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Should You Inject Your Beauty?

We’ve all heard of the Hollywood star with too much Botox and a plastic look. Is this reputation undeserved? We break down whether injections of Botox and other similar chemicals can be of any true benefit.\n\n\n\nWrinkle prevention\n\nBotox is used to counteract existent wrinkles, cheap but it also wards off future wrinkles. The same muscles that Botox paralyzes to scale down on wrinkles are responsible for forming more wrinkles, troche so their inactivity will directly lead to fewer wrinkles. Of course, this paralysis is only temporary, so failing to return for follow-up injections won’t do anything to prevent future wrinkles.\n\nSafety\n\nCosmetic injectables are universally safe. However, it’s best to go to certified, reputable professionals for injections, as pure products can often be spliced or reduced in concentration to save money. Which leads directly into the next point…\n\nPrice and permanence \n\nInjections often require follow-up appointments frequently after the initial work is done. The initial injection is often quite expensive, with follow-ups costing a decent chunk as well. Many people seeking the restorative properties of injectables have begun to opt for more long-term solutions.\n\nPermanent cosmetics is one such solution. A one-time fee for a procedure and a follow up covers you for five to seven years. Focus on developing a permanent makeup routine that distracts from the imperfections you’d aim to hide with injectables. Contact us here at The Whitney Center, where our decade-plus experience has placed us ahead of our competitors since we begun, to learn more.

The Skin and Hair Tricks of India

The American cosmetics industry is absolutely gigantic, search and its size might make you think, order  where did people learn all this from? Looking back upon generations of ancient civilizations, people centuries before us were innovating in makeup well before the industrial revolution. Much of these initial solutions were sourced straight from the earth, particularly India’s contributions to skin care, some of which are detailed here.\n\n\n\nFor your hair: amla, curd, and neem\n\nAlma’s plentiful vitamin  C makes it fantastic for replenishing hair. Curd, rich in zinc, can transform your dry hair into a silky-smooth thing of beauty. Another plant-based material, neem, can battle dandruff as well.\n\nFor your skin: saffron, tulsi, multaani mitti, tumeric, sandalwood\n\nSaffron, best known for its cooking applications, can help combat an unwanted tan and even pigment levels across your skin. Tulsi can be used in parallel to nourish this skin and fight acne. Try multaani mitti to cleanse the skin and remove any spots freshly leftover from acne. Tumeric can minimize the impact of stretch marks and mask wrinkles, and sandalwood can brighten your skin.\n\nAnother way to make your skin really pop is with permanent cosmetics. The Whitney Center has led the field of permanent makeup for over a decade, and offers makeup solutions that can stand against your skin to make it look renewed and youthful. Contact us today to learn what we can do for you.


In this last month of summer, pharmacy why not hone in on the skills and tricks it takes to put on your best summer glow? With the sun beating down and hot temperatures inducing inevitable sweat, it can be a tricky time to really look your best. Here are some tips for glowing as strongly as the summer sun.\n\n\n\nThe basics: sunscreen\n\nWe’ll start with one you probably already know. Sun exposure mandates sunblock of SPF 30 or higher, and prolonged exposure mandates reapplying sunblock every 1-2 hours. What might be less obvious is that working near a window or other sunlit surface indoors can be just as harmful to your skin as being inside, so you may well need to apply sunblock inside too.\n\nSunscreen everywhere\n\nWhen you’re at the beach, it’s easy to forget to put sunblock on your feet. It’s just as easy to forget applying it to your ears and the skin behind them; it’s even less common to apply it to your fingernails. UV rays can seriously degrade the quality of a good manicure or nail color, so rub some sunblock into your fingernails before heading out.\n\nKeep your hair fair\n\nNothing can mess with your hair more quickly than summer humidity or a dip in the pool. You know those products available all year round that are intended for damaged hair? They’ll come in especially handy during the summer.\n\nThese tips will make sure you don’t look broken, red, or too indoors-y during the summer, and they’re even more effective over a beautiful makeup routine. But what about when your sunblock messes with your makeup? The Whitney Center applies permanent makeup that’s impervious to anything on the skin. Contact us today to learn how our decade-plus experience leading the permanent cosmetics field can make you shine summer-bright forever.


