804-9245, or complete our online contact form for prompt assistance. For appointments in South Florida, please call Melany Whitney at (561) 417-6400.\n\nWhen scheduling, you will be asked to sign a client agreement and to review our procedure price list for New York or New Jersey depending on the office location that you select. Clients desiring services in Florida will contact Melany Whitney directly at (561) 417-6400.\n\nUpon scheduling your procedure date, you will be asked for a deposit. Your final payment will be due the day of your permanent makeup application.\n\n\”How Does She Look So Beautiful All The Time?\”\n\nWe know that you will love your new permanent look when you work with our nationally recognized expert permanent makeup professional and instructor, Melany Whitney. Her unique skill in applying permanent makeup, years of training, and wonderful artistic touch assure you of results that will guarantee admiring looks from everyone. \”How does she look so beautiful all the time?\” – It can be our secret!

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