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Should You Inject Your Beauty?

We’ve all heard of the Hollywood star with too much Botox and a plastic look. Is this reputation undeserved? We break down whether injections of Botox and other similar chemicals can be of any true benefit.\n\n\n\nWrinkle prevention\n\nBotox is used to counteract existent wrinkles, cheap but it also wards off future wrinkles. The same muscles that Botox paralyzes to scale down on wrinkles are responsible for forming more wrinkles, troche so their inactivity will directly lead to fewer wrinkles. Of course, this paralysis is only temporary, so failing to return for follow-up injections won’t do anything to prevent future wrinkles.\n\nSafety\n\nCosmetic injectables are universally safe. However, it’s best to go to certified, reputable professionals for injections, as pure products can often be spliced or reduced in concentration to save money. Which leads directly into the next point…\n\nPrice and permanence \n\nInjections often require follow-up appointments frequently after the initial work is done. The initial injection is often quite expensive, with follow-ups costing a decent chunk as well. Many people seeking the restorative properties of injectables have begun to opt for more long-term solutions.\n\nPermanent cosmetics is one such solution. A one-time fee for a procedure and a follow up covers you for five to seven years. Focus on developing a permanent makeup routine that distracts from the imperfections you’d aim to hide with injectables. Contact us here at The Whitney Center, where our decade-plus experience has placed us ahead of our competitors since we begun, to learn more.


The title of this post is a bit misleading. You might think it’ll tell you how the recent wave of anti-aging hair products work their magic, physician but rather, it’ll tell you that these products have no magic. Here, we outline why these products are all hype with no substance, and what other things you can do to stay looking young.\n\n\n\nTo be clear: they’re great\n\nThese anti-aging hair products tend to be stronger versions of their non-anti-aging counterparts, but not because they prevent your hair from aging. Exactly the opposite, they simply make your hair look newer and replenished more remarkably than most competitors. But they do absolutely nothing to slow the aging of hair.\n\nWhy do they say they do, then?\n\nIt’s all marketing. There’s no known biological \”cure\” for gray hair; pigment loss is a natural part of growing older. But just as dying your hair isn’t an actual treatment for aging hair, neither are anti-aging hair products. They simply give the illusion of young hair.\n\nHow can I stay looking young instead?\n\nTry things that are long-lasting. Of course, hair dye is a valid solution, as is straightening your hair or volumizing it. But what if you’re able to make your hair look fresher by enhancing other parts of your face? Consider stronger eyebrows or lips to make your hair pop.\n\nThe Whitney Center specializes in permanent lip and eyebrow cosmetic tattooing, including the microblading procedure that we’ll soon offer in our New York office. Contact us now to learn what our decade-plus of experience can offer you.

Popular Anti-Aging Treatments from the Past Decade

\n\nCosmetic procedures to help women look younger have been around for a long time. In the past decade alone, troche illness here there have been several advancements that have made it easier to reduce lines and wrinkles and regain a youthful appearance. Some of the most common NYC anti-aging treatments used during this time include the following.\n\nTissue Fillers\n\nTissue fillers are designed to replace volume that’s lost due to the aging process. These injectable fillers reduce lines and can make women look more than ten years younger.\n\nPhoto Rejuvenation\n\nPhoto rejuvenation uses intense pulsed light to relieve redness, correct pigmentation problems, reduce pore size, treat acne and reverse sun damage, resulting in younger looking skin.\n\nPermanent Makeup\n\nPermanent makeup can help correct previous makeup errors that can make women look older. It can also provide women with a younger appearance through carefully applied styles to reduce signs of aging and enhance natural beauty.\n\nRadiofrequency Thermage (Thermitight RF)\n\nThermitight RF helps tighten skin that has started to sag with age. This procedure is typically used on the face and neck, although it can also be done on other parts of the body.\n\nCO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing\n\nThis form of anti-aging treatment involves using a laser to reduce lines and wrinkles and can be used on all types of skin to make it look younger.\n\nBotox and Dysport\n\nThese types of treatment help targeted groups of facial muscles relax in order to provide women with a younger, fresher look.\n\nFor information on NYC permanent makeup, please contact the Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics. PCNY offers a wide range of permanent makeup procedures, to help you look and feel more youthful.