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In good news for breast cancer survivors, look treatment a new survey of women who underwent paramedical tattooing to create nipple-areolas as part of breast reconstruction surgery after mastectomy found a high rate of long-term patient satisfaction. Published in theAnnals of Plastic Surgery, the report demonstrates acceptance by both the medical community and breast cancer patients of nipple-areola tattooing as a viable alternative to additional surgery in breast reconstruction.\n\nSix years following paramedical tattooing, fully 84% of the women surveyed continued to rate their nipple-areola tattoo as satisfactorily pleasing in appearance; and 86% of patients agreed they would again choose a nipple-areola tattoo over other possible breast reconstruction options. Two to six years post surgery, more than half of the women (57%) surveyed reported that their nipple-areola tattoo still looked like a normal areola. Fewer than 3% reported problems with rash or infection post-procedure.\n\nWhile 60% of tattoos in the study were marginally lighter in coloration than the natural areola, only 10% required any touching up to correct for excessive fading. The Whitney Center has developed a procedure that minimizes potential fading of nipple-areola tattoos. By implanting a second layer of pigments six weeks after the initial implantation of permanent cosmetics, we are able to increase color retention and tattoo longevity. We have received no complaints about premature fading from her nipple-areola patients. In fact, our clients have been amazed by the realism and illusion of nipple protrusion achieved by our unique artistry and expert tattooing technique.

Are Medical Tattoos Really Permanent?

Medical or paramedical tattooing is the permanent placement of a tattoo for medical and cosmetic purposes.\n\nThis is a form of permanent cosmetics used to color and enhance the skin. The paramedical tattooing process is used extensively to color hypopigmentation in the whitened areas of the skin. The process is used on people of all skin types and colors to even out the skin tones or to cover scars or other imperfections.\n\nThe tattoo technicians match the skin tones by applying the flesh pigmentation to the designated white areas. If the color fades over time, ed the client can return for a refresh application.\n\nParamedical tattooing is often used in breast reconstruction surgery, order  restoring the areola around the nipple to its natural appearance. The experienced medical tattoo artist works with the patient and surgeon to find the right skin colors and size for this part of breast reconstruction.\n\nPermanent tattoos are also used for enhanced cosmetic appearance. This includes eyebrows for people with very light hair in their eyebrow area. A permanent tattoo of eyeliner eliminates the need for applying it everyday. Many people in the entertainment business and modeling come to us at the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics for this procedure. We can also apply permanent lip color. Complete permanent face make-up is also available using the tattoo process.\n\nMen use our services for scar and hair transplant harvesting site coverage. They also request permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing.\n\nThe experienced professional tattoo artists at the Whitney Center work privately with clients in our centers in New York and Florida. Call us today for your consultation.

Whitney Tip: How to Get “Ten Rated” Beautiful Eyes

Is there any question that eyes are the most expressive facial feature? Their ability to display emotion draws the immediate focus of men and women alike. Well-defined eyes open up your face and provide a more youthful appearance.\n\nPermanent makeup is a great way to enhance your features while maintaining a natural look. Follow these tips for eyes that reflect a timeless beauty.\n

  • Dark colors provide a contrast to the whites of the eyes, cialis ampoule adding brightness to the iris color. Permanent eye liner applied in a rich color such as ebony, healing navy or sienna makes your eyes appear larger. Complete the look with just an application of mascara and a soft shade of eye shadow. You’ll be amazed at how these simple steps make such a major difference.
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  • All works of art are set off by a stunning frame. A strong, rx defined brow complements your eyes and gives depth and structure to your face. Put an end to the muss and fuss of using tweezers and pencils in search of the perfect look. Our skilled artists can create permanent eyebrows with the color, shape and fullness that’s most flattering to your features.
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\nThe professionally trained staff at The Whitney Center can answer all your questions about permanent makeup and give expert advice about the options that are best suited for you. Visit our website today to schedule your personal consultation.

Why Is Membership in the Society for Permanent Cosmetic Professionals So Important?

If you’re considering cosmetic or medical tattooing, buy try like any field, you want a professional at your side that has the appropriate training, certifications, license, and experience. In other words, they need credentials.\n\nIndividuals, both men and women, turn to cosmetic tattooing for a variety of reasons. For some, a tattoo covers surgical scars, enhances looks and self-confidence for someone dealing with alopecia areata, camouflages acne, hair transplant,and  face lift scars, and after breast reconstructive surgery.\n\nFor others, permanent tattoos run the gamut from adding complete permanent face make-up including eyeliner, eyebrows, blush and lip color.\n\nAt the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics, highly skilled artists/technicians turn dreams into permanent reality through their specialized tattooing techniques. Professional Technicians Mandy Sauler and Melany Whitney have an impressive list of credentials that guarantee they knows their business.\n\nMelany is a Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artist and Instructor. She is also a member and trainer of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals of which she is a lifetime member. She is also a Certified Advanced Paramedical Professional Health Care Provider and Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation.\n\nMelany brought her Bachelors of Art in Fine Art to the forefront as a professional cosmetic artist after graduating as an honors graduate from Cornell University’s School of Art and Architecture. Mandy Sauler is an experienced tattoo artist that has learned from Melany and other leaders in her industry.\n\nIf you’re ready to take the next step to permanent tattooing, contact the office nearest you for more information. For your convenience, you can call, send us an email, or fill out the online contact form for assistance.\n\nWhen scheduling a session at the center, be assured you’re dealing with only experienced professionals at the highest level.

MRIs and Medical Tattoos – Can I Have One?

Medical tattooing has continued to gain popularity especially with patients dealing with scarring due to surgery.\n\nThe question asked, cialis remedy cialis in many situations, help medicine is medical tattooing allowed for anyone who  is anticipating having an MRI procedure?\n\nThe answer is yes, according to experts in the field. While the pigments used in tattooing contain iron oxide metals, the amount is relatively small to cause any significant problems.\n\nMost individuals with tattoos or permanent makeup will not have any reaction while the MRI is underway. A small portion of patients may experience swelling or skin irritation at the tattooed area while the MRI procedure is in process.\n\nThe size of the tattoo and the number of tattoos a person already has may cause a slight discomfort such as a burning sensation or a mild pulling or tugging feeling of the tattooed area but the instances are minimal.\n\nIt is recommended when having an MRI, to inform the radiologist and the technicians monitoring the procedure of the location of any tattoos. This is because the pigments within the tattoo may cause the imaging machine, which uses electromagnetic fields and radio waves, to create what is known as an artifact, or artificial image, when scanned.\n\nAt The Whitney Center, paramedical tattooing is their specialty. With years of experience, the licensed and certified staff at the center bring precision and artistry to their work.\n\nGet a sense of what you can expect and experience by seeing our customer ratings and reading what some have to say about their experience with paramedical tattooing.\n\nTo learn more about medical tattooing at The Whitney Center, please use the convenient contact form for more information.