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NYFW’s Makeup Trends: Eye Gloss

New York Fashion Week wrapped up just about a week ago now. There’s no fashion without makeup, healing and this year’s NYFW brought a new makeup product to attention. Eye gloss was everywhere, but you might not have heard about it, and you certainly wouldn’t have even heard of it before last week.\n\n\n\nWhat is it?\n\nIf the word \”gloss\” instantly brings lips to mind, then you’re probably (understandably) a bit repulsed at the idea of eye gloss. It’s not what you think it is, though: it shines without feeling sticky, gross, or oily, and simply goes over the eyelids in an easy layer.\n\nHow do you use it?\n\nEye gloss is versatile. Try a thin layer of clear gloss on your untouched eyelids for simple beauty.  A more subversively beautiful touch might be to coat black eye shadow with orange gloss; this makes the black appear more relaxed, a natural complement to the skin color. Clear gloss over black or brown eyeliner achieves a similar effect.\n\nWhere can I find it?\n\nAt the moment, not that many places. Some leading brands will sell eye gloss in higher quantities next year in stores. Until then, it might be easier to find online.\n\nWhy scour the world for a new makeup product fad when you can wake up with your ideal face every day? The Whitney Center is a global innovator in the field of permanent cosmetics. We offer eyebrow and eyeliner tattoos that last at least five years before needing thorough touch-ups. Contact us today to make the best long-term investment in your beauty that you can.

The Big New Thing: “Non-touring”

“Non-touring\” is a clever pun, cialis sales one that’s also entirely on point. This big new thing in the makeup world has risen in response to the overly contoured, too-perfect faces seen all around. Despite the prominence of, and high regard for, contouring, non-touring is really catching on right now.\n\n\n\nWhat is it?\n\nNon-touring begins with simply not contouring your face, as you might be tempted to. It’s a very minimal technique that doesn’t require or result in many changes to your natural face. Really, it’s bringing out the best in what’s already there.\n\nHow do I do it?\n\nForget the excessive foundation, blush, and bronzer you’re used to. Find primer, tinted moisturizer, and your favorite highlighter to get started. Let the primer sink into your skin before rubbing in the tinted moisturizer, and then highlight your cheekbones, nose, and brow bones.\n\nThe Whitney Center has long-lasting solutions that offer the glowing beauty of non-touring. We have nearly two decades of leadership in procedures for permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. Contact us today to find out how we can make your makeup pop so strongly you won’t even need to non-tour.


It sounds impossible. Tattoos for hair? Aren’t tattoos made for the skin? Turns out a new fad has women applying temporary \”tattoos\” to their hair for an inexpensive and quick hair flair.\n\nOkay, viagra no rx so they’re not really tattoos\n\nInstead, generic they’re metallic designs that can be applied to your hair (or skin, cialis sale of course) just as easily as they can be removed. One caveat is that these products only work on straight hair, but that’s just another excuse to break out the straightener again. Once your hair is straight, you can go from there.\n\nHow do you apply them?\n\nWe’ve all applied temporary tattoos to ourselves, or maybe even someone else – this is a similar idea. Very simply place the tattoo wherever on your hair you’re looking for it to stay, and then apply pressure with a warm, damp towel. It’ll stay in place until the next time you wash or brush your hair.\n\nWhere can I find them?\n\nThis is a really new fad, so finding these products won’t exactly be easy. At the moment, only Ulta carries them, but the good news is that they’re super cheap! It’s only about five dollars to get a whole pack of these right now. With the trend quickly rising, prices are sure to go up soon – get them while they’re hot!\n\nLooking for a different kind of hair tattoo, one that can permanently restore the hair loss associated with alopecia or trichotillomania? The Whitney Center offers solutions for sufferers of both these conditions. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


These days, look illness companies realize that how you look on camera can be as important as how you look in person. In response to this, store tadalafil more and more makeup products are geared towards being as camera-friendly as possible. For the smartphone generation, medical a new definition of good makeup is possible.\n\nFoundation for phones\n\nCoverGirl has looked towards developing a foundation that best enhances the face under an iPhone camera lens. Oddly enough, the same foundation that brightens a face in person can make it dull and lifeless on camera. Although no product is available on the market yet, product testing using the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 is in progress.\n\nBronzers for pictures\n\nSmashbox is looking into the same issues that CoverGirl is exploring. Testing their new bronzers (and foundations, like CoverGirl) under a variety of different lighting settings, including one that simulates a selfie, the company is developing products that can withstand the forces of pictures. And if skin products aren’t enough, know that Avon is looking into new lipsticks that can address this issue too.\n\nWhat’s the solution?\n\nVolume-heavy products can battle the deadening effects of a picture. Moisturizers in particular are vital to achieving volume in this new generation of makeup products. Of course, these products will work differently for everyone – more customizable, long-term solutions that bring beauty both in person and on camera exist.\n\nPermanent cosmetics is tailored to your face to make sure it looks best in all sorts of light. The Whitney Center is the leading company in this field. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your face bright and fresh both on the screen and in person.


Eye shadow is great, ask tadalafil but have you ever felt that maybe you’d like there to be more colors of it? Fret no more. Although there have been plenty of ways to make eye shadow color work in your favor, for sale Urban Decay is changing the game entirely.\n\n\n\nTwenty colors in one\n\nThis article’s headline isn’t lying. One of their newest products, the Vice4 eyeshadow palette, offers you twenty vivid colors that vary from dark, traditional hues to newer novelties. The two-sided brush that accompanies it gives you many ways to mix and match for the look you best desire.\n\nThe inspiration\n\nA new product like this one often comes from a place of extreme creativity. It turns out that this palette is based on the 20 colors that comprise an oil slick. It’s a clear case of nature inspiring beauty.\n\nThings may vary\n\nOne thing about having all these eye shadow options available to you is that mixing and matching isn’t always a recipe. Some days, you might put more of one shade than another; in other words, it can be difficult to perfect. For anyone looking to settle for the long term on how eye shadow enhances the face, permanent cosmetics may prove a better, more stable investment.\n\nInterested in unlocking the maximum potential that eye shadow might have for your face? The Whitney Center is renowned for its role as a leader in developing permanent cosmetic solutions for clients’ eyes. We provide the definition with permanent eyeliner, allowing you to further enhance your eyes with topical shadow. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


Facial contouring has always been a presence in celebrity beauty, diagnosis viagra but a recent resurgence in this makeup technique has people talking about it more than ever. The appeal of the technique is its simplicity and ease in doing it yourself. Even though it’s pretty easy, pilule there are still some specifics to keep in mind.\n\nDon’t use too much\n\nOne of the best things about facial contouring is that very little makeup is required to achieve the desired effect. Simply choose where you apply your contouring makeup – usually a cream or liquid – carefully and blend it in with your skin and other makeup properly. Layering isn’t required here, healing which is a huge advantage.\n\nUse the right colors\n\nHighlighter, concealer, contouring color, and foundation are all related to each other. Your contouring highlighter should only be a tad lighter than your concealer, and your contouring color should be just a bit darker than your foundation. These color considerations can replenish your face past what a more standard makeup routine can achieve.\n\nWatch your wallet\n\nNo one said contouring products are cheap.  Sticks for contouring tend to be cheaper than creams, liquids, and powders, but they’re still a bit pricey. Although contouring products are long-lasting, the continued price tag may outlast the benefits of a non-permanent makeup technique. Financially, some might say that permanent cosmetic tattooing is a better long term investment. It can achieve the same effect of facial contouring without the daily effort, and save you money in the long run.\n\nAre you looking to bring out the best in your face? The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience in full face procedures. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.