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Using Your Makeup Closet to Undo Your Halloween Costume

If you want your Halloween costume to look as unforgettable as possible, discount chances are that you’re incorporating a good amount of cosmetic products in there. So what happens when you get home from an exhausting night of Halloween fun and have to remove it all? It turns out lots of your daily cosmetic supplies can come in handy here.\n\nTo get rid of face and body paint\n\nStart by wiping with an oil-based cleanser, pilule using a hot shower to remove any excess paint. If you’re willing to bend the rules a little bit, men’s shaving cream also does a great job at getting the paint off. Side fact: shaving cream can even remove foundation stains from fabric!\n\nTo get rid of glitter\n\nOil-based cleansers are a great starting step to remove glitter from your skin as well. The next step is to loop tape around your fingers, so that the sticky side faces outward, and dab it over any glitter spots to remove it. A lint roller is equally effective for larger areas.\n\nTo get rid of temporary hair color\n\nThis is an easy one for darker-colored hair when brighter colors — blue, green — are in the mix. But for naturally lighter hair, washing your hair with dish soap rather than shampoo should do the trick. Fair warning: since this soap will dry your hair out, it’s best to condition it immediately after.\n\nMake your Halloween costume pop every year with vivid permanent makeup. The Whitney Center leads the permanent cosmetics field, and has for nearly 15 years now. Contact us today so all your future costumes shine brightly.

The Uber of Salons and Spas

Many of us have come to rely heavily on Uber’s convenience on late nights, shop for far travels, or airport rides. Its concept of direct user-to-driver interaction is extending into the beauty world via new app Belle. This app directly connects customers with beauty artists, yet lawmakers in Nashville, the one town it’s operating in, are already trying to shut it down.\n\nWhat problem is Belle solving?\n\nBelle is sort of like an OKCupid for those in need of beauty services and those who provide them. Just like Uber offers cheaper prices and more information on its drivers, Belle aims to be a more convenient, less expensive alternative that rates and details its service providers. It’s also revolutionary for older clients that have limited mobility, and can’t leave home to go to salons or spas as easily.\n\nWhat problem is Belle creating?\n\nSalons and spas are losing business in Nashville thanks to Belle’s clever innovations. The complaint that started the government’s inquiry into Belle described the app as creating \”highly disturbing\” competition. Businesses offer more tax benefits to the government, which is invested in protecting them against sharing apps like Belle, Uber, and even Airbnb.\n\nWhy should you use it?\n\nIf Belle seems like too much of a divergence from the standard salon or spa model, consider that Belle gives 85% of money earned through the app to beauty professionals, whereas the spas or salons that hire them can give as little as 15%. It’s the same model that’s allowed many Uber drivers to quit their other jobs and drive full-time.\n\nWhat if you could look and feel beautiful at all times, without consistent salon or spa visits? The Whitney Center offers permanent makeup solutions that remain as innovative now as they were over a decade ago when we essentially created the field. Contact us today to learn how we can make your beauty permanent.

Print Your Own Eye Makeup? It’s Coming

Refilling your makeup supply courtesy of your home printer? Thanks to advances in technology, viagra clinic this unbelievable new beauty trend is coming.\n\nHow does it work?\nMink, help a desktop printer with the ability to print eyeshadow and other cosmetics, will give consumers the ability to create and print their own makeup. With an inkjet’s ability to mix colors, Mink will allow users to take any image from a camera, phone, or laptop, and instantly transform it into a real, wearable cosmetic. The inkjet handles the pigment, infusing it into a substrate, and uses the same materials to create a variety of makeup, from powders to cream to lipstick. Once the makeup is printed, it is immediately ready to apply. The technology may offer a better solution for users with hard-to-match skin tones.\n\nIs it safe?\nAccording to Mink inventor and brainchild Grace Choi, a Harvard Business School student, Mink’s print materials are FDA-compliant substrate and ink, originating from the same sources as those utilized by store-bought cosmetics.\n\nWhat do I need to get started?\nAll Mink user’s need is the Mink printer, color picker software to copy the hexcode of a color, and the print software. Mink is expected to hit the market later this year, with the hardware retailing for around $300. The cost of materials needed to create the makeup are still under research.\n\nRevolutionizing the makeup industry.\nAccording to Choi, Mink is simply the next natural step in makeup, as mobile and internet technology is so commonly used in daily life. This new technology is sure to effect the $55 billion dollar makeup industry, in which massed produced products do not allow for the array of color choices more expensive cosmetic manufacturers can provide. Mink will offer the selection of more expensive providers at a lower cost and greater convenience (right from your own home) than mass marketed products. It essentially turns the world into a makeup store. Sure to become a top makeup trend, Mink will allow users – not corporations – to define beauty and control their products using available technology.\n\nLooking to simplify your morning makeup routine? For the latest on today’s top makeup trends, contact The Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics.