Sleeping on your side and wrinkles – have you heard the myth? Some say the first leads to the second. But this notion was recently dispelled.\n\n\n\nIt’s not true\n\nStudies on this issue showed no correlation between sleeping on your side and wrinkles coming in. In fact, cialis sale for sale it turns out many study participants who thought there was a relationship between the two just didn’t use enough sunblock over time, resulting in quicker skin degradation. But don’t mistake this for needing to wear sunblock in your sleep!\n\nWhere else do these wrinkles come from?\n\nIf anything, sleeping on your side helps prevent wrinkles, simply because sleeping in any position does this. Lack of sleep is frequently correlated to aging, which is, of course, the main factor that wrinkles skin. And no, the small indentations you might get from sleeping in a weird position aren’t related to actual wrinkles – luckily, these are two separate issues.\n\nWhat else can you do to prevent wrinkles?\n\nWrinkles will happen to everyone eventually, but a healthy diet can delay their onset. Applying a thin layer of sunblock whenever you expose yourself to the sun is key too. Really, though, sleep may be the best way to avoid wrinkles, and it comes naturally.\n\nWith permanent cosmetics, you’ll look great no matter how you sleep. The Whitney Center has over a decade of experience providing clients with long-lasting makeup that eliminates the daily routine and constantly looks fresh. Contact us today to find out how we can make you permanently beautiful.


Ever put on a makeup product and had a bad reaction to it? Skin irritation, troche clinic itchy eyes, prescription that kind of thing? It turns out it’s very possible to be allergic to your makeup.\n\n\n\nNewer products cause stronger reactions\n\nRecent developments in makeup products have involved new materials that tend to lead to the irritation and itching described above. Chemicals newly introduced to recent makeup advancements have stronger potential to cause allergic reactions. Even antibiotic skin products can be allergens, it turns out.\n\nHow do you prevent it?\n\nOf course, reading the ingredients list on any product you buy is key. But before that, you’re a step ahead just by knowing that you can be allergic to makeup. Many product users assume this reaction is typical, that once your body gets used to the product, it’ll stop. But no, that’s not true – this is an allergy.\n\nTalk to your dermatologist\n\nMore likely than not, your dermatologist will be able to help you identify what ingredients in your makeup give you an allergic reaction. Once you’ve identified what’s causing these problems, you can easily find makeup that doesn’t contain the troubling ingredient. If all else fails, avoid products with added fragrances.\n\nThe Whitney Center has operated for over a decade without any clients ever suffering an allergic reaction to our procedures. Contact us now to find out how we can give you long-lasting makeup that makes you look your best without any irritation or itching.


Everyone’s skin is sensitive in one way or another. Although some people have more sensitive skin than others do, hospital cialis there are a few general tips you can follow to keep your skin looking and feeling great. And the best part is that these are all pretty easy things to do!\n\n\n\nNever pick your skin\n\nJust like scabs, thumb you should absolutely never pick your skin. Any skin you pick away will leave a mark behind that outlasts whatever defect was there – a pimple, a wart, whatever. You’re best letting a blemish fade naturally.\n\nClean before cleaning\n\nEver notice streaks of dirt and dark color on the white towel you use to get the makeup off your face? This is bad for your towel and for your skin. Dissolve your makeup with a cleansing oil before taking warm water to it for a clean towel and less chance of irritated skin.\n\nSunscreen whenever\n\nSo this one goes without saying…sort of. The word \”whenever\” truly applies here – ever hear the rumor that the UV lamps used during manicures can be absolutely terrible for the skin on your hands? More and more dermatologists are beginning to agree with this, so apply sunscreen on both sides of your hands when you go in for a manicure.\n\nA great way to keep your skin clean forever is to make your makeup routine permanent. Once a pigment is in your skin, it’s there forever, unable to carry dirt or other harmful materials in. The Whitney Center is the master of permanent cosmetics; we give our clients beautiful makeup that doesn’t require daily application, nightly washing, and extra care to prevent blemishes and the like. Contact us today to find out how we can change your life.