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Toss Those Germy Cosmetics; Switch to Permanent Makeup

Does your purse come with a haz-mat warning? Maybe it should because lurking in the depths of the cosmetics bag you tucked inside your purse this morning are apt to be pots and tubes of hazardous chemicals. Disguised as ordinary makeup, tadalafil viagra those tubes of mascara, order clinic pots of lip gloss and bottles of foundation that have been rolling around the bottom of your purse for ages are most likely packed with nasty colonies of vile bacteria.\n\nOut-of-date or improperly stored makeup can go bad just like a bottle of milk left on a sunny kitchen counter. If you’re like most women, you probably have shelves full of makeup you haven’t used in months, maybe years. To be totally honest, most of us still have a few holdovers from our high school or college days! But hanging onto those youthful memories simply isn’t healthy. Over time, makeup can become infested with bacteria and natural ingredients can break down and spoil.\n\nIt’s the double-dip principle in action. Every time you touch your makeup with your fingers to apply it, you transport bacteria from your fingers and skin to the bottle. Stuffed in the hot, dark confines of your purse or left on the counter in your warm, moist bathroom, those bacteria start to grow and multiply. The next time you apply mascara or foundation, you transfer those bacteria to your face or eyes.\n\nThe best solution is to wear permanent makeup which carries no bacterial risk because it never has to be reapplied!\n\nNext time: When to throw out makeup

Cosmetic Allergies

With the millions of cosmetic choices that are available to women, patient site it is not uncommon for women to have a makeup bag filled with a variety of eyeliners, mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks, and glosses.  Cosmetics are meant to make women feel more beautiful yet in some cases they cause problems with your skin.\n\nThere are two different types of reactions that can occur to cosmetics.  “Irritant contact dermatitis” can occur at any time when harsh substance damages the skin.  Women will experience a red rash, scaly skin, itchy skin, and even blisters.  “Allergic contact dermatitis” occurs when a person is allergic to specific ingredients in a product that is used on the skin.  People may experience itching, swelling, redness, raw skin, and hives.  With cosmetic allergies, reactions can occur anywhere on the body.\n\nYou can avoid painful and irritating skin reactions, and enhance your natural beauty with NYC permanent makeup at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.  Red, itchy eyes can be a thing of the past as pigment is permanently implanted under the skin to create a natural look. Lips, eyes, and eyebrows can look fabulous at all hours of the day or night when you have permanent makeup at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.\n\nBe sure to stop by our website to check out pictures of some of the ladies who have chosen full face permanent makeup.

Permanent Eyebrows Bring A Lifetime Of Smiles

It’s no secret, recipe pills women everywhere want perfect eyebrows.  Whether they are plagued with the dreaded uni-brow, health advice or the lack of eyebrows, the desire to have the perfect eyebrows is universal.  Eyebrows shape the face and add definition.  More importantly, well designed eyebrows show expression and emotion.\n\nWomen who do not have enough hair to create the perfect eyebrows will benefit from having permanent eyebrows applied.  Through our unique techniques, our trained artists will be able to create permanent, natural looking eyebrows where brow hair is sparse or missing altogether. Permanent eyebrows in Boca Raton is achieved as we will perfectly match your hair color and skin tone.  Once the application is complete, you will notice that the color will lighten slightly a few days after the procedure once exfoliation of the eyebrows occurs.\n\nPermanent eyebrows in Boca Raton can be accomplished by visiting The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.  Be sure to stop by our gallery and see the amazing results that can be achieved by using permanent makeup in Florida.  Click on the links to see examples of permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, lip color, and full face permanent makeup.  You’ll be amazed at the before and after pictures.

How Permanent Is Semi-Permanent Make-up?

There are rumors and claims of “semi-permanent” cosmetics and permanent make-up being offered to customers.  Some artists claim that their semi-permanent applications last only six months, viagra canada help while others say that they last for years.  Permanent makeup specialists in NYC know first-hand that these claims are false.\n\nHere are the plain and simple facts…\n\nOnce you place any permanent cosmetic pigments under the skin, it is there for the duration.  permanent cosmetic pigments are permanent, unless you undergo a procedure to have the pigment removed. Some people who sell the semi-permanent service may tell you that the pigment will fade over time.  When the pigment is initially placed under the skin, there is some fading during the healing process, but the pigment will not fade additionally over time.  There are no magical semi-permanent cosmetic pigments that disappear or fade as time goes on.\n\nSome people say that that the permanent cosmetic pigment will eventually wash away.  Not true!  Once the pigment is under your skin, it is there to stay because the pigment is implanted into the second layer of your skin.\n\nPermanent makeup specialists in NYC at The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics will be able to properly apply your true permanent makeup with the skill that only years of training and expertise can lend.  Don’t be fooled by others selling “semi-permanent” make-up.  There is no such thing, unless you want someone to draw with a marker!

Scar Camouflage For Everyone

Most people cannot go through life without having some sort of accident that will result in us receiving a scar or two.  For some, site here the scars that are received are life altering.  Scars can make a person feel self-conscience about how they look and can ultimately lower a person’s self-esteem.\n\nThe good news is that no matter if the scars you received are due to an illness or an injury, tadalafil store the look of most types of scars can be improved by our skilled technicians who are trained in scar camouflage in Boca Raton, Florida.\n\nIn most cases, the look of disfiguring scars can be minimized to help improve your appearance and quality of life.  Through our expertise, we are able to carefully blend and match flesh tone pigments to the surrounding skin so that we can camouflage the scar and create the illusion of near perfect skin.\n\nThe Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics specializes in scar camouflage procedures.  By implanting permanent makeup under the skin, our Board Certified and nationally recognized experts, will be able to camouflage scar tissue, break up the look of scar tissue, and give your skin a more natural skin tone.\n\nIf you are ready to say good-bye to unsightly scars and improve the look of your skin, contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics in Boca Raton, Florida.

Make Your Eyes Pop With NYC Permanent Eyebrow Enhancement

It has been said that “the eyes are the windows to the soul.”  Our eyes tell the story of how we are feeling.  Happiness, prostate seek cheap sadness, malady pleasure, find and pain, are all feelings that are exhibited through the expressions in our eyes.\n\nFor thousands of years women have been enhancing their eyes with products that barely resemble today’s modern day make-up, but had the same beautifying effect.  There are many make-up tricks to make your eyes more expressive, but thin or non-existent eyebrows can leave your eyes lacking expression.\n\nNo longer does anyone need to worry about the lack of eyebrows.  To augment their natural beauty, many Asian women are turning to a NYC permanent eyebrow Asian specialist for permanent eyebrow enhancement.  Permanent eyebrow make-up is permanent eyebrow tattooing.  Our technicians will be able to create the warm brown colored eyebrows you desire that are shaped to perfection, and you’ll be able to see the incredible results immediately.  This amazing procedure will bring out a person’s natural beauty as it enhances facial definition.\n\nPermanently enhancing the look of your eyes is a specialized skill that requires a steady hand and a well-trained eye.  A NYC permanent eyebrow Asian specialist will be able to make you look and feel radiant every day of the week.  Are you ready to show off your dynamic personality?  Contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics today!