How to Cash in on the ‘Beauty Premium’ and Score at Work

It’s true. Beautiful people have an edge in the workplace. Handsome men earn 5% more than average-looking Joes; and beautiful women earn 4% more than plain Janes, buy viagra medical according to MBA Online Program.\n\nWhat is known as the “beauty premium” persists even in this presumably enlightened age of workplace equality. The phenomenon appears to stem from an innate human preference for beauty and symmetry in the human form rather than a conscious decision to reward beauty.\n\nStudies have found that even babies respond more positively to attractive faces than unattractive ones; although the media and Madison Avenue have whipped our innocent preference for beauty into a cultural obsession.\n\nAs a result, remedy find an American Society of Plastic Surgeons report found that 13% of women would consider plastic surgery to gain a competitive edge at work; a sentiment shared by 10% of men, sildenafil according to a Newsweek survey.\n\nAttractiveness: The ‘First Filter’\n\nMore than half of hiring managers surveyed by Newsweek admitted that attractiveness job candidates were more likely to be hired. The Newsweek survey found that attractiveness ranked third — behind experience and confidence and ahead of education — on the list of attributes hiring managers use to judge job candidates. But first impressions, which play a powerful role in assessing competence and trustworthiness, are based entirely on appearance.\n\n“Appearance is extraordinarily powerful because it’s the first filter,” economist Sylvia Ann Hewlett, founder of the Center for Talent Innovation told Forbes. You have to look the part to get the job. In interviewing senior executives, Hewlett found that having a polished appearance was essential to achieving an executive position.\n\n7 Top Physical Traits\n\nThe seven top physical traits used to judge executives are:\n\n1. Grooming habits\n\n2. Posture\n\n3. Physical attractiveness\n\n4. Slimness\n\n5. Height\n\n6. Expensive clothing\n\n7. Youthful appearance\n\nHewlett’s survey found that attractiveness was “less about being stereotypically pretty and more about consciously highlighting your best attributes and features.” And that’s where the Whitney Center can help both women and men gain a competitive edge in the workplace. Our permanent cosmetics and medical tattoo experts can improve facial symmetry, camouflage small imperfections and enhance your best features and boost your natural beauty. Turn your appearance into an employment asset; schedule your confidential Whitney Center consultation today.

Permanent Makeup That’s Worth Every Penny

Many clinics who claim to specialize in permanent makeup application actually work in a variety of other areas as well. Some of them also do basic tattooing and piercing. As a matter of fact, mind stuff you would be amazed at the services you can get at some of these clinics and facilities. At The Whitney Center, there capsule we believe that it’s important for our customers to work with a specialist who is a true permanent makeup artist, which is what you encounter when you choose us.\n\nThe Importance of Precision\n\nIf you’re interested in permanent makeup, you’re undoubtedly interested in precision. You’ve probably done your research, and you know how permanent makeup can enhance your beauty, as long as it’s done correctly. A specialist will make sure you achieve the look you want, the first time.\n\nThe Proof in Pictures\n\nA quick glance at some of our client testimonials will show you how much our clients appreciate our dedication and artistic eye for detail. Our website is filled with pictures of procedures that some of our clients have had, and they are proof that we’re focused on excellence in our work.\n\nDon’t spend your hard-earned money on permanent makeup that won’t give you the results you want. Contact us today to make your appointment. We can’t wait to work with you!

Permanent Makeup: Get the Results You Want…The First Time

There are many permanent makeup artists out there, discount cialis nurse and they all claim to be experts at what they do. However, sales tadalafil at The Whitney Center, unhealthy we have a proven track record of happy clients to boast about the services we offer. Not everyone can say that.\n\nHave You Been Unsatisfied?\n\nQuite a few of our clients come in after having paid a visit to another permanent makeup facility. Most of them have not been satisfied with their results, and they seek us out, hoping that we can make them look better. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar situation. While we prefer to work with our clients from the beginning, we are able to correct many problems caused by other artists.\n\nWhat About The Cost?\n\nYou may have noticed that the cost of our services is a little higher than some of our competitors. That’s because it’s our goal to make sure you receive the ultimate in permanent makeup application. You’re probably familiar with the saying, \”You get what you pay for.\” Sadly, many of our clients have found that out the hard way. However, when you work with us, you pay for a level of expertise that goes beyond your wildest dreams.\n\nDon’t make the mistake of wishing you had chosen The Whitney Center first. Contact us to make your appointment today!