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When you’re putting a whole bunch of different products on your skin, discount cialis and it can be easy to wonder if the order you’re applying them can be a problem. Based on the chemistry of each product, it’s possible to determine the best order to apply these. But while reading about this, it’s vital to keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different.\n\n\n\nThin before thick\n\nAny sort of serum is likely to be thinner than anything else you’re using on your skin, so start with this. If this seems logical, well, it is: since ingredients in thinner products have less distance to travel into your skin, they get the job done better. What’s best is that you can combine a handful of serums that address different problems to create the ultimate product for your skin.\n\nMake sure it all stays\n\nMoisturizer is significantly thicker than serums, so applying moisturizer atop serums ensures that serums will stay active on your skin. The one exception to this rule is if your skin irritates easily when exposed to makeup products – if so, use moisturizer first and then serums. Keep in mind that, for sensitive skin, moisturizers should always be fragrance free.\n\nMake it count\n\nWithout sunscreen to protect your skin, what was the point of all those other products? Top it all off with your favorite sunblock to keep your skin fresh and vivid. At the end of the day, rub in a retinoid to keep your youthful look going, and somewhere along the way, a dose of Vitamin C to the skin will really make this all worth it.\n\nThe first step to great skin is a great face. The Whitney Center has years of experience providing clients with permanent cosmetic solutions to bring out the boldest in their eyes and lips. Contact us today to learn how we can bring out the best in you.


These days, look illness companies realize that how you look on camera can be as important as how you look in person. In response to this, store tadalafil more and more makeup products are geared towards being as camera-friendly as possible. For the smartphone generation, medical a new definition of good makeup is possible.\n\nFoundation for phones\n\nCoverGirl has looked towards developing a foundation that best enhances the face under an iPhone camera lens. Oddly enough, the same foundation that brightens a face in person can make it dull and lifeless on camera. Although no product is available on the market yet, product testing using the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 is in progress.\n\nBronzers for pictures\n\nSmashbox is looking into the same issues that CoverGirl is exploring. Testing their new bronzers (and foundations, like CoverGirl) under a variety of different lighting settings, including one that simulates a selfie, the company is developing products that can withstand the forces of pictures. And if skin products aren’t enough, know that Avon is looking into new lipsticks that can address this issue too.\n\nWhat’s the solution?\n\nVolume-heavy products can battle the deadening effects of a picture. Moisturizers in particular are vital to achieving volume in this new generation of makeup products. Of course, these products will work differently for everyone – more customizable, long-term solutions that bring beauty both in person and on camera exist.\n\nPermanent cosmetics is tailored to your face to make sure it looks best in all sorts of light. The Whitney Center is the leading company in this field. Contact us today to learn how we can keep your face bright and fresh both on the screen and in person.


A while ago, there recipe The Beauty Brains ( gave a thorough rundown of how many of your favorite beauty products work. In the years since these reports were published, sick they’ve gone overlooked and unnoticed, clinic yet the information they contain is supremely helpful to any good makeup routine. The Beauty Brains’ overview of skin lotion is rife with fascinating and important tips.\n\nWhat it’s made of\n\nAlthough lotion is very oily, it is water-based. That’s not say it doesn’t contain oils; rather, it contains ingredients that blend the oils together so that they can dissolve in the water. Other chemicals in lotion keep it thick so that it can be easily spread over the skin, and an entirely different group of materials prevents microorganisms from growing in the lotion.\n\nWhy it’s necessary\n\nOne of skin’s more overlooked functions is its regulation of your body’s water content. Aside from drinking lots of water, the other major factor in how hydrated you are is your skin’s ability to properly maintain your water levels. Irritated, itchy skin often results when dry, cold winter air draws your body water to the surface of your skin. This water evaporates, resulting in the cracked skin that lotion exists to remedy.\n\nHow it works\n\nLotion forms a moisture-trapping layer on top of the skin, preventing it from cracking and drying. But it gets better: the same moisture-trapping layer attracts water from the air, moisturizing your skin at the same time as it prevents your skin from drying in the first place. Of course, like any skin product, it needs to be reapplied after a while – as skin cells die and flake off, the lotion goes with them.\n\nLotion is great for maintaining your skin, but why not make your face shine permanently? The Whitney Center is an expert in full face permanent makeup procedures. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


