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Paramedical Tattoos For Drug Delivery

By now, cialis sales the benefits of permanent cosmetic tattooing to camouflage scars, recipe reconstruct areolas post-mastectomy, and disguise hair loss are well-documented. A newer intersection of technology, medicine, and tattooing is emerging now as well. Scientists have developed temporary tattoos that can deliver drugs, a revolutionary new approach.\n\nWhy? \n\nWith so many drug delivery methods already invented and widely practiced, why is a new one necessary? The advantage of tattoo delivery is that, by lying on the skin, the tattoo is naturally able to expose the body to the drug for a longer period. This solution is particularly effective for fighting chronic conditions such as Crohn’s disease or multiple sclerosis.\n\nHow?\n\nIncluded in the pigment of these temporary tattoos are nanoparticles. Smaller than even the tiniest of particles that comprise most beauty products, these nanoparticles are able to far more selectively battle disease- and disorder-causing agents. This, in turn, prevents the immune system from attacking the patient, as can happen with chronic diseases.\n\nIs this really temporary?\n\nYes and no. Although the tattoo itself fades, a mark is left where the drugs are placed. However, the field of permanent cosmetic tattooing and pigment implantation is so diverse that there are easy solutions to this problem.\n\nPermanent cosmetics can combat problems both beauty-related and medical. The Whitney Center has expertly led the field of permanent cosmetics and its paramedical applications for over a decade. Contact us today to learn how we can revolutionize your look and, more importantly, your life.


Microblading is a rising cosmetic trend that has many people feeling confused. What exactly is this new technique, pills and where are blades involved? We’ll answer the basics in this post.\n\n\n\nSo what is microblading exactly?\n\nMicroblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that uses a number of small needles on a handle to draw in permanent lines that appear like eyebrow hairs, buy cialis but are actually just pigment. No blades are involved — anything capable of creating deep cuts in the skin, such as a scalpel, should absolutely not be involved. The small tool used should be entirely sterile and disposable, just like with standard tattoo materials.\n\nHow permanent is it?\n\nMicroblading tattoos last roughly one year, since less pigment is injected into the skin than with traditional cosmetic tattooing approaches. The more established approaches use a coil/rotary machine, a tool that offers results lasting several years. Microblading is a valid short-term solution to problems that established cosmetic tattooing techniques address for longer periods of time, which is why microblading is cheaper.\n\nIs it a more easily applied technique?\n\nNot necessarily. Even though microblading occurs on a smaller scale, its precision and craft require just as much skill and training as any notable permanent cosmetic technique. Adequacy in this field comes with experience that can’t just be taught.\n\nThe Whitney Center is proud to announce our expansion into microblading! Our permanent cosmetics expert Mandy Sauler, who has over 20 years of experience and is board certified by both The American Academy of Micropigmentation and the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals, will begin offering the procedure in our New York office soon. Contact us today to make the first steps in booking an appointment.


This past Sunday, decease ed we were treated to this year’s Oscars ceremony, featuring all manner of beautiful women strolling down the red carpet. At major events like this, women are often asked about what they’re wearing, but the question that many refrain from asking is, what cosmetic procedures have you undergone to look so stunning? While many people assume plastic surgery is common among Hollywood’s stars, it turns out that today, injectables and lasers are more and more frequently replacing surgery.\n\n\n\nAn injection of beatuy\n\nBotox has been around for quite a while, but the newer approach to injectables has aptly been described as \”mini-Botox.\” Several times a year, the face is injected with a substance that results in an appearance far less harsh and unrealistic looking than Botox gives. This makes the results more easily adjustable for anyone unhappy with them.\n\nLaser therapy\n\nLasers are special since they create beauty by destroying its opposite. These precise lasers can easily target and destroy wrinkles, age spots, and so forth. What’s especially effective about it is that it doesn’t interfere with skin pigment.\n\nSurgery may still be inevitable\n\nEven if you’re on a regimen of injectable and laser touch-ups, surgery may become inevitable down the line. It’s very possible that, eventually, your true age will overtake cosmetics effects in a way that only surgery – a permanent alteration – can counter. But there are other permanent ways to keep your face looking young forever.\n\nSpecifically, making permanent changes to your makeup rather than directly to your skin can keep you looking beautiful forever. The Whitney Center has led the permanent cosmetics field for over a decade and can help you achieve the beautiful look you’ve always wanted. Contact us today to find out how we can perfect your look.


