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3-D Tattoos Create the Illusion of Protrusion

In the carefree, ambulance sildenafil bra-burning 1960s, cialis many young women taped Band-Aids over their nipples. Going braless was a bold strike for feminism but showing your nipples was, surprising, considered inappropriately sexual!\n\nSince the ‘60s, society has become more comfortable with women’s sexuality. Today, people are not shocked by a glimpse of nipple straining against the fabric of a woman’s t-shirt. Women are no longer defined by their breasts, although our “girls” are a most obvious expression of our femininity. And the nipples that rise from the rosy centers of our areolas are the perky reminders of our female sensuality.\n\nBreast Reconstruction Without Femininity\n\nGiven the emotional connection between our breasts and our femininity, it is not surprising that women who lose a breast to cancer are so often disappointed with the results of their breast reconstruction surgery. A doughy mound of skin is a poor substitute for a natural breast with a perky nipple protruding from an attractive areola.\n\nCreating Beautiful Breasts\n\nPatient complaints have led surgeons to seek out experienced medical tattoo artists to place the finishing touches on breast reconstruction. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a recent survey called the three-dimensional nipple/areola complex created by professional medical tattoo experts “aesthetically superior.”\n\nAt the Whitney Center we have developed a medical tattooing technique that creates the appearance of a three-dimensional nipple; what we call the “illusion of protrusion.” Click here to watch a video the procedure.\n\nWhitney Center medical tattoo artists are recognized experts in permanent areola repigmentation and the creation of natural-looking three-dimensional nipples. For beautiful breasts, come to the Whitney Center of Permanent Cosmetics in New York and New Jersey.

Ethnic Women at Greater Risk of Unsightly Breast Surgery Scarring

\n\nTa-tas. Boobies. Girls. Knockers. From the ethereal to the profane, store clinic we use dozens of words to describe the female breast. As women, for sale pills our breasts are an integral part of our female identity. That we should want our breasts to look good and reflect our inner self is completely natural.\n\nThe desire to have beautiful breasts has made breast augmentation the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure for women since the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) started keeping records decades ago. More than a quarter million U.S. women had breast augmentations in 2012 and thousands more had breast lifts or breast reductions. Also increasing breast surgery demand were women diagnosed with breast cancer who underwent lumpectomies or mastectomies.\n\nWomen who have undergone breast surgery report high satisfaction rates with the results of their surgery, order but there is one unavoidable aspect of surgery that detracts from their pleasure: scarring. Plastic surgeons try to minimize breast surgery scars, but their efforts are not always successful. At the Whitney Center, our paramedical tattoo experts treat many clients who are pleased with their breast surgery but wish their scars would disappear.\n\nThis is particularly true of our African-American, Asian and Hispanic clients. A new study indicates that scarring may be more problematic in women with darker skin tones. In assessing cosmetic results after lumpectomy, the study found significant differences in post-surgical breast attractiveness between Caucasian and African-American women.\n\n“There was significant variation in subjective outcomes, with lower scores for African-American women. … Nipple appearance and breast shape ratings were fairly consistent between patients … However, there was wider variation when it came to scar appearance ratings,” said Dr. Robert Galiano of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.\n\nAt the Whitney Center in New York City and New Jersey, our medical tattoo artists are expert in the advanced tattoo techniques required for successful scar camouflage. Our particular expertise in custom mixing pigment colors to precisely match each client’s unique skin tone has made us a top choice among women of all ethnicities.\n\nWhile not all scars are good candidates for paramedical tattooing, our experts have been extremely successful in improving the appearance of breast surgery scars, blending them into the surrounding skin so they seem to disappear. If you are unhappy with post-surgical scarring, call the Whitney Center today to schedule your confidential consultation with our paramedical tattoo experts.

I’m Thinking about Breast Enlargement. Now What?

Wanting to have fuller, viagra generic pilule perkier, tadalafil viagra more beautiful breasts is only natural.  Full shapely breasts make us feel more feminine, see youthful, and confident.  For many women, however, full, perky, breasts are bestowed upon them by nature.  That’s why breast enlargement surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures.\n\nIf you’re a healthy woman who is not currently pregnant or breastfeeding and you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, breast enlargement surgery may just be the perfect choice for you.  Discuss your options with your current doctor or choose a qualified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast enlargement surgery.  Keep in mind that you may want to travel to an area like Miami, Florida, in which many world class surgeons practice.\n\nOnce you find your surgeon, be sure to discuss your goals and work with him or her to come to consensus on just how much larger you want to go.\nYour surgeon will likely advise you on your ideal cup size based on your weight, height, and body type. If you are petite or thin, larger breasts may still look great on you, but you should pay special attention to your nipple areola size after the surgery.  If your nipple areola looks too small in proportion to your new, fuller breasts after your procedure, consult the expert paramedical tattooing professionals at the Melany Whitney Center for Permanent Cosmetics in Miami, Florida about areola pigmentation.  Areola pigmentation is the perfect solution for enlarging your nipples to match a larger breast size.