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It sounds impossible. Tattoos for hair? Aren’t tattoos made for the skin? Turns out a new fad has women applying temporary \”tattoos\” to their hair for an inexpensive and quick hair flair.\n\nOkay, viagra no rx so they’re not really tattoos\n\nInstead, generic they’re metallic designs that can be applied to your hair (or skin, cialis sale of course) just as easily as they can be removed. One caveat is that these products only work on straight hair, but that’s just another excuse to break out the straightener again. Once your hair is straight, you can go from there.\n\nHow do you apply them?\n\nWe’ve all applied temporary tattoos to ourselves, or maybe even someone else – this is a similar idea. Very simply place the tattoo wherever on your hair you’re looking for it to stay, and then apply pressure with a warm, damp towel. It’ll stay in place until the next time you wash or brush your hair.\n\nWhere can I find them?\n\nThis is a really new fad, so finding these products won’t exactly be easy. At the moment, only Ulta carries them, but the good news is that they’re super cheap! It’s only about five dollars to get a whole pack of these right now. With the trend quickly rising, prices are sure to go up soon – get them while they’re hot!\n\nLooking for a different kind of hair tattoo, one that can permanently restore the hair loss associated with alopecia or trichotillomania? The Whitney Center offers solutions for sufferers of both these conditions. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


It’s easy to forget that permanent cosmetics isn’t entirely a gendered field. Men’s medical problems can sometimes have a permanent cosmetic solution. Quite notably, sildenafil discount micropigmentation – a form of permanent cosmetics – is on the rise for men who wish to turn their baldness into a closely shaved look.\n\n\n\nHow does it work?\n\nThe process is quite tedious. A small three-point needle implants pigment directly into the scalp. Where this gets to be lengthy and tiring is that incredibly tiny dots are tattooed across the entire bald head, no rx and must be spaced exactly to properly replicate a real shaved head.\n\nWhy choose it over hair transplants?\n\nYou might be thinking: \”why not just get hair transplants and have the illusion of a full head of hair?\” Consider how much less invasive micropigmentation is: there’s no surgery involved, buy cialis and pain isn’t in the equation either. It’s also thousands – or even tens of thousands – of dollars cheaper.\n\nHow bald do you have to be?\n\nTurns out this procedure is feasible for both men entering the balding stages and men who have gone completely bald. More than that, it offers a follow-up for men who have already had hair transplants. If the scars from this procedure are aesthetically unpleasing, the same techniques used in micropigmentation can be used to camouflage these scars.\n\nThe Whitney Center has tons of experiencing camouflaging the scars that hair transplant surgeries leave behind. Contact us today to learn how we can hide your scars forever.


Trichotillomania may have a long-winded, cialis salve seemingly complex name, rx buy cialis but its meaning is quite simple. The word describes an anxiety that results in the chronic pulling of hair, follicles and all. Trich (pronounced \”trick,\” this is what those who have it often call it) can result in bald spots and permanent hair loss, but with a few million people going through it yearly, ways to fight it have been developed.\n\n\n\nHair powder to cover up bald spots\n\nIf your hair is long enough, you can cover bald spots with it, but what if you’re worried about some sort of sudden exposure? If you can find a spray version of the powders that dye the roots of hair, then this can be applied to any bald spots you develop. Just spray it where desired from a decent distance and voila!\n\nKeep your hands occupied\n\nHow can you pull your hair out if your hands are busy with other things? Better yet, what if you just can’t use your hands at all? Painting your nails renders your hands essentially useless until they dry, so doing this or keeping your fingers otherwise distracted can help you forget about your hair.\n\nKeep your fingers covered up\n\nSomething as simple as a glove can prevent the tactile feeling of having hair in your hands, which is surprisingly effective at combating trich. Another method is to tape band-aids to your finger tips to make sure that these important tactile receptors feel nothing. But this can look pretty weird – what if you want a more long-term solution to combating trich?\n\nThe Whitney Center is a field leader in implementing permanent cosmetic solutions for trichotillomania sufferers. We can tattoo in permanent eyebrows, enhance your lashes, or camouflage bald spots on your head. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you combat trich.


