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It turns out flashy bangs don’t have to be just a stylistic choice. You can also use bangs to your advantage in ways that extend beyond your hair looks. Read on to find out why it might be time to hop on the bandwagon of this eternal trend.\n\n\n\nSmall effort, mind big change\n\nAll it takes is cutting some shorter pieces of hair around your face to feel like you’ve truly replenished your look. Rather than drastically altering the length of your hair, unhealthy give your front side a bit of a trim and you might find new things to love in that face of yours. Amazing how such a small change can feel so big.\n\nLook younger\n\nBangs will almost certainly make you look younger. They can hide those pesky lines and wrinkles at the top of your forehead, and are naturally linked to eyes that pop more strongly and cheekbones that seem more lifted from your face. Various other subtle visual effects are also commonly associated with bangs.\n\nPlay around\n\nYou can mess with the length of your bangs to accentuate certain pats of your face. Cutting them to just above eyebrow height will emphasize your eyebrows, and cutting them to just below this can bring out the best in your lips. You could say that bangs can do the job of makeup if you play around with them properly.\n\nAn easy way to ensure the best look for your eyes and lips is to get permanent cosmetics. The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience providing permanent makeup procedures to incredibly satisfied clients and the acclaim of the medical community. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


The title of this post is a bit misleading. You might think it’ll tell you how the recent wave of anti-aging hair products work their magic, physician but rather, it’ll tell you that these products have no magic. Here, we outline why these products are all hype with no substance, and what other things you can do to stay looking young.\n\n\n\nTo be clear: they’re great\n\nThese anti-aging hair products tend to be stronger versions of their non-anti-aging counterparts, but not because they prevent your hair from aging. Exactly the opposite, they simply make your hair look newer and replenished more remarkably than most competitors. But they do absolutely nothing to slow the aging of hair.\n\nWhy do they say they do, then?\n\nIt’s all marketing. There’s no known biological \”cure\” for gray hair; pigment loss is a natural part of growing older. But just as dying your hair isn’t an actual treatment for aging hair, neither are anti-aging hair products. They simply give the illusion of young hair.\n\nHow can I stay looking young instead?\n\nTry things that are long-lasting. Of course, hair dye is a valid solution, as is straightening your hair or volumizing it. But what if you’re able to make your hair look fresher by enhancing other parts of your face? Consider stronger eyebrows or lips to make your hair pop.\n\nThe Whitney Center specializes in permanent lip and eyebrow cosmetic tattooing, including the microblading procedure that we’ll soon offer in our New York office. Contact us now to learn what our decade-plus of experience can offer you.


We’re all accustomed to the good old flat iron to straighten curly or wavy hair. But what if there were other ways to achieve straight hair without that classic burnt smell lingering afterwards? Turns out there just might be.\n\n\n\nLiquid straighteners\n\nHairdressings, check store silicone creams, view order styling products: these are all liquid solutions to your straightening problem. Coating your hair with silicone creams prevents your hair from curling when it’s dry, diagnosis and styling products like hairspray and mousse do this too. Silicone cream is more commonly effective despite the greasy look it gives, and styling products take some skill to apply and can make your hair feel and look unnatural. But both wash out of your hair super easily.\n\nBrush and dry\n\nThis one takes a bit more skill, but it’s simple once you’ve mastered it. While brushing your hair, simply hold the brush with your hair in it, and blow it dry. It’ll hold this straightened look after it dries, but it can frizz out super easily and fail completely for the curliest of heads.\n\nProfessional straightening\n\nA beauty professional can apply chemicals to your hair that induce long-lasting effects. Brazilian and Japanese hair straightening, as well as relaxers, achieve this, but damage the hair quite strongly. There can also be a nasty after-scent if it’s not done well.\n\nThe first step to gorgeous hair is a gorgeous face. The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience leading the permanent cosmetics industry in blessing women with the makeup and beauty needs they seek. Contact us today to discuss how we can make you the best you you can be.