The medical benefits of drinking tea are quite well established, pilule remedy but the many other ways it can boost your health aren’t discussed quite as often. It turns out that it can be super helpful for taking care of your face and making it look its prettiest. Of course, best viagra green tea can burn your skin just as easily as it can burn your skin – for facial care, use brewed, cooled tea.\n\nGreen tea and household ingredients\n\nSimply brewing and cooling a tea bag results in a tea bag that you can now use as a facial toner.  Soaking the bag in cool water makes them like cucumbers – you can close your eyes and leave the bags there for 20 minutes.  A cooled, brewed tea applied with a cotton pad can help prevent breakouts too. You can also add a few tablespoons of loose green tea to a standard cream cleanser to enhance its effects.\n\nGreen tea and other foods\n\nA quarter cup of cooled, brewed green tea combines nicely with 2 tablespoons of cucumber juice and a tablespoon of aloe vera gel to form a refrigerator-only cooling toner spray. Using two tea bags to brew tea rather than just one results in tea that you can mix with two drops each of tea tree and lavender oil and then freeze into ice cubes – these cubes can prevent blemishing when rubbed onto bug bites or other sore spots. For an excellent body scrub, open up a steeped green tea bag and add one teaspoon each of sugar and cream..\n\nGreen tea masks\n\nThere are surprisingly many foods that can blend with green tea to create excellent homemade face masks. A simple Google search should bring up plenty of creative formulas for do-it-yourself face masks. The one disadvantage to all these excellent green tea skin therapies is that the ingredients can be specific and hard to find, and buying them often may add up over time. For a permanent solution to any facial woes, permanent cosmetics remains an option.\n\nInterested in how permanent makeup can change your life for the better? The Whitney Center has spent almost fifteen years leading the industry. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


Facial contouring has always been a presence in celebrity beauty, diagnosis viagra but a recent resurgence in this makeup technique has people talking about it more than ever. The appeal of the technique is its simplicity and ease in doing it yourself. Even though it’s pretty easy, pilule there are still some specifics to keep in mind.\n\nDon’t use too much\n\nOne of the best things about facial contouring is that very little makeup is required to achieve the desired effect. Simply choose where you apply your contouring makeup – usually a cream or liquid – carefully and blend it in with your skin and other makeup properly. Layering isn’t required here, healing which is a huge advantage.\n\nUse the right colors\n\nHighlighter, concealer, contouring color, and foundation are all related to each other. Your contouring highlighter should only be a tad lighter than your concealer, and your contouring color should be just a bit darker than your foundation. These color considerations can replenish your face past what a more standard makeup routine can achieve.\n\nWatch your wallet\n\nNo one said contouring products are cheap.  Sticks for contouring tend to be cheaper than creams, liquids, and powders, but they’re still a bit pricey. Although contouring products are long-lasting, the continued price tag may outlast the benefits of a non-permanent makeup technique. Financially, some might say that permanent cosmetic tattooing is a better long term investment. It can achieve the same effect of facial contouring without the daily effort, and save you money in the long run.\n\nAre you looking to bring out the best in your face? The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience in full face procedures. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


The best way to know if you messed up a bit somewhere along the way in your makeup routine is for someone to tell you so honestly. It’s even better if you hear this from a cosmetic professional, illness site since they’re so experienced with makeup that they can see mistakes more precisely than the average person. They can also guide you on how to approach makeup differently in great detail and without coming off rude, stuff since this is their career. Recently, treatment makeup artists have identified some common mistakes they see women make.\n\nOn the eyes\n\nEye makeup can bring out hidden beauty in your eyes, but being impatient with mascara can ruin its great effects. Some women don’t let mascara dry before cleaning the excess, even though this takes merely seconds, which results in a splotchy application. Overuse of eyebrow pencil has also been cited as a common mistake that women make.\n\nOn the whole face\n\nMisusing foundation can prove problematic. Whether it’s simply overusing foundation or matching foundation to your face rather than your neck, slip-ups are common, but easily preventable. The prevalence of makeup charts, which some say are detrimental, have led to more mistakes with foundation. And an increase in flat, lifeless lipstick is only highlighting these increasingly apparent foundation dilemmas.\n\nIn general\n\nMakeup overuse and blind adherence to makeup trends may be the most common error. An easy way to ensure that your makeup gives you a distinct, unique look while preventing overuse or misuse is to invest in permanent makeup, which is more natural and radiant than any topical. Your technician will work with you to customize your makeup, and will commit great time and detail to achieving the exact colors and shapes that best suit your face.\n\nAre you interested in permanent cosmetic tattooing? The Whitney Center’s many years of leadership in this field is of much longer lasting value and quality than any store brand topical. Contact us today to learn how we can bring out the most beautiful you.