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Afraid of Botox? Here’s How to Prevent Wrinkles

The idea of taking a needle to your skin tends to be pretty unsettling. When combined with the various rumors about Botox that have floated around the medical and cosmetic communities for ages, store this wrinkle prevention method can sound pretty unappealing. No need to inject anything: fighting wrinkles is as easy as a trip to the makeup aisle.\n\nIs \”preventative Botox\” the solution?\n\nNo.  Preventative Botox is simply a term for getting the injection earlier in your life to avoid wrinkles emerging later. It’s no different than injecting it later in life, ask when wrinkles have naturally formed.  Sometimes, this even has the negative effect of making you look like an artificial, robotic version of yourself.\n\nHow do I do it myself?\n\nIt’s all about understanding what Botox is: a muscle paralyzer, rather than a chemical that interacts directly with skin. This is where moisturizer comes in. \”Preventative moisturizing\” is becoming increasingly more popular among Botox candidates, since all it requires is applying serum, oil, or moisturizer — whichever you’re using at the time — to any lines you notice forming.\n\nIt gets even more natural\n\nMoisturizers tend to be rife with natural ingredients since they sit directly on the skin. It’s important to remember that things as simple as maintaining a vitamin- and mineral-rich diet and lifestyle can counteract wrinkles far in advance. In particular, sun exposure can provide you vital vitamins for skin care — just don’t forget your sunblock!\n\nWhat better way to complement great skin than with a great makeup routine? The Whitney Center‘s permanent cosmetic solutions ensure your makeup will consistently look amazing without constant application. Contact us today to learn how we can take your skin from a 9 to a 10.


These days, look illness companies realize that how you look on camera can be as important as how you look in person. In response to this, store tadalafil more and more makeup products are geared towards being as camera-friendly as possible. For the smartphone generation, medical a new definition of good makeup is possible.\n\nFoundation for phones\n\nCoverGirl has looked towards developing a foundation that best enhances the face under an iPhone camera lens. Oddly enough, the same foundation that brightens a face in person can make it dull and lifeless on camera. Although no product is available on the market yet, product testing using the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 is in progress.\n\nBronzers for pictures\n\nSmashbox is looking into the same issues that CoverGirl is exploring. Testing their new bronzers (and foundations, like CoverGirl) under a variety of different lighting settings, including one that simulates a selfie, the company is developing products that can withstand the forces of pictures. And if skin products aren’t enough, know that Avon is looking into new lipsticks that can address this issue too.\n\nWhat’s the solution?\n\nVolume-heavy products can battle the deadening effects of a picture. Moisturizers in particular are vital to achieving volume in this new generation of makeup products. Of course, these products will work differently for everyone – more customizable, long-term solutions that bring beauty both in person and on camera exist.\n\nPermanent cosmetics is tailored to your face to make sure it looks best in all sorts of light. The Whitney Center is the leading company in this field. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your face bright and fresh both on the screen and in person.


It’s tempting to see yourself as an infallible makeup expert. You might look in the mirror after putting on your makeup and be thrilled with the job you’ve done, prescription troche but what if all your friends think you’ve done yourself a disservice? Take one man’s story as an example: ABC News’ David Muir’s bad makeup may be decreasing the network’s ratings.\n\nThe backstory\n\nApparently, seek buy viagra old habits die hard: in Muir’s previous gig before hosting ABC’s World News Tonight, he applied his own makeup without the help of any experts. It doesn’t seem to have held him back previously, since ABC took him on to host their show; however, now it seems to be costing viewers. Inside sources at the channel blame the loss of ratings to NBC’s news show at the same time on Muir’s bad makeup.\n\nWhat’s so bad?\n\nMuir has been accused of improper foundation use, resulting in an overly bronze look year round. Even after two different makeup artists were assigned to him upon starting at ABC, Muir has supposedly continually attempted to improve on their work. Viewers seem to think he is quite badly ruining their art, though, as the network has seen a significant dip in ratings.\n\nIsn’t this a stretch?\n\nSure it is. Most sources reporting on this news admit that it seems ridiculous that one person’s makeup could so drastically influence something so huge. Regardless, this case serves as an excellent reminder that expertise in beauty comes with time, practice, and patience, so consulting with a professional is always in your best interest.\n\nLooking for makeup help from the very best around? The Whitney Center is a permanent cosmetics agency with outstanding customer service, industry-wide acclaim, and over a decade of invaluable experience. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


\n\nWe’ve said it before, medical patient and we’ll say it again: great skin is the foundation to an excellent beauty routine. Even the best makeup isn’t fully effective unless it’s on or near the best skin you can possibly present. If you’re struggling to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, sales there may be things you can do to help without the aid of any makeup or skin products. Specifically, you are what you eat, and so is your skin.\n\nSugary skin\n\nIt sounds like a good thing, right? Not quite. Extra sugar – and this can be sugar from ice cream or things seemingly more innocuous, like simple carbs in the average slice of bread – stiffens skin in a way that leads to wrinkles. If you do need a good dosage of sugar, try fruit, since the sugars are more complex and often accompany skin-healthy antioxidants.\n\nSea skin\n\nFish live in water, so it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that eating them can keep your skin moist. The omega-3 fatty acids present in fish are responsible for this, and they also work against the breakdown of skin cells. If fish aren’t quite your thing, try walnuts as a nuttier alternative.\n\nMediterranean skin\n\nIf you’re thinking of gorgeous, tan skin right now, your mind is in the right place, but no one is suggesting that you move to Europe and lie on the beach all day long. In fact, this tip is actually directly tied in to the previous fish fact; the Mediterranean diet leans away from simple carbs, dairy products, and meats in favor of fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, fiber-heavy foods, and especially olive oil. The Mediterranean diet preserves the part of your chromosomes that age your skin, so adhering to it will prevent this nicely.\n\nAfter you’ve achieved excellent skin, you can even more deeply customize and enhance your beauty with the art of permanent cosmetics. The Whitney Center is the world leader in this field. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


A while ago, nurse pills The Beauty Brains ( gave a thorough rundown of how many of your favorite beauty products work. In the years since these reports were published, they’ve gone overlooked and unnoticed, yet the information they contain is supremely helpful to any good makeup routine. The Beauty Brains’ overview of lip gloss is rife with fascinating and important tips.\n\nKeep it simple\n\nUnlike eye products, lip glosses don’t mix oil and water, so making them is much easier. They’re mostly oil based, since oils produce a much stronger shine. Often enough, mineral or vegetable oil forms the base of a good lip gloss.\n\nKeep it in place\n\nBut don’t oils just drip and spread everywhere? Not when you add thickener to a lip gloss. Waxes and clays are mixed in with the oil to make it thick enough to stay on your lips without hardening it too much to be easily spread over your lips.\n\nKeep it vivid\n\nMinerals often find themselves in lip gloss to give a bit of color. Interestingly, you might also find artificial sweeteners in your lip gloss – since this is a makeup product that goes near your mouth, it makes sense to flavor it! If you find a really good lip gloss, you might also discover some sunscreen mixed in.\n\nLip gloss is great, but it’s nothing without excellent lip makeup. The Whitney Center is a renowned, long-standing leader in working with women to form permanent lip makeup solutions. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.\n\n 


A while ago, and salve The Beauty Brains ( gave a thorough rundown of how many of your favorite beauty products work. In the years since these reports were published, they’ve gone overlooked and unnoticed, yet the information they contain is supremely helpful to any good makeup routine. The Beauty Brains’ overview of eyeliner is rife with fascinating and important tips.\n\nEvery eyeliner’s basic ingredients\n\nThe standard eyeliner is composed of waxes, oils, spreading agents, water, and emulsifiers. Colorants are also vital to making an eyeliner appealing; among the most common colorants are iron oxides and ultramarine pigments. Keep in mind that colorants used for beauty products pertaining to other body parts may not be safe for the eyes.\n\nThe more complex ingredients: control agents\n\nTo keep eyeliner chemically safe and void of microorganisms, control agents are added. These agents also raise or lower the acidity of eyeliner, and tend to have antioxidant properties as well. So the same things keeping your eyeliner safe might also be good for your general health too!\n\nThe unnecessary ingredients: marketing appeal\n\nThere are often ingredients in eyeliner that serve no purpose, but are included simply so consumers reading the eyeliner’s ingredient list can be impressed. For example, aloe vera is commonly included in eyeliners despite serving no function at all.  This is one way in which traditional makeup differs from permanent cosmetics: permanent makeup is entirely function-based and transparent, whereas consumer makeup may be toying with buyers’ expectations.\n\nLooking for an honest, safe, and life-changing one-stop solution to eyeliner perfection? The Whitney Center is renowned for its permanent cosmetic eyeliner tattooing. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.