A while ago, there recipe The Beauty Brains ( gave a thorough rundown of how many of your favorite beauty products work. In the years since these reports were published, sick they’ve gone overlooked and unnoticed, clinic yet the information they contain is supremely helpful to any good makeup routine. The Beauty Brains’ overview of skin lotion is rife with fascinating and important tips.\n\nWhat it’s made of\n\nAlthough lotion is very oily, it is water-based. That’s not say it doesn’t contain oils; rather, it contains ingredients that blend the oils together so that they can dissolve in the water. Other chemicals in lotion keep it thick so that it can be easily spread over the skin, and an entirely different group of materials prevents microorganisms from growing in the lotion.\n\nWhy it’s necessary\n\nOne of skin’s more overlooked functions is its regulation of your body’s water content. Aside from drinking lots of water, the other major factor in how hydrated you are is your skin’s ability to properly maintain your water levels. Irritated, itchy skin often results when dry, cold winter air draws your body water to the surface of your skin. This water evaporates, resulting in the cracked skin that lotion exists to remedy.\n\nHow it works\n\nLotion forms a moisture-trapping layer on top of the skin, preventing it from cracking and drying. But it gets better: the same moisture-trapping layer attracts water from the air, moisturizing your skin at the same time as it prevents your skin from drying in the first place. Of course, like any skin product, it needs to be reapplied after a while – as skin cells die and flake off, the lotion goes with them.\n\nLotion is great for maintaining your skin, but why not make your face shine permanently? The Whitney Center is an expert in full face permanent makeup procedures. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


A while ago, and salve The Beauty Brains ( gave a thorough rundown of how many of your favorite beauty products work. In the years since these reports were published, they’ve gone overlooked and unnoticed, yet the information they contain is supremely helpful to any good makeup routine. The Beauty Brains’ overview of eyeliner is rife with fascinating and important tips.\n\nEvery eyeliner’s basic ingredients\n\nThe standard eyeliner is composed of waxes, oils, spreading agents, water, and emulsifiers. Colorants are also vital to making an eyeliner appealing; among the most common colorants are iron oxides and ultramarine pigments. Keep in mind that colorants used for beauty products pertaining to other body parts may not be safe for the eyes.\n\nThe more complex ingredients: control agents\n\nTo keep eyeliner chemically safe and void of microorganisms, control agents are added. These agents also raise or lower the acidity of eyeliner, and tend to have antioxidant properties as well. So the same things keeping your eyeliner safe might also be good for your general health too!\n\nThe unnecessary ingredients: marketing appeal\n\nThere are often ingredients in eyeliner that serve no purpose, but are included simply so consumers reading the eyeliner’s ingredient list can be impressed. For example, aloe vera is commonly included in eyeliners despite serving no function at all.  This is one way in which traditional makeup differs from permanent cosmetics: permanent makeup is entirely function-based and transparent, whereas consumer makeup may be toying with buyers’ expectations.\n\nLooking for an honest, safe, and life-changing one-stop solution to eyeliner perfection? The Whitney Center is renowned for its permanent cosmetic eyeliner tattooing. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


Ever wondered if you can get creative with any household items to help in your makeup routine? Turns out Vaseline can save you time and enhance makeup’s effects. It’s a cheap product to enhance the results of an expensive makeup set.\n\nFor the eyes\n\nIn this case, here ampoule Vaseline can sometimes replace your beauty routine rather than supplementing it. Applying a thin but noticeable layer of Vaseline onto your eyelashes can make them stand out from your face even more, pharm and possibly help them grow faster too. Vaseline interacts well with eyelashes in general: swabbing your eyelashes and the nearby eyelid area with a bit of Vaseline before removing fake lashes prevents irritation or skin damage.\n\nFor the lips\n\nIt’s well established that Vaseline is a suitable alternative to chap sticks. For dry lips, applying Vaseline can be a lifesaver. The same goes for cracked and irritated skin – Vaseline’s replenishing qualities can be a godsend.\n\nFor the whole face\n\nA quick application of a bit of Vaseline to the cheekbones can brighten your face and make you look younger than even the most renowned makeup products can. You can also use Vaseline to speed the healing process of new tattoos, including permanent cosmetic tattoos. Whether in combination with traditional makeup or permanent makeup, Vaseline is an underrated beauty product.\n\nAre you considering permanent cosmetics? The Whitney Center is respected as a leader in this field.  Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.