It sounds impossible. Tattoos for hair? Aren’t tattoos made for the skin? Turns out a new fad has women applying temporary \”tattoos\” to their hair for an inexpensive and quick hair flair.\n\nOkay, viagra no rx so they’re not really tattoos\n\nInstead, generic they’re metallic designs that can be applied to your hair (or skin, cialis sale of course) just as easily as they can be removed. One caveat is that these products only work on straight hair, but that’s just another excuse to break out the straightener again. Once your hair is straight, you can go from there.\n\nHow do you apply them?\n\nWe’ve all applied temporary tattoos to ourselves, or maybe even someone else – this is a similar idea. Very simply place the tattoo wherever on your hair you’re looking for it to stay, and then apply pressure with a warm, damp towel. It’ll stay in place until the next time you wash or brush your hair.\n\nWhere can I find them?\n\nThis is a really new fad, so finding these products won’t exactly be easy. At the moment, only Ulta carries them, but the good news is that they’re super cheap! It’s only about five dollars to get a whole pack of these right now. With the trend quickly rising, prices are sure to go up soon – get them while they’re hot!\n\nLooking for a different kind of hair tattoo, one that can permanently restore the hair loss associated with alopecia or trichotillomania? The Whitney Center offers solutions for sufferers of both these conditions. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


You may have heard of cooking with sunflower oil, discount cialis sale but you might not know that you can also use it to very positive effect on your skin. Keeping your skin moist and replenished is not only the first step to being as beautiful as you can be, cure but it also prevents skin diseases as varied as acne and cancer. Read more here about some ways that sunflower oil can make you more beautiful in the present while fighting disease in the future.\n\nSunflower oil for your face\n\nSunflower oil is ripe with antioxidants, so applying it directly to your face helps fight wrinkles. For this same reason, it can help new skin cells replace old ones while also keeping away the bacteria that cause acne. It can also be combined with Greek yogurt and lemon juice to form a cleansing skin mask, one that can bring ordinary skin to life with a deeper complexion and a cure for irritation.\n\nSunflower oil for your longevity\n\nSunflower oil works excellently to prevent sunburn from the sun’s harmful UV rays. But it should not replace sunblock – instead, including sunflower oil in your meals trains the body to strengthen its response against UV rays, reducing your chance of sunburn and helping to prevent skin cancer. Sunflower oil also may help in treating the symptoms of alopecia areata.\n\nImportant skin health tips\n\nWhile discussing skin, it becomes important to mention the ABCDE rule for detecting melanomas. This rule outlines how to distinguish a benign mole from a potentially cancerous one. With the proper use of sunflower oil, the chances of mole formation decreases significantly, but the rule is vital to know in the event of sun damage no matter what.\n\nGood skin is the first step towards looking beautiful and healthy, but The Whitney Center can do even more for you. We have over a decade of practice and acclaim applying permanent makeup to eager clients. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

NYC Permanent Makup Tips: Five Things to Know About Trichotillomania

\n\nThe compulsive hair pulling of trichotillomania can really take over your life. Self-esteem issues resulting from the hair pulling disorder can really put a hamper on your beauty routine, pharm treatment making you feel that even the best NYC makeup tips won’t be enough. What’s a girl who wants to look and feel better about herself to do?\n\nLove yourself, nurse ambulance and get to know your disorder:\n\n1. You are not alone.\nTrichotillomania effects both men and women, starting at any age, from infancy to adolescence, with the pulling of hair from the scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, or pubic area.\n\n2. Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder.\nEffected individuals cannot resist the temptation to pull, growing increasingly tense and experiencing feelings of pleasure on completion, followed commonly by guilt or embarrassment at the act.\n\n3. Anxiety can worsen symptoms.\nThis includes both good and bad stressors – financial issues, relationship problems, buying a home, or planning a vacation can all result in increased pulling which is often worse during downtimes such as watching TV, sitting at the computer, or reading a book.\n\n4. There is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment.\nEach individual’s circumstances and medical history determine the most effective forms of treatment, which may involve education, medication, and behavioral therapy. Underlying skin conditions must also be ruled out.\n\n5. There are ways to regain your confidence.\nThe best NYC makeup tips for those suffering from trichotillomania often include hats, hair pieces, and wigs, however camouflaging with permanent makeup can offer a more comfortable, permanent solution.\n\nLooking for the latest in NYC makeup tips to keep you looking your best? If you’re suffering from trichotillomania, The Whitney Center has you covered. Contact us today.