Alopecia is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune systems treats hair-forming cells as threats and therefore destroys them, medicine look resulting in hair loss. It can be limited to one small area of the body, viagra usa view or it can result in no hair existing anywhere on a person. It is in no way a health danger, but it can be life-changing for women in particular.\n\nLiving with alopecia\n\nAlopecia often removes many physical features associated with femininity, particularly a full head of long, thick hair. It can also, in the case of alopecia universalis, remove all hair on the body, including in cosmetically significant areas such as the eyebrows and eyelashes. Women with alopecia may sometimes be confused with other women with alopecia, since some of the facial features that distinguish women from one another may be missing.\n\nMore positives than negatives\n\nThose who have alopecia often find that not much other than their physical appearance changes, and that they are not treated too differently than other people are. Any woman who has alopecia and wants to restore her hair has options as well. From the long-standing practice of wearing wigs to the latest trends in permanent cosmetic tattooing, women with alopecia are capable of feeling beautiful both with and without hair.\n\nOptions exist\n\nEyebrow and eyeliner permanent cosmetic tattooing can provide long-term solutions to the need for hair restoration. Both women suffering from localized alopecia and alopecia universalis can benefit from the five to seven years of permanent eyebrows and eyeliner that cosmetic tattooing offers.\n\nDo you know someone suffering from alopecia who might benefit from what permanent cosmetic tattooing can do for them? The Whitney Center‘s permanent cosmetics experts have years of experience providing eyeliner and eyebrows to clients. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


You may have heard of cooking with sunflower oil, discount cialis sale but you might not know that you can also use it to very positive effect on your skin. Keeping your skin moist and replenished is not only the first step to being as beautiful as you can be, cure but it also prevents skin diseases as varied as acne and cancer. Read more here about some ways that sunflower oil can make you more beautiful in the present while fighting disease in the future.\n\nSunflower oil for your face\n\nSunflower oil is ripe with antioxidants, so applying it directly to your face helps fight wrinkles. For this same reason, it can help new skin cells replace old ones while also keeping away the bacteria that cause acne. It can also be combined with Greek yogurt and lemon juice to form a cleansing skin mask, one that can bring ordinary skin to life with a deeper complexion and a cure for irritation.\n\nSunflower oil for your longevity\n\nSunflower oil works excellently to prevent sunburn from the sun’s harmful UV rays. But it should not replace sunblock – instead, including sunflower oil in your meals trains the body to strengthen its response against UV rays, reducing your chance of sunburn and helping to prevent skin cancer. Sunflower oil also may help in treating the symptoms of alopecia areata.\n\nImportant skin health tips\n\nWhile discussing skin, it becomes important to mention the ABCDE rule for detecting melanomas. This rule outlines how to distinguish a benign mole from a potentially cancerous one. With the proper use of sunflower oil, the chances of mole formation decreases significantly, but the rule is vital to know in the event of sun damage no matter what.\n\nGood skin is the first step towards looking beautiful and healthy, but The Whitney Center can do even more for you. We have over a decade of practice and acclaim applying permanent makeup to eager clients. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

NYC Permanent Makup Tips: Five Things to Know About Trichotillomania

\n\nThe compulsive hair pulling of trichotillomania can really take over your life. Self-esteem issues resulting from the hair pulling disorder can really put a hamper on your beauty routine, pharm treatment making you feel that even the best NYC makeup tips won’t be enough. What’s a girl who wants to look and feel better about herself to do?\n\nLove yourself, nurse ambulance and get to know your disorder:\n\n1. You are not alone.\nTrichotillomania effects both men and women, starting at any age, from infancy to adolescence, with the pulling of hair from the scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows, beard, or pubic area.\n\n2. Trichotillomania is an impulse control disorder.\nEffected individuals cannot resist the temptation to pull, growing increasingly tense and experiencing feelings of pleasure on completion, followed commonly by guilt or embarrassment at the act.\n\n3. Anxiety can worsen symptoms.\nThis includes both good and bad stressors – financial issues, relationship problems, buying a home, or planning a vacation can all result in increased pulling which is often worse during downtimes such as watching TV, sitting at the computer, or reading a book.\n\n4. There is no “one-size-fits-all” treatment.\nEach individual’s circumstances and medical history determine the most effective forms of treatment, which may involve education, medication, and behavioral therapy. Underlying skin conditions must also be ruled out.\n\n5. There are ways to regain your confidence.\nThe best NYC makeup tips for those suffering from trichotillomania often include hats, hair pieces, and wigs, however camouflaging with permanent makeup can offer a more comfortable, permanent solution.\n\nLooking for the latest in NYC makeup tips to keep you looking your best? If you’re suffering from trichotillomania, The Whitney Center has you covered. Contact us today.