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This past Sunday, decease ed we were treated to this year’s Oscars ceremony, featuring all manner of beautiful women strolling down the red carpet. At major events like this, women are often asked about what they’re wearing, but the question that many refrain from asking is, what cosmetic procedures have you undergone to look so stunning? While many people assume plastic surgery is common among Hollywood’s stars, it turns out that today, injectables and lasers are more and more frequently replacing surgery.\n\n\n\nAn injection of beatuy\n\nBotox has been around for quite a while, but the newer approach to injectables has aptly been described as \”mini-Botox.\” Several times a year, the face is injected with a substance that results in an appearance far less harsh and unrealistic looking than Botox gives. This makes the results more easily adjustable for anyone unhappy with them.\n\nLaser therapy\n\nLasers are special since they create beauty by destroying its opposite. These precise lasers can easily target and destroy wrinkles, age spots, and so forth. What’s especially effective about it is that it doesn’t interfere with skin pigment.\n\nSurgery may still be inevitable\n\nEven if you’re on a regimen of injectable and laser touch-ups, surgery may become inevitable down the line. It’s very possible that, eventually, your true age will overtake cosmetics effects in a way that only surgery – a permanent alteration – can counter. But there are other permanent ways to keep your face looking young forever.\n\nSpecifically, making permanent changes to your makeup rather than directly to your skin can keep you looking beautiful forever. The Whitney Center has led the permanent cosmetics field for over a decade and can help you achieve the beautiful look you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to find out how we can perfect your look.

Beard Transplants Are a Hot New Trend with Brooklyn Hipsters

\n\nA hot new trend that first appeared on the streets of Brooklyn is catching the attention of hip male urbanites in other parts of the country. Described as lumberjack-meets-roadie, ed ailment the manly scruff seems to have originated with the up-and-coming 20- and 30-somethings in the flourishing visual art community around Park Slope, pills find Williamsburg and Bushwick. The “hipster beard” has become so popular that it has launched demand for facial hair transplants!\n\nPlastic surgeons in New York City say demand for beard transplants has increased dramatically. The procedure is similar to a hair transplant. Under local anesthetic, hair is removed from the back of the scalp (or sometimes the chest) and transplanted into the beard area. Surgeons say the procedure has a high rate of success, but it takes about a week for signs of the surgery to fade and can take up to 10 months for the beard to grow in.\n\nMedical tattooing offers an effective alternative to hair transplants that provides attractive results you don’t have to wait for. Using a specialized hair stroke technique, Whitney Center medical tattoo experts are able to create the appearance of hair where there is none. The technique can be used to camouflage scars in the beard area, fill in patchy or thin beards and hide bald patches, giving your beard an attractive, even, natural appearance. For many men, medical tattooing offers a faster, more reliable way to get the hipster beard look that women love.\n\nBeard transplants run the gamut from the well beyond 5 o’clock shadow favored by actor Jake Gyllenhaal to George Clooney’s well-groomed chin to the mountain man scraggle favored by the Duck Dynasty gang. Beard transplants seem to appeal most to younger men who have always had a hard time growing facial hair and to men who have a patchy natural beard or scarring in the beard area, sometimes from acne, that interferes with hair growth. Some men in their 40s are also signing up to give themselves a more youthful appearance – and a competitive edge at the office.\n\nSomething to think about if you’re considering a beard transplant or medical tattoo, a British study found that women considered men with light stubble most attractive and available for a relationship while men with full beards were considered older, more masculine and more aggressive. The most requested beard? The Brad Pitt.

Create Your Own Classic Beauty with NYC Permanent Makeup

\n\nMarilyn, generic sovaldi Liz, try Raquel, Bridget, Rita, Greta, Audrey — so familiar are their faces that we know the classic beauties of our time by their first names. But it has always been that way. Throughout history, women of legendary beauty have needed but one name to be recognized. From the assumed perfect beauty of the first woman, Eve, humankind has recognized the allure and power that attend women of exceptional beauty and revered their beauty as the most perfect expression of the female form.\n\nWomen of legendary beauty through the ages\n\nAncient scripture gave us Bath Sheba, mother of King Solomon; the beauteous Esther, Queen of Persia; and the kind-hearted Ruth. Ancient literature is populated by women whose stunning beauty is said to have changed the course of history: Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty; Helen of Troy whose beauty launched a decade-long war; Cleopatra, center of history’s most famous love triangle; and the regal Queen Nefertiti of Egypt. Even the dark Middle Ages were lit by the beauty of Eleanor of Aquitaine; Spain’s Queen Isabella, who launched Columbus’ discovery of the New World; and the long-haired Lady Godiva whose famous beauty was said to have struck men blink when she rode nude through the streets of Coventry!\n\nClassic beauties of the modern era\n\nHollywood brought classic beauty down from Olympus and onto the silver screen, making it accessible. Today, artistically applied New York permanent cosmetics make it possible for every woman to enjoy classic beauty.

