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Permanent Makeup That’s Worth Every Penny

Many clinics who claim to specialize in permanent makeup application actually work in a variety of other areas as well. Some of them also do basic tattooing and piercing. As a matter of fact, mind stuff you would be amazed at the services you can get at some of these clinics and facilities. At The Whitney Center, there capsule we believe that it’s important for our customers to work with a specialist who is a true permanent makeup artist, which is what you encounter when you choose us.\n\nThe Importance of Precision\n\nIf you’re interested in permanent makeup, you’re undoubtedly interested in precision. You’ve probably done your research, and you know how permanent makeup can enhance your beauty, as long as it’s done correctly. A specialist will make sure you achieve the look you want, the first time.\n\nThe Proof in Pictures\n\nA quick glance at some of our client testimonials will show you how much our clients appreciate our dedication and artistic eye for detail. Our website is filled with pictures of procedures that some of our clients have had, and they are proof that we’re focused on excellence in our work.\n\nDon’t spend your hard-earned money on permanent makeup that won’t give you the results you want. Contact us today to make your appointment. We can’t wait to work with you!

Permanent Makeup: Get the Results You Want…The First Time

There are many permanent makeup artists out there, discount cialis nurse and they all claim to be experts at what they do. However, sales tadalafil at The Whitney Center, unhealthy we have a proven track record of happy clients to boast about the services we offer. Not everyone can say that.\n\nHave You Been Unsatisfied?\n\nQuite a few of our clients come in after having paid a visit to another permanent makeup facility. Most of them have not been satisfied with their results, and they seek us out, hoping that we can make them look better. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar situation. While we prefer to work with our clients from the beginning, we are able to correct many problems caused by other artists.\n\nWhat About The Cost?\n\nYou may have noticed that the cost of our services is a little higher than some of our competitors. That’s because it’s our goal to make sure you receive the ultimate in permanent makeup application. You’re probably familiar with the saying, \”You get what you pay for.\” Sadly, many of our clients have found that out the hard way. However, when you work with us, you pay for a level of expertise that goes beyond your wildest dreams.\n\nDon’t make the mistake of wishing you had chosen The Whitney Center first. Contact us to make your appointment today!

Melany Whitney’s Expert Advice About Your Permanent Makeup Problems

\n\nIt took you a long time to make the decision to invest in permanent makeup as a solution for your beauty needs. Once you made the decision, clinic generic you chose a permanent makeup technician in South Florida, patient and you couldn’t wait to see the great results they promised you would be yours in just a few short days.\n\nUnfortunately, those great results never occurred. Now, you’re wishing that you had gone with someone who was a little bit more experienced with permanent makeup. Perhaps you’ve heard of Melany Whitney, but you didn’t think it made a difference who you went to, as long as you chose a professional.\n\nAre All Professionals The Same?\n\nNot all professional permanent makeup technicians are created equal, which is what you’ll discover the first time you set foot in the Whitney Center. We always go above and beyond for our clients, and if you’ve had a poorly done permanent makeup application, we’re happy to try and improve it for you.\n\nChoosing The Best\n\nWhen opting for permanent makeup, it’s important for you to choose a professional who has a proven track record of success. That’s what sets Melany Whitney apart. She has had extensive training and is nationally-known for her expertise. Her clients love her, and we’re sure you will too.\n\nAre you ready to improve your permanent makeup? Contact us today, and let’s see what we can do!

Permanent Cosmetics: The Ultimate In Precision

\n\nThink about those nights when you go out with your friends and you just know you look incredible. Everything seemed to go right. Your hair behaves and stays in place. Your makeup is perfectly done. You didn’t even have to dig too deep into your closet to find the perfect outfit.\n\nNow, drugstore doctor think of those other nights. You know the ones; when you just don’t feel like you look your best. You tried to replicate your makeup from a few weeks ago, purchase and you weren’t able to get that perfect look again. Your hair is falling flat because of the humidity, cheap and you’re tired of wearing the same outfits all of the time.\n\nAt the Florida Offices of the Whitney Center, while we can’t help you with your clothes or make your hair curl just right, we can help you with one other area of your beauty – your makeup.\n\nA Precise Application\n\nImagine never having to worry about the proper application of your makeup again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up in the morning with your makeup in place without any extra effort from you? When you choose permanent cosmetics with Melany Whitney, that’s exactly what you’ll get. Permanent cosmetics is a terrific solution when you’re looking for consistency, and Melany Whitney is the professional to give it to you.\n\nAre you ready to make your appointment? Contact us today! 

Permanent Makeup Is the Only Makeup You Should Wear to Bed

We were shocked to read that celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury sleeps in her makeup! A beauty in her own right, generic viagra order Charlotte is the guardian of some of the world’s most beautiful faces. Rihanna, cialis sale generic Kate Moss and Penelope Cruz are among her celebrity clients. So we understand Charlotte’s desire to look beautifully made up whenever she’s in the public eye, but even in the privacy of her own home? Skin care experts would say she’s going too far.\n\nCharlotte would disagree. She feels it’s as important to look beautiful in your private moments as during public appearances. In an interview with The Times of London, Charlotte said her husband has never seen her without her makeup on.\n

\”It’s a mystique thing. Why should he stop thinking of me as glorious all the time?\”

\nBut even during childbirth? Yes, and Charlotte revealed that she reapplied her makeup before she held her newborn son.\n\nWhat Happens When You Wear Makeup to Bed\n\nWhile we agree with the sentiment — women can look fabulous 24/7 — we question Charlotte’s method. Charlotte does remove her makeup every night, but immediately reapplies it, flying in the face of medical wisdom. Dermatologists recommend removing makeup at night to give the skin a chance to breathe. Wearing makeup to bed interferes with the skin’s natural exfoliation process and can clog pores, causing blemishes and inflammation.\n\nPermanent Makeup Offers 24/7 Beauty\n\nSomeone needs to tell Charlotte about Florida permanent makeup. The only makeup that’s safe to wear all day and all night, permanent makeup enhances your beauty without damaging skin health.

Permanent Makeup Eases Morning Rush for Working Moms

\n\nWhen school supplies go on sale the countdown begins. In just a few weeks children will be back in the classroom which means it’s back to work for the many moms that take the summer off with their kids. The switch from lazy summer mornings to the typical school day dash requires some adjustment by the whole family; but as the family organizer moms seem to shoulder the bulk of the burden.\n\nBetween rousting the kids from bed, view see approving wardrobes, discount viagra packing lunches, fixing breakfasts, making sure teeth are brushed and making sure the kids are out the door in time to catch the bus working moms have precious little time to devote to their own morning ablations. Many working moms either arrive at work only half done or try to finish up en route, applying mascara and lipstick in the car at traffic lights. Not a particularly safe solution.\n\nFlorida permanent cosmetics offers working moms a safe, attractive, care-free solution guaranteed to ease the morning rush and allow you to arrive at the office beautiful, relaxed and perfectly made up. Permanent eyebrows, permanent eye liner and permanent lips artistically applied by Melany Whitney, Florida’s premier permanent makeup expert, give you the confidence of knowing you look your best every minute of the day — even after a hectic morning rushing the family out the door.\n\nIf you want to ease your morning rush, contact our Boca Raton office and make an appointment for your permanent makeup session with Melany today!