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Men Are Using Permanent Cosmetics Too!

Melany Whitney has just returned from an engagement as the guest speaker and on the \”panel of experts\” at the annual Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals Conference in Houston, troche treat Texas. Melany spoke on the topic of \”Cosmetic Tattooing for Men; a Growing Market\”. In her presentation she highlights that men are seeking physical enhancement of eyebrows, viagra buy viagra scar coverage, sick lip correction, and to camouflaging of hair transplant harvest areas. The typical male client has different needs than a woman but both want quality, first-class results that only a top expert, such as Melany, can provide.\n\nPermanent cosmetics are not just \”for women only\” anymore! Check out our gallery on our website created to showcase fabulous results for men who have opted for cosmetic tattooing too.

Melany Whitney – In The News!

Our list of publications and news show interviews is growing! Melany has been quoted in the December 2007 Elle Magazine with a very positive cover editorial story, search diagnosis interviewed online in a highly promoted teleconference, and featured on FOX News, CNN, and NBC Today Show. She has just recently filmed a piece for ABC News. She truly is the \”Voice of Permanent Cosmetics\”.\n\nMelany on ABC Eyewitness News Channel 7\n\nMelany has just completed the filming of an informational piece for ABC Eyewitness News Channel 7 in New York on the use of permanent cosmetics for scar camouflage and what we call paramedical cosmetic tattooing. You can view the video clip on our website in our Press Room.

“Secret” Skin Care Tips For Permanent Cosmetic Wearers

Even the most artfully applied permanent cosmetics require an occasional touch-up to keep you looking your best. The degree of \”permanency\” of permanent cosmetics varies with each individual. Although we call cosmetic tattooing \”permanent\”, viagra doctor it is really classified as \”extended wear\” makeup.\n\nAll good things have a life and permanent cosmetics are no different from any other product. Colors of the permanent cosmetic pigments can fade over time due to many factors, rx sales including over-exposure to the sun, a person’s own body chemistry, and the degree of care taken to maintain your new \”permanent look\”. Any process involving the skin such as facials, peels, or certain medications such as synthroid and cortico steroids can adversely effect permanent cosmetic pigment color integrity over time.\n\nTo maintain your permanent cosmetics, you should be wearing an SPF lotion or cream of at least 15 on your face. When exposed to strong sun, it’s best to use an SPF 30 lotion on your face and brows. Here’s our secret tip: as a quick way to get sun cover-up, try gliding on a quick thin coat of Chapstick Ultra 30+ or Banana Boat stick at SPF 30 on your lips and eyebrows for fast no-mess sun protection.\n\nMany makeup foundation products will contain a degree of sun protection, but when you have \”permanent\” or as we call them \”extended wear\” cosmetics you should be even more careful about sun exposure to help your permanent look last the longest it can.\n\nWhen It’s Time to Renew and Refresh Your Permanent Look\n\nTypically, it may be three to eight years before you begin to notice any fading of your permanent makeup. The permanent cosmetic pigment colors may soften, the lines become less distinct, or the colors may simply fade. The length of time between necessary refreshes is unique to each individual and dependent upon skin condition, sun exposure and body chemistry. Refreshes are usually applied in a single visit and charged at 50% of the total cost of your original two-layer application.\n\nIt’s easy to give yourself an instant \”face lift\” and appear more youthful or to enhance your own natural beauty and achieve facial symmetry by adding to your permanent cosmetics while you’re in for a quick refresh. Our most requested addition is eyeliner and lip liner. Get more personal freedom by adding to your permanent look today!\n\nContact us today to schedule your refresh and we’ll schedule any new procedures you desire the same day as your refresh. Remember with permanent cosmetics, there is virtually no down time so you can look beautiful and refreshed 24/7 immediately!

Welcome to The Center For Permanent Cosmetics Blog

\n\nWe’re so glad you’ve joined the growing list of women and men who understand the ease and benefits that permanent cosmetics can make in their daily lives. We plan on keeping you informed and entertained in every post on this blog.\n\nFor our blog, cialis treat we encourage your participation and welcome your suggestions for future topics. Just drop us a note and let us know what you think or ask us to research and feature a topic that you are interested in learning more about. If you haven’t visited our website lately, drugstore allow me to invite you! We have great new content, tips, photos, an archive of e-newsletters, and a wealth of information on permanent cosmetics and the paramedical use of cosmetic tattooing for men and women.