Use Oscar Beauty Tips to Look Luminous at Any Big Event

You don’t have to walk the red carpet to look like a star. You can tap the same makeup tips and skin care secrets used by Hollywood stars prepping for Oscar night to look luminous at your next big event. If you want all eyes to be on you at your next board room presentation, prescription viagra sale charity banquet or major social event, ailment look adopt the following Oscar-worthy beauty tips:\n

  • Stay hydrated. As much as 60% of the human body (70% of the brain) is water which makes it vitally important to continually replace lost water volume. Keeping the body well-hydrated plumps the skin and makes it look more luminous. Regular tap water will do the trick, but ZICO Pure Premium coconut water is the current rage in Hollywood. ZICO contains electrolytes and non-acidic potassium which may help keep stomach butterflies under control before big events.
  • \n

  • Boost metabolism. Starting a couple of weeks before a major event, eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of the usual 3. To rev up your metabolism, concentrate food choices on lean proteins, whole grain carbohydrates and a small dose of healthy fats. Increasing your consumption of antioxidant-rich dark-colored fruits and vegetables will help make skin look more luminous.
  • \n

\nVisit our website to find out how permanent makeup can enhance your beauty and make you look red-carpet ready every day!

Paramedical Solutions Help Breast Cancer Survivors Regain Confidence

If you or someone you love has survived breast cancer, no rx sales every day is cause for celebration. Each October, help cialis sale we join together to celebrate the hard-fought victories of America’s 2.7 million breast cancer survivors and support the struggles of those still fighting. During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we recognize how far we’ve come and how much father we have to go in battling a disease that strikes one in eight women and leaves few families unscarred.\n\nFor many breast cancer survivors, the battle scars are not just physical but emotional. The loss of one or both breasts to breast cancer can leave women feeling unfeminine, unattractive, incomplete, even damaged. Breast reconstruction after a mastectomy can recreate the shape of a woman’s breast, but not its natural appearance. For many breast cancer survivors, a lump of tissue without a rosy areola and protruding nipple was not a real breast but a constant reminder of their loss.\n\nIn her many years working with mastectomy patients, it was a desire to help breast cancer survivors overcome that loss of confidence in their personal beauty and femininity that drove Melany Whitney to develop a unique paramedical solution to enhance breast reconstruction. Using her artistry and expertise as a paramedical tattoo expert, Melany is able to create the appearance of a natural-looking areola and the illusion of a three-dimensional nipple, giving reconstructed breasts the natural appearance of a real breast.\n\nVisit our website to learn more about Melany’s areola and nipple restoration procedures.

Celebrity Survivors Help Increase Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink ribbons are vying with orange pumpkins for attention this month. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Designers are offering pink versions of favorite products. Pink ribbons decorate grocery store shelves. Brigades of pink-shirted supporters are walking in cities across the country. And celebrities who have survived their own battle with breast cancer are standing up to support their sisters and help raise awareness.\n\nFor 25 years, ask here breast cancer survivors and their loved ones have been working to raise women’s consciousness about a disease that strikes one in eight women, medicine is the second most common cancer among U.S. women, and is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. While the fight continues, increased awareness, promotion of self-exams and mammograms, and early treatment have considerably improved outcomes for breast cancer patients. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer fatalities in the U.S. have decreased 34% over the past decade, a symbol of hope for the 200,000 women newly diagnosed with breast cancer last year.\n\nAs last month’s Stand Up to Cancer telethon showed, many celebrities have chosen to stand on the front lines of the battle against cancer, sharing stories of their own struggles against this disease. The Huffington Post recently profiled 15 celebrities who are fighting or have survived cancer, including:\n

  • Actress Kathy Bates who underwent a double mastectomy.
  • \n

  • Popular children’s author Judy Blume who is fighting ductal carcinoma.
  • \n

  • Ann Romney, wife of the presidential candidate, who is a breast cancer survivor.
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\nTo be continued