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Why Our Clients Say Whitney Center Brows Are Worth Every Penny

Mall brows, viagra generic viagra makeup studio brows or Whitney Center brows? If you’re considering an eyebrow enhancement, pills how do you decide? Making a decision based on price alone is not likely to lead to happy results. The old adage \”You get what your pay for\” is particularly true of eyebrow enhancement services.\n\nBrowhaus pop-ups in better NYC department stores and malls charge around $1000 for what they advertise as \”semi-permanent\” services that their ads claim last only about two years. Compare that to permanent eyebrows by the Whitney Center’s certified permanent makeup experts. For just $500 more you get gorgeous permanent brows perfected shaped and colored to enhance your unique facial features and skin tone. Unlike the \”vegetable dyes\” mentioned in Browhaus ads, there is nothing \”semi-permanent\” about our permanent eyebrows. Whitney Center permanent makeup experts use only stable, high-quality, professional-grade tattoo pigments that are designed to last.\n\nThe popularity of good-looking brows has also attracted the attention of makeup studios and shops, nail salons, hair salons and tattoo shops, many of which now offer permanent brow enhancements. But as we’ve noted before, all permanent eyebrow NYC services are not created equal. Whitney Center permanent makeup artists are highly-trained experts in fine artistry and color theory. We base our permanent eyebrow enhancements on facial morphology (bone structure) and are expert at color matching to create the perfect eyebrow color to match your hair color and complement your skin tone. Click here to read an article on how we determine perfect eyebrow shape.

Enhancing Asian Eyes

\n\nMakeup tips for beautiful eyes abound on the Web, cialis sale troche but how about special tips for beautiful almond shaped eyes? Here are a few great tips and tricks to have the eyes you’ve dreamed of that draw attention and create the sensual mystery you want.\n\n* Apply waterproof black gel or cream eyeliner with a stiff bristled brush. It may take a bit of practice to get it just right, generic viagra but the results are worth it. Try creating a little wing at the end of the eye. You can definitely take the liner beyond the eye.\n\n* Try colored eye shadow. Don’t just go neutral? With brown eyes you can choose from a myriad of colors even including purples and jewel tones.\n\n* Asian eyes have lashes that point down, ailment so get the accent you want with false eyelashes or try a lash curler after applying mascara. You’ll be astounded to see the difference that eyelashes can make to your eye beauty.\n\nJust a few quick tips that you can try out right now, but if you are looking for permanent enhancement that won’t rub off, run at the pool, and is perfectly applied just for your face’s unique beauty, make sure to check out our special Beautiful Asian Eye section for permanent eyeliner, lashes, and even eyebrows.

How Permanent Makeup Can Rejuvenate Thinning Brows

In the battle against time, tadalafil viagra permanent makeup can be a helpful ally. Rather than undergo plastic surgery, generic more women are turning to non-invasive permanent makeup solutions to retain their youthful beauty as the years slip by.\n

  • Permanent lip color can bring volume and color to aging lips.
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  • Aging can cause once-sparkling eyes to dull and recede making eyes appear \”sunken.\” Permanent eyeliner and permanent eye shadow can make eyes \”pop,\” turning dull eyes dramatic.
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  • Permanent eyelashes can add youthful fullness to thinning eyelashes.
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  • Full face permanent makeup can add color to age-sallowed skin, bringing the blush of youth to cheeks and temples.
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  • NYC permanent eyebrows can return the rich color and thickness of youth to aging, thinning eyebrows.
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\nThinning eyebrows are one of the most noticeable signs of aging that detract from beauty. In adding fullness to thinning brows, our permanent makeup specialists use a delicate feather-stroke technique that gives the appearance of individual hairs, creating the natural appearance of lush, full eyebrows. Our expertise in custom color matching allows our technicians to perfectly match natural hair color and individual skin tones to add youthful color to NYC permanent eyebrows while retaining a completely natural appearance.\n\nOur permanent makeup technicians are also specialists in creating the perfect NYC permanent eyebrows for Asian and African American women. Visit our website to find out more.

How to Banish Dark Circles

No one wants to look like a raccoon emerging from hibernation; but when stress, healing viagra worry or cranky kids interfere with your sleep, cialis cure you can wake up with panda-size dark circles under your eyes. Adding insult to injury, age can result in a gradual thinning of the delicate skin under the eyes which can intensify dark circles.\n\nDark circles may be blue or brown.\n

  • African American and Asian women and women with deep tans are most likely to have brown circles under their eyes. Brown circles are caused by hyperpigmentation resulting from genetics, sun exposure or eye rubbing. To correct brown circles, choose an eye cream or serum with a skin brightener (soy or citrus). If dark circles remain a problem, your skin care professional may recommend exfoliating acid peels or laser light treatments.
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  • Blue circles are most noticeable on fair-skinned women. Blue circles appear when the oxygenated blood that collects in the veins while you sleep is visible under translucent skin. To correct blue circles, choose hydrating eye creams with caffeine, which helps constrict blood vessels. Metal rollerball applicators can also aid blood vessel constriction. If dark circles persist, your skin care professional may recommend retinoid treatments to thicken the skin or dermal filler injections to plump the skin.
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\nWhen dark circles are chronic, your permanent makeup professional may be able to offer additional solutions. Accenting eyes with permanent eye liner, permanent eyebrows or permanent eye shadow can help refocus the eye away from problem areas.\n\n 

Matching Skin Tone Is Key to Expert Permanent Makeup Application

The expert application and attractiveness of permanent makeup hinges on three things:\n

  1. The technical expertise of the permanent makeup artist to ensure flawless application.
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  3. The artistic talent of the permanent cosmetics technician to redraw features to emphasize your natural beauty and create a pleasing facial balance.
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  5. The artistic ability of the permanent cosmetics artist to perfectly match the unique color of your personal skin tone.
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\nWhitney Center technicians excel in technical and artistic expertise, generic sovaldi but it is our expert ability to precisely match our clients’ skin tones that has made us the top choice of Asian and African American women seeking permanent makeup.\n\nAs an aid to medical diagnosis, patient clinic Harvard Medical School dermatologist Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick developed a skin color classification scale in 1975. Called the Fitzpatrick Scale, it is used by dermatologists to evaluate potential reaction to facial treatments as well as potential skin cancer risk. The scale divides skin tone into five basic types from bisque white to rich mahogany. (Click here to take the skin tone quiz on SkinCancer.org and find out what skin type you have.)\n\nPermanent makeup artists use the Fitzpatrick Scale only as a starting point for matching skin tones as each basin skin type comprises a varied range of skin tones. It is our expertise in mixing pigments to create custom matches unique to each client that set the Whitney Center apart.\n\nVisit our website to find out why we are the Asian eye experts and African American eyebrow experts.

Tips for Goof-Proof Eye Makeup

With the holidays approaching, sickness decease life is about to get even more hectic than usual. Anything you can do to simplify your daily routine will give you more time for holiday shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating, partying and all the other must-dos that make the holidays special. If you’re lucky, streamlining your daily activities might even let you catch a few winks between holiday preparations.\n\nWhen your mind is whirling with all the chores on your holiday to-do list, it’s hard to slow down and focus on applying your eye makeup. Drawing a perfect line of eye liner takes a calm and steady hand, something that’s in short supply when you’re revved up on nervous energy 24/7. What you need to do is treat yourself to permanent makeup before the holidays descend in earnest.\n\nTame that morning makeup monster with permanent eye liner, permanent eyebrows and permanent eye shadow. Not only will you be able to shave precious minutes off your get-out-the-door routine, but you’ll enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing you look fabulous 27/7.\n\nUntil you can schedule your permanent makeup appointment at the Whitney Center (we also specialize in Asian eye makeup), ease your morning routine by using these tips for goof-proof eye makeup:\n

  • Simplify liner application with L’Oreal Paris Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil . The black is a beautiful charcoal that flatters anyone.
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  • Revlon’s new PhotoReady Primer+Shadow is cleverly designed to show you where to apply each shadow color. Crease-proof primer and topcoat shimmer